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  1. PH for convenience For Item ID's: ID:202720 | Battle:7, Craft:3, Loot:14 Seeds: 142 [Star (15)/Fate (14)/Churns (19)/Murmur (19)/Spread (12)/Mending (13)/Heat (30)/Family (20)] Gungir's Shard (x1) [-70] [202720a] Candy Corn (x3) [-60] [202720b] [202720c] [202720d] Nametag (x1) [-10] [202720e] Tags: 6 [Fate (1)/Churns (2)/Spread (2)/Heat (1)] 1 -> Halloween Candy (x3) [202720f] [202720g] [202720h] 3 -> Reroll Tickets (x3) [202720i] [202720j] [202720k] 5 -> Candy Corn (x1) [202720l]
  2. Right into the chamber, Basically as completely out of the blue as Celeste. "That's actually pretty easy. All you have got to do is remember what you are fighting for." Gaius, sliding in and giving a little box to the twins, who quickly rush off to store it away. Gaius wasn't usually one to make these sorts of visits. But Simmone needed this, and hell, he was in the area anyway. He was pretty well versed in what it came to when it came to handling a temper, and he'd never considered that he'd be the one offering any sort of advice regarding it. "Find something to fight for, and hold on to that
  3. "Good." Gaius huffs twisting the lock shut, just as smitten and annoyed. "If you've been planning this for this long, next time maybe let me in on the action. Springing this shit on me, last minute no shit I am going to assume crap. You keep trying to do all this shit on your own, hurrying off all the time to do whatever fleeting fancy you have bouncing around in that head of yours. We are supposed to be a team Freya, which means you need to include me in this shit. I am glad you planned this out, but maybe next time ask me first or yanno let me help out." The fact of the matter was, she was a
  4. The door being cast open by a total lunatic, Gaius was still only halfway down that cup. He slightly expected this, after all, Freya had a habit of being bonkers at times. "Freya." He twists to peer over his shoulder, still sat in front of that bar. "You know what we were doing the last time we went out, like a day or two ago. I watched your old man throw a fucking dragon by the tail. He wasn't exactly at full capacity, and tired people are irritable. Did you really drag him out there?" It was odd, it was almost like Gaius gave a crap. "Did you even bring one for him? I sure as hell hoped you
  5. The steam billowing out of a single cup of tea, reading through the guild chat message after message. Akin to a man reading a paper, as the constant talking made the words fly past at rapid pace even this late in the evening. "Never changes." Gaius remarks as he takes a sip of that hot brew. The small growl at his back, Gaius leans past his cup to see Boris. "What? I already fed you." As the bear points toward his mouth with a paw, always hungry. Shaking his head no. "Nope, I don't know if you can poop, but I ain't taking that chance." A message directed at him, a little flashing envelope blin
  6. Hyperactive CD [2/3] Raising that glaive as it spun, it fluctuates more and more, enough that one could see him clearly despite any amount of lighting. So much of his energy had been forced into but a single art, a trick that really only he had. As the rest of the party rushes for the sidelines, Gaius halts it with a close of his fist, the power emanating off Brionac in waves rippling out from the edge. He winds back, drawing it over his shoulder as it crackles and screams, burning away the surrounding wind. It leaves a stream of color as it moves, that lingers far longer than it should.
