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  1. "Did you forget something?" Kasumi quips, struggling to keep that sentence together. It could have been that she had taken him away from something important with all of her nonsense. The girl hoped not, but it could have been the case. Fiddling with her hands a bit, just the sense of an almost uncomfortable silence between them. The blossom was completely at a loss of what to do or say, frazzled by the situation. Despite it, she was slightly happy, all things considered. Hands, fingertips sliding together and apart, and she was fixated on the action. A sudden realization causes her eyes to wid
  2. "But we're only friends, though." Kasumi tries to correct Eruda, not sure how to put it into words. "He, uh, saved me from a lich and then we kind of had a lunch date after." Here she was gossiping about him but didn't even know how he felt. "It was to pay him back, and it went terribly." Ain't that the truth, the girl couldn't keep her mind from racing around and getting her in all sorts of trouble. "So we ended up eating in, and talking about ourselves for a while. Nothing weird happened, but..." she was notably flustered, just like Eruda was not but seconds ago. The glasses empty, and Kasum
  3. Kasumi listens attentively, her expression shifting and becoming more placid as the recollection continues. The girl was just lost in the recount from her dear friend. "Uh, lemme think." She tapped a finger against her forehead. "Oh right, I saw him one time." A smile returns, remembering that it was him and his mother changing how the kid saw the dojo. Eventually that sharing ends, and Kasumi peels another pull from the straw bottoming out the remainder of her shake. The glass rattles as she releases and wiggles the straw with her fingertips. "Who me!?" The reaction is rather abrupt, as she
  4. A sudden harsh suck of the strawberry milkshake, sees her brain turn into a popsicle. The girl coughs a few times, eyes watering as she almost face plants the table. "Really!?" Kasumi exhumes leaning forward, red as all get up and matched with a gleeful smile. "That's so good, oh my goodness." Her eyes welling in the mix of happiness and overwhelming cold. "Tell me all about it!" Here it was her cousin, and her best friend finally hitting it off. God knew that Raidou needed a release, and Eruda had been vying for his attention all this time. It was something Kasumi had been waiting for quite s
  5. Eruda knew much more than she let on, it seemed as though her cousin had had quite the sharing session. It was a weird mix of delight and sorrow given the context, as such the girl's face didn't know how to react. "Truth is, his father has no choice. He cannot deny Raidou's prowess, and after his defeat you can almost tell his pride has been damaged. All that is left is time, and for my cousin to wish to take the seat as the head of household." It was on that second point, that Kasumi was not so sure of the outcome. She was present during the exchange, the duel of ideals, and listened to the w
  6. "Hmm, maybe your mom has a relative she hasn't been able to introduce you to because of the restriction." Kasumi remarks with the only thing that could make sense. It hardly mattered in the grand scheme, given their shared predicament. It wasn't any bells for Eruda either. "Getting in as a student usually begins when you're really young, they see promise in kids in the barracks, which is half the reason they are kept so close. I started training when I was barely a year old." All the memories of the strict tutelage playing behind amber eyes, kept at bay by a chipper grin and a small decree on
  7. She was a little curious, but it seemed that Eruda already knew quite a bit about it. It must have come from Raidou himself, which left her with a slight bit of joy. That mean he was talking about it, letting all that pent-up steam out. "There are a few families in those buildings, I just didn't know that you would be one of them. I know about them, because I live with my cousin. That's how I've learned what I have." That should have been apparent, but it rolls of Kasumi without even a hint of irritation. "Only students can enter the main building, likewise students are not allowed to mingle w
  8. The blossom was a bit curious what else it was that Eruda wished to talk about, and yet she would wait for her to be ready to share. "You live in the barracks?" she was perplexed by the notion. She rounds her ear with her right hand, pulling a lingering strand of orange hair out of her eyes. Another sip, trying to put the pieces together in her head. "That's where the extended family live, are you related to him somehow?" Her question wasn't too unorthodox, she cannot recall the entire family tree of her cousin. She squints a bit, trying to pick up on some semblance of shared features. Not a s
  9. A cup of her face with both hands, eying the waitress curiously, and yet she didn't seem any different to her. "Hmm." the remnants of a brain freeze fading and her breathing becoming regular. "I just assumed you were trying to figure yourself out. Everyone does it." The blossom dismisses it, after all Eruda was her friend. The following question takes her by surprise, and the shock plays out on her face. "You wanna learn Tenjinmon?" There was a mix of excitement and interest in her tone. "What for? I'll teach you, but, it's kind of a pain in the butt. You'd be better off learning from..." The
  10. Landing in the small shop, shortly after Eruda given the slowed response. "Sorry I'm late!" Kasumi exhumes as she slides into the chair opposed to her friend. Placing down the tiny matched bag and sliding the almost patio style white chair closer to the rounded table. Looking to the small perspiring glass that matched the blonde tanks. "Is this one supposed to be for me?" A little heavy breathing given jumping in platformed sandals, she takes a single sip instinctually and exhales with a rather girly squeal. "Brain freeze." waving a hand near her face, with one of her eyes shut and a tongue po
  11. Another response in about the same tune as the last, and Kasumi was already halfway through changing her clothes. The girl pauses, placing an extended finger to her chin in thought, still half clad in her attire. Based on that, it was clearly not a quest. She stops and starts to peel off what she had on, swapping modes into a rather plain and yet pretty sundress. "How about..." Her fingers begin to hunt and peck out keys as she slid a loop over her shoulder. To: Eruda From: Kasumi How about Delilah, there's a nice dessert stand there?
  12. A soft tapping bounces off the interior, small shavings of gems collecting in a pile. Kasumi leans forward and blows with a quick exhale, clearing them and peeling the cut under a lens. It grows beneath it, allowing her to scan the glister and confirm the quality. "That will do nicely." Kasumi remarks with a smile, motioning the segmented piece for a future fitting. A ding, ringings on her HUD and beckons her attention like a bird on a post. A slight jump as it startles her, it was a little early for an expected message. Sliding it open with a drag of her left hand, pressing an index into
  13. Bolting in with a darting strand of purplish light, a heel connects and bits of plate armor break in a turbulence echoing outward like a walnut out of a shell. They begin to flake off, as her other heel connects in a wide arc. "It's only losing more defense, I'll keep working on it." The blossom is caught completely off guard when an edge of silver slides into that newly exposed flesh. Her head twists with a snap, to see that same coy grin of Simmone, and the girl had never pegged her as a fighter. A returned smile, before they both detach as the body begins to shutter and quiver. The sounds f
  14. The small little attachment seemed to suit the weapon, and still a bundle of nerves, Kasumi cannot help but smile. It was the strangest sentiment, and it was clear both of them were nervous beyond all compare. The tension so thick one could cut off a piece, and it would clatter to the floor like a dropped plate. The spot it was plucked from still stung with the fleeting burning, as if something was pressed against the flat of her hand. She found a stone in her throat, unable to respond to Koga and his sentiment. A blur of what to say buzzing behind a pair of amber eyes, threatening to have her
  15. ► Like Water Cost: 10 SP Passive Requirements: Rank 5 [Martial Arts], Equipped [Hand Wraps] Effect: User ignores 50% of targets Mitigation Description: To break stone, one must find fractures. Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves. Everything has a breaking point, and Mugen Tenshin will find and exploit it.
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