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  1. A moment of waning as the creature becomes nothing more then a tiny pile of nigh helpless albeit deadly blobs. Nearly only a foot high, as they scoot toward one another hoping to reclaim their former glories. Blinking into existence, a singular but potent extension of her right foot drives a weaponized heel into a hapless victim. A tumbling to a splatter. Kasumi exhales softly. The girl rips that same weapon up and turns, dropping a heel from above her head straight down. The creature is nearly dismembered as its divided into the smallest imaginable puddle. It vibrates in disapproval, in agony
  2. As the beast would split, Kasumi seeks out the nomads gaze. They lock eyes and pay each other a silent nod. Raising her arms in an exaggerated circular motion, akin to that of a yin yang as they spin about. Her hands come to her chest, slightly off to her right just below the shoulder. A gentle exhale before she bursts forward leaving a lavender colored trail. An outstretched pair of hands, her fingers hooked and scrunched behind flattened palms. This blow sees the creature rattled, as the vibration causes whatever crap it had plucked from the floor in its attempts to reassemble burst from its
  3. Catching the slinking creature on her peripheral, the girls attentions turn. Carrying with them her intentions, a sway of her orange hair off her right shoulder as she traces it. "There!" Kasumi squeals slamming her foot into a pile of bone and seeing a spray of lime green liquid. Bones rattle as they crack and break, sending fragments into the air and bouncing off the stone. The creature having been discovered, raises and takes its shape. It manifests a pair of bladed and curved swords for arms, matched with bone teeth in a gelatinous jaw. Her attack had wormed it out, and the follow up?
  4. Upkeep: +18 HP (BH), +4 EN recovered, Vanish CD [2/3] Upkeep 2: takes 32 from BLGT, BLGT Fades Hopping on the length of chain, it held tight like a tight rope. A few deft steps in a sprint down the length, Kasumi springs and wraps her legs around the things dome. Straddling the thing, her thighs squeezing as she raises both hands and slams them down hard. Her figure twists and a very gut wrenching snap follows, as bones in its visage fall away. Her legs turn offering another pop. It was larger then her by at least twice. Even still the chain does the job, keeping its arms from getting h
  5. Upkeep: +4 EN, BH: +18 HP, Vanish CD: [1/3] Upkeep 2: BLGT damage taken (-32 HP), BLGT duration becomes 1 The shrill rattle of pipes as a crumbling count of old rusted metal rained down first as droplets. Following before the one or two odd tubes became a much heavier pile that dumped upon the slime king. From beneath that mess, it lay stagnant and quiet. Kasumi began to brush and clean away the lingered acid on her skin, the distraction proving to be an amicable one. The girl and the rest of the group only had but a minute. Once that minute passed, slinking through what little seams th
  6. Upkeep: +4 EN Recovered Like a meteor the girl appears and begins. A heavy roundhouse, cold clocking the first to appear. An earthshattering crash follows with it, as the tabi on her feet were illuminated in violet energy. It recoils then attempts a rebuttal, finding its joints seize and its movement sluggish. The bladed arm it produces swipes harmlessly, finding her shape that disperses into a cloud of lilac colored petals. The next rings out as an open palm shreds through the torso of the next. It reels and splatters, sending a spray of green gunk across what little stone left bare. It
  7. Blinding in out of the shadows, moments after flames disperse. Freyd had done a number, and Celeste followed up completely out of nowhere. The enemies were jarred, knowing nowhere in particular on what to focus on. A prime situation to cut in and keep the confusion rolling. This tactical blindsiding and its benefits where hard to argue. As soon as the opening was made, a number of amorphous blobs taking solid shapes sees a scattering of small purple petals. An intense crack as Kasumi strikes with a sharpened point of her fingers, sees a spray of tiny droplets as her hand digs in up to her elbo
  8. Prepared Stealth Rating: 213534 LD: 6+7 = 13 (Success) As the call goes out, Kasumi peers at her commander from the shadows. The smells in this place were pungent and on the brink of turning to overwhelming. Adorned in her black transitioned armor, her skill doing its best to conceal her from her surroundings. She'd keep to the darkness and out of sight, this was hardly the place for loose lips. Once the group was all here, they would begin. For Kasumi that meant remaining on the peripheral, beyond vision and spreading that same perception dulling scent that did its part to allow her to s