  7. Hyperactive CD [1/3] Eyes dance to that little cursor, slowly building around a tiny squared icon. "Why does this thing always seem to take different amounts of time to charge?" Gaius yells, staring at the HUD only he could really see. "Keep him busy for me?" The dragoon looks to Griswold, spinning the glaive and trying to get it to jump start. Something, anything to get this thing hurried along, looking to the rest of the party, who collectively were tapped the fuck out. The boon of his wind only really applied to him, his endurance was pretty damn hard to match as a result. "I'll try an
  8. Leaning down with that breeze still working its way around him, his polearm still not charged enough to deliver a finisher. He moves close to Kasumi hoping that the breeze would do her some good. "You alright?" Gaius remarks, and as he moves in closer proximity, something shifts. Something changes. The wind becomes softer, more defined and gentle near its nexus. Slowly, Kasumi's breathing starts to stabilize. "I guess so." Gaius didn't quite consider that the effect was coming from him. He keeps his glaive between him and the girl, and the enemy they were facing off with still peeling their as
  9. Charge Refreshed Right into the mouth of this manifested skull looking doorway. Yeah, this was a great idea, wasn't it. Gaius shakes his head, trying to rid himself of doubt. Nowadays, he actually had something to live for, so the thought of diving headfirst into the unknown wasn't really on his set of good ideas. A bit of wind pressure forms around him, sending a scattering of dust and debris, "Not ready, also feels like kinda a waste." Gaius takes account of the drakes about the size of raptors. Normally, his attacks were best saved for larger dudes that could take a beating. These didn
  10. Holding his weapon off to the side, energy beginning to fill the point and expand out from there. The glaive becoming like a torch, allowing light to cast on the right side of his face. "You all got him right, he scared the shit out of me." The dragoon admits, having not fought him in quite a while. He'd forgotten that anything that large even could fit in such a tiny cave. "I am just going to charge this thing up for the next room or whatever, keep me posted if you need a hand." Eyeing the dude on the floor, his eyebrow perked up, matched with a grin. "Doesn't really seem like it, though, sur
  11. Another Floor (23), Later Time Charge CD [1/3], Recovers 34 via BH A bit later in the day, having seen themselves out of the dragon's lair without any issue. This was due to the string of lines of chalk left behind by Simmone. Still buffed out of their eyeballs, one by one the players find their way into the warp pad. Each addition met with a flash of blue light and Gaius being the last to hurry through. "We even in the right area?" Gaius remarks against the dimly lit wall, but is offered no response. Save one, obvious grumble that makes his ears perk up. They were not alone, and on imp
  12. Sliding that steak onto a plate and allowing it to cool. "I ain't scared, I am just smart enough to know not to die. Part of getting older." Watching Freya just wing her ass through a million attempts at cooking what she was trying to. "Why are you doing it like that!?" Gaius bubbles up, she was getting a rise out of him almost deliberately as she drops a damn eggshell into the pan by cracking it on the side of a bowl. "Watch." He moves her off to the side, and with an index and a thumb taps it once on the edge of the pan. Right into the thing, one solid movement, and he casts the shell back i
  13. The guy looked like he was about to blow a gasket. "Freya, everything is not fine. You brought your dad in here, the last time we 'hung out' he told me he'd kill me. That was before he knew that we were going to yanno~" A whistle as he pops his head back toward the window. "I love the idea of giving him a full plate of food, to give him all the energy he needs to beat me to death with a table. Have you seen him? The guy is like a walking brick house." Turning the burner back up, and continuing the hunk of steak he was working on for the guild. Sometimes Freya was absolutely insane. Through his
  14. Out of nowhere, Freya was home, and by the time he can even acknowledge the fact after shoving Boris out of the kitchen. The little ass just couldn't stay out of the pantry ever. Freya breaks the news and her little plan to him. "What!? Helping you with what?" Gaius barks with his hand creating a cup around his mouth. "Are you crazy?" Taking a peek out the window. Griswold was sitting at the counter, and he quickly darts back out of view. "He's here to kill me, isn't he. I knew this was going to happen." Ruffling his hair nervously, trying his best to remain out of the tiny little opening that
  15. Recovers 34 via BH Like a ball on a string, that thing just starts spinning and gets tossed. "Yeah, wait for it." Gaius barks out, his polearm riding the space just to the right of his head. The winds begin, and without warning, the usually forever charging skill fully finishes in a blink of an eye. Beneath his breath, he murmurs, "Why didn't you do this last time?" Winding back, as that weapon glows so bright that it vanishes within that lime green glow. His frame peels back, his left arm drawing out in front of him in reverse. Dragon was moving toward him at surprising speeds, man, that
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