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  1. 8/20/23 216086, T1/Perfect/Snack (CD:12+1/LD:11) -> UPPED to Demonic (Loot Dice +3, Prosperity 1) 216086-1, T1/Perfect/Snack (CD:12+1/LD:11) -> UPPED to Demonic (Loot Dice +3, Prosperity 1) 216088, T1/Perfect/Snack (CD:11+1/LD:20) -> UPPED to Demonic (Loot Dice +3, Prosperity 1) 216088-1, T1/Perfect/Snack (CD:11+1/LD:20) -> UPPED to Demonic (Loot Dice +3, Prosperity 1) 216088-2, T1/Perfect/Snack (CD:11+1/LD:20) -> UPPED to Demonic (Loot Dice +3, Prosperity 1) 216088-3, T1/Perfect/Snack (CD:11+1/LD:20) -> UPPED to Demonic (Loot Dice +3, Prosperity 1) 216093, T
  2. 8/20/23 (Crafting Respite: 215808) Roll: ID# CD: LD: Quality Count Experience Ambition Mod 1 216082 CD: 5 +1 LD: 14 Uncommon (2) 8 (+5 Ambition) 2 216083 CD: 9 +1 LD: 2 Rare (1) 10 (+
  3. As Freya would drift back in, Gaius looked deep in thought. Weighing what had happened, and what was to come of it. "Beats me, it's really weird." The man leaned back and planted his hands in the sand, while the blonde started fiddling with her inventory and pulling out a whole spread. "I guess we'll see what is going in eventually, the time will probably show up where it will make sense. Yeah?" Staring off into the ocean, getting lost in the sounds of the tides and enjoying the slight peace that it carried with it. "If you want Freya, I meant what I said. Don't worry, I ain't going anywhere a
  4. Sitting there with his hair wiggling gently in a breeze, palm trees moving alongside it with soft sways. "Yeah, it's been a bit since we got out." The soft patter of Freya moving makes him open his eyes, and she just starts walking out into the water. "I hadn't really know, we've been pretty busy lately." As she slowly slinks deeper into the waves, watching her fiddling a bit. "What are you doing out there? You ain't planning to try and set like a damn tea set out there, are you?" Gaius just enjoys his space on the beach, unaware of whatever Freya was up to. The warmth was doing a number to he
  5. Still struggling with the sudden change in visuals, eyes trying desperately to adjust. The sounds of waves, calm and collected in a constant white noise. Gaius was drastically under attired for the trip, and Freya was already right into the mix. "That true? Sounds like a good way to get sand in your butt crack." Dropping into the stuff with a thud, he starts peeling off his shoes and socks. Yep, it was going to be everywhere when he was done. Hopping up and casting those things into the same imaginary wardrobe that everything else was slapped into. Could sand even get trapped in one's inventor
  6. A heavy yawn as he plucks that spear from the countertop, sliding off the stool that had supported him up this point. "Like what?" Gaius barks through dreary eyes staring out into the bright daylight just beyond. Rubbing his eyes with his wrist, he lifts the spear and deposits it away into a pocket. Freya seemed to get a wild burst of energy rushing back and forth like a lunatic, meanwhile Gaius just mentally disconnects, staring for miles outside the window. Still halfway into his bed upstairs. "The beach, isn't it a little early for that?" The dude finally comes to as she seemed settled out,
  7. 3/10/22 Materials Sent (Dated)
  8. 3/10/22 (Crafting Respite: 186455-1): Roll: ID# CD: LD: Quality Count Experience Ambition Mod 1 205466 CD: 5 +1 LD: 8 Uncommon (1) 8 (+5 Ambition) 2 205467 CD: 4 +1 LD: 7 Uncommon (1) 8
  9. "Uh, yeah... Maybe sometime soon. Ain't going to lie, though, it feels weird trying to use it. It's like it doesn't belong to me, but chick pulled it out of my chest. So it has to, right?" Putting the thing down on the bar counter and staring daggers through it. It was loads different from what he was used to, usually using glaives or whatever, and this was clearly a dagger on a stick. Leaning over the bar and grabbing a cup that sat on a shelf on the inside, he pours in a bit more tea. That ever existent groggy feeling still boiling in his brain, making everything all hazy. The girl grabs him
  10. Pushing his head up off the counter and doing his best to drink tea without pouring it into his own lap. "Ugh, I haven't noticed on account of my stupor I guess." Maybe it was just do to him being more free with how he was feeling, but the others clearly hid it much better. "I get the feeling, I am pretty sure I've made an imprint of my face on the floor upstairs." Adding a bit more liquid to the cup, a toss of a few more lumps of sugar make it splash a few droplets on the bar. "I did figure something out though, for a while I thought I just dreamed it. But uh." Lifting his hand out to the sid
  11. The moment his plate leaves the counter, Gaius collapses onto the bar. "Right, creepy chick, right?" The dragoon grumbles through a muffle. "You don't really got to worry about me. Turns out, I don't die easily." The dude seemed drained, nursing a space on the stool. Water turns on, and Boris starts sharing a bit of egg with Ko. A whistle of a kettle makes Gaius break the silence: "Thank god." A warmth on his thigh, out of the blue, causes him to peak up past his arm. "Has it? I am fucking exhausted. It's like I am not even sleeping." The dude admits slowly drowning in the cup of tea, all the
  12. A grumble as he rakes his fingers through his hair, taking some eggs on a fork and tossing it toward Boris. *slap* it hits the floor rather readily, spreading a bit before the bear digs into the puddle. The gold mixture of tea, as he tosses in a couple sugar cubes and stirs. "K, I uh. Yes." Gaius didn't really know how to process the girl's dirty laundry. "I guess that's a lot to handle. I haven't really had anything nearly as crazy as that sounds happen to me." Clutching his hand around that cup of tea, and taking a soft sip at the rim. The plate was empty, it didn't take him too awful long t
  13. Blinking a few times, as he stared intently through the kitchen window. "Damn it." his shoulders go limp as he pulls the kettle off the burner. Sliding his way back out of the kitchen, and finding a bar stool. Starting to dig into the meal she'd prepared. "Yeah?" plucking a piece of bacon off the plate and tossing it down to Boris who starts to turn it into crumbs. Rubbing a pair of still sleepy eyes. "Ok, but how does that affect now?" The dude starts to stir his eggs, he wanted to be supportive, but fuck it was early. Wasn't she already passed all this crap already, no sense in dwelling on a
  14. A yawn as he turns and hits the floor with a solid thud, one that one could hear through to the floor below. "ugh." he murmurs, slowly peeling himself up in his skivvies. The guy was dealing with some serious crazy fatigue after getting torn into a butt hole into heaven and getting a weapon pulled out of his chest. Sliding up and slowly piecing his clothes on as he motions out of his bedroom door and starts to trek down the tavern's stairs. A blink as he catches a side glance of blonde hair. Either Eruda broke in like a crook, or Freya was up earlier than usual. "Mornin'" he grumbles as he mov
  15. Koga moves much more than the dragoon thought he would, but then again, he'd nailed him while the dude wasn't paying attention. "He's just being modest, honestly, I couldn't get him to shut up about yah." Folding his arms and nodding, as if pretending to recount the affair entirely wrong. "Yeah, we're guild members, some of the time, which isn't that often. Lately we just kinda ass blast through everything, so goings been kinda 'quick'. Last was a dragon or something, I forget. Anyway, since you finally showed up, maybe he can show you around." Wingman mode achieved, as he caught the look on h
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