  9. The girl glances down at her white sweater, and the mention of milk suddenly made a lot of sense. "Alright, thank you." Kasumi's attention was almost wholeheartedly drawn to the piglet, trying to process the gravity of such a gift. I just gave him chopsticks, Is that lame? I mean, it's practical, but it isn't a whole pet. As the guy disappeared into his own kitchen, she found a seat next to Gaius who was asleep on the dudes couch now. A gentle graze of Bacon's peach fuzz, a bit warm as he tugged, trying to decipher why the milk was solid. The moment that gentle giant would return with almost a
  10. The sounds of rattling above, while Kasumi looked at other participants with a little uncomfortable stares. Eventually, the boy returns and presents her a pair of outstretched hands. A tiny little patterned piglet wearing a ribbon in green and red. Glancing down at the tiny thing held aloft by Koga, sharing blinks as each tried to process what was going on. "He's adorable." her face after a moment of comprehension shifts into bewilderment. "May I?" she slinks her hands forward, seeing to the creature's response to her smell. The beast sniffs heavily at the girl's wrist, milling in the smell of
  11. A bit of a hesitant stare at Gaius, she'd already had to punch him once. She'd hope that if he got out of line again, that maybe Koga would stand up for her and kick him out. "Gaius." keeping him at arms length as Koga was shoved a bit too close. Her eyes get locked to the guy, turning a little flush from an exchanged glance that felt a little awkward. "It's not like that, I met him through the guild is all." Trying to immediately discourage any misinterpretation. If anything, he's an idiot. A strange taste of irritation in the girl's tone. But deep down she wanted to believe what the dragoon
  12. Rolling around noon, the daylight was still vibrant and alive. It would have been quite some time before it would be dwindling, and Kasumi had found herself taking a bit of a respite. Her butt wiggling in a white chair, not unlike standard lawn furniture. In front of her, a circular table with a rod jutting out of its center. Adorning its top, an umbrella that conceals it from the sun. Her signature hang out on Floor 2. In front of her, a rather interesting shaped glass, and a smattering of whites and reds pushed into a cup. Something tropical and questionably healthy~ish. A ring alerts the gi
  13. Holding a slender package between two hands, as the entire house seemed to be buzzing with the respective insanity. One big slime center stage, players a plenty rushing back and forth aiming to deal with it. Water slowly creeping out, but Kasumi seemed locked in a smile. To those that would look at her, she seemed as though someone had hit pause on a VCR. What was racing through her head, was the thought of Koga kissing another person. After the moment they shared. And it was a guy... Was Koga into men? Was she mistaken? It was almost eerie, the way that the smile didn't fade. As the culp
  14. A single step forward as the door would swing open, that is quickly closed again. "Was it something I said?" she rings toward the entry, as water started to make the snow turn to slush. The slight glimpse she'd manage to take showed there were other faces in there, unless it was ending soon? The door opens again, and she manages another brief view inside. "I can leave if I am interrupting something." Another outcry past the wooden barrier, finding her gaze on this rather seasonal garb that Koga was wearing. It was interesting, and wonderful that he was in the spirit of the season. She inh
  15. A sudden message catches the girl's attention, who'd spent the better half of the night stirring around floor 4. Although weather didn't shift as abruptly, it was nice to pretend by pushing into floors that matched what they should be. Her digits twist through a pair of mittens, as a white-hot cloud escaped her lungs. As she scanned the length of that page, a muddied mixture of excitement and embarrassment washes over her face. Their last memories ricochet through her head, including the moment she planted one on him. The harsh drum beat in her chest starts to pound away. *Ding* and
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