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  1. Scampering across the fields of crossing, a trail of flower petals, follow behind her as she breaks through the multiple hues. They follow her advance, a rainbow of color caught on the wind. She makes one bound after coming to a slow and a slide. Into the tree next to the wall, she rounds it like a gymnast before springing with both arms outstretched. Anchoring her fingers across the top of the outer perimeter of Delilah she clears it, to a slight slanted house's rooftop in light tan tiles. Across the incline and down the other side, turning her frame and allowing the blade of her left foot to
  2. 2/27/21 Roll: ID# CD: LD: Quality Count Experience Ambition Mod 1 184215 CD: 6 +1 LD: 9 Rare - 10 (+5 Ambition) 2 184216 CD: 4 +1 LD: 7 Uncommon - 8 (+5 Ambition) 3
  3. A message beckons the girl awake, sliding out from her covers and a wipe of her dreary eyes. Squinting at the light source as it becomes larger, Kasumi reads the contents and chuckles a bit. It was almost English and she couldn't chastise Griswold for trying. But the guy typed like she'd expect an older adult to. Slinking her ankles out of bed, her exposed toes slapping against the wooden floor of her home. The girl sends a reply to Griswold with a yawn, before sliding out of bed and fixing the covers on its top. Fumbling around a bit as her hands still greeted the morning, Kasumi begins to ad
  4. The shop was easily open, and although nervous and worried she stunk the entire way through, Kasumi enjoyed herself. Koga could really put it away, costing the girl an easy 1000 col of tiny little objects that were only 5 a unit. Throughout the exchange, Kasumi enjoyed her simple strawberry tarts topped with whip cream. The wolf devoured every different kind of stuffed breads imaginable, mainly the ones filled with pork/steak and the like. Joanna grimaced as she stared out the tiny portal that was her stand's square window, almost amazed and horrified as the guy put them away. With silenc
  5. An inhale as the tensions had since faded. "Ok, another time then." Kasumi looked to Alkor with a soft smile, he may have some prior engagement and he'd already done enough. "Raincheck then." Her attentions shift to Koga "I know this little bakery on floor 2, they make quite a few little stuffed breads. Uh, what was it called..." She pauses for a moment, tapping a folded fist against her forehead as she thought. "Joanna's I think. It's just like her name." A tapping patter of her feet as she walked precariously over the rattling bones. It was a bit odd, but such was life in Aincrad: Fighting u
  6. Joining the group as she tightens the white wraps around her palms, looking to Haine and Simmone before taking note of Raidou. This was going to be a hell of a ride, Haine was no slouch and neither was Raidou. This was going to be an extremely quick fight with both of them. "I haven't, but I've read up on it." She glances to Raidou, it was his notes that she was glancing through. A huge creature, aoe attacks and freeze effects. She was prepared for whatever it might do to her. She looks down to Haine's polar bear, offering Mishka a soft rub. The girl was already struggling with its cutene
  7. A soft sigh of relief as her hand was gripped tightly in Koga's but for a moment. "Koga and Alkor then." releasing the guys hand. "Yep a guild. A lot of work, spread really thin." She pushed an extended index into her chin. "This doesn't happen too much, just this guy wasn't supposed to be alive yet." The blossom eyeballed the pile, as it proved that even an estimation could be wrong. Her gaze advances to her bar, noticing the big drop it had made. It was a little disheartening, knowing that she'd done goof. It meant that she still had more to learn, if she'd just killed the enemies instead of
  8. Eyeing closely through her looking glass, a large lens on a brass arm affixed to her station. "There we go!" She exhumes, using a fine pair of needle nose to drop the greenish gemstone into the socket and bend it inwards. A prompt unexpectantly startles her in her intense focus. "Scared the jeez out of me." Kasumi remarks waving a hand toward her face, sliding the little flashing envelope open to read what it said. "Oh Haine, ok." A twist of that little arm above and backward, setting that ring in a vice to continue later. She quickly taps out a message in a reply to Haine with a smile. The sc
  9. A wedding ring finally finished and cut to size. Sam would be ecstatic once she found out it was done after all this time. With a smile Kasumi presses the loop through a tiny hunk of red velvet, sliding to one side the magnifier that she was using to see closer. "Looking pretty good, It might even be my best work." she comments with a bit of giddy glee, removing her apron from around her waist. A tug of the orange ribbon that held her hair up causes it to pour down around her shoulders. "Do I have any other pending orders?" She moved to the document on the countertop, drawing a final line thro
  10. "Thank you." Kasumi immediately shifted and dropped the skull, now lifeless in her hands. The newly formed skeletal constructs fall to pieces, their respective master destroyed and left them with no power. A pat of her legs kicks off some remaining dust that had found itself clung to her. "I am a scout, I kinda got seen." She murmurs apologetically as she claps her hands together and bows. "I have a teleport crystal, I was just waiting for a moment to use it. Normally I can get by through remaining scarce." She unfolds and moves her hair out of the way. "I'm sorry I dragged you both into this.
  11. A single bloody raking as the bones fly like shrapnel through the girl, knowing full well its aggressor. Drawing a multitude of tiny red lacerations across her body as it tears through. An soft sweep as she places the fear away, remaining calm. A trail of energy in a lines in circles, she steels herself against the damage. A littering of these sections of ivory as Kasumi reaches out on impulse, ripping the skull out of the air as it storms past. A solid crunch in her hand like poet, the skull begins to crack. The formed body of armor shutters and attempts toward her, as she held its very phyla
  12. A glance to the new players to join the fray, as the grinding of locked steel permeates the place. The king himself turns away from the girl in just a brief moment, to see his new assailants. An opportunity rose and with a flash of pink, a soft fragrance and a scatter of cherry blossom petals she is gone. What follows soon after, through his armor a yeet of bones from its ribcage like confetti as she drives a dagger like hand clean through. It scatters to pieces, the bones rolling together and trying to rebuild it. "Not at all." She offers a bubbly smile with a flick of her wrist, the light of
  13. A soft exhale and a whir of steel, spray of flowers left to fall easily. A sound of an exchange to those that would hear it, as the multiple flashes of the conflict continue to fill the chamber. Kasumi was doing as she was asked, and caught off guard once the boss had reformed a bit too early. The Lich swings toward her, before her form vanishes and rakes the back of its neck with a powerful blow. She was fighting to put it down, but a staggering collection of monsters at her back continued to bring it back. It howls and rips its weapon around toward the girl, a spray of bone at the far side o
  14. 2/8/21 Roll: ID# CD: LD: Quality Count Experience Ambition Mod 1 182562 CD: 3 +1 LD: 4 Uncommon - 8 (+5 Ambition) 2 182563 CD: 3 +1 LD: 5 Uncommon - 8 (+5 Ambition)
  15. "Sprinkles?" Kasumi asked her, it seemed almost fitting for someone so havoc inducing to name the thing something so trivial like that. "Thank you Shiina, it was a name I found in a book." Peeling free another segment of fruit and passing it to the greedy munching of the tiny weasel, who happily rips it out of her extended fingers. "They kind of are like magic aren't they?" Kasumi looked down to Ouroboros. It was true that they held some special effects on their owners, and were a welcome blessing. A glance back to the songstress "Maybe try a softer voice, try to see what he's feeling? It seem
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