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  1. Dragging her scythe behind her as sparks spring in every direction. She could feel Freyd's presents, beside her as she walks forward. Black mist begins to leak from her form as she concentrates on the only this that meant her team harm in this chamber. "Your words mean nothing without proof," twisting that large weapon of hers, catching the middle of her hilt with the other hand. "You have given us no such thing." Stopping her trail to stand right behind her sister, Speaking over her shoulder toward the broken man now seeming to be pleading and very forthcoming knowing damn well that he was at
  2. (CD: Concentration 1/5) "You are no king," Freya's anger began to rise with those words that was suppose to explain everything. "You are what we call a coward." Gripping her scythe in both hands as she spoke. Glancing around the room at every single man and woman in the room, she turns to gabby as she bends her knee's slightly. Her eyes lock to Freyd's as he saw what she was intending to do. Freyd slightly shifts his body, leaning down as he cups his together and outward. Freya gets a running start and she slightly hops, landing one foot in Freyd's palms. In one swift motion Freya w
  3. Battle Healing Activated: +48 Health Shifting her body as she pulls her weapon out, the moment that she does, it glows bright with golden yellow hues. This was the first time she would make an attack and she would not miss. Slight anger began within her as this dude makes his attack against her friends. She would no allow him to deal that much without taking something from her. Eyes veer to that man as she runs with a sliding stop, pivoting her body to straighten her weapon against his flesh. "You don't want us here and yet you have not gave us a valid reason to leave. You are outnumbered
  4. Sam walks in as they were speaking to Raidou. From the way that Sam was acting, she must of seen that message. Seeing those nails carving deep, Freya sighs. Getting up from her seat, she walks to Sam and takes a chair next to hers. Placing a soft hand on hers, "You have heard my 10 times of weirdness, no matter what you say here, we will believe you Samantha. You can trust us," removing Sams claws from her flesh. She saw that Sam was starting to cry, Freya simply pulls her friend into a hug. They were friends, Freya had been trying to go with with each bond that made a stance. This conversatio
  5. Freyja's eyes gleamed with Excitement. Everything was so beautifully set out and carefully placed. At least the cardinal had the courtesy to provide amazing scenery. Maybe that was the point, the desire of everything that never was to make people and players alike not want to leave and stop trying to beat this game, a very large distraction. Arms were linked to Gaius, regardless, she was glad to be here with him. "Every Halloween I would sneak out with my Friends at midnight and find the scariest haunted house we could. I think that we even wound up in a corn maze once." She chuckles a bit. Th
  6. Sitting there a few feet away from him, they were both fishing now. He was right, she had been so obsessed with trying to figure out what has been going on that she didn't even stop to focus on the one person that she loved most in this world, besides her Eruda. She was unsure how to love Griswold, but she knew that it would be a working progress for obvious reasons. The silence was almost literally killing her. This fight was different, and she knew that it was her fault. She has always had communication issues, besides apparently with Freyd... -God I am so stupid...- Another tear down
  7. Anger started to build up in her chest as tears started to water in her eyes. "No," getting to her feet. Standing in front of Gaius, "You do not get to do that. You know that I haven't seen my father in over a decade." A tear drips down her face, "Do you really think that I am that simple minded, to not have a clue what you guys were doing just the other day." Wiping a tear off her cheek, "I pay attention because I have learned from you to actually care. The fact that you would think that low of me when I have been busting my ass out there just like you nearly every day." Walking to the kitche
  8. Rushing past Eruda as she uses that tracking skill. Her eyes flash yellow as she sees the location. Glaring at her map seeing that he was in the shop. Heading back to the shop, it seemed that Ko stood back with the others, that was fine. She knew that the last time they were all together, it wasn't very pretty. If they were not is battle with something, then the silence suck such a killer between the two of them. That or battling with each other. Something had to give, she was not going to allow them to hate one another. If she had to drag him by his ear out the door then she would. She really
  9. Sam gives a sigh... Diving into the water after Eruda. It was just Freyja and Lium now. "I bet my story in the Cave is just the same amount of insane as yours. We should talk about sometime." A small smile given toward him. "Sorry about the hostile act. I made a promise to Sam, and I intend to stand by it. If you fuck up with Sam or Katoka, I will not hesitate or think twice about kicking your ass Lium. That is a promise." A serious outlook of her face. One that is not shown very often. "Welcome to the guild Lium." A smile before she swan dives into the water, splashing Lium. Coming up a few y
  10. "Look here death row, lets start with a doggy paddle. Watch me and pay attention to my legs." Eruda nods, as Freya swims off in a doggy paddle way. Doing a large circle so that Eruda could see her from every angle. Arriving back at starting point. Eruda smiles, "And later you can do this," as she swims back out, taking long strides with her arms as her legs swish in opposite directions up and down. Doing that same circle as before showing every angle. Arriving back at starting point again. "I think I got it," Eruda says. Pushing herself off the ledge she goes straight into those wide stride mo
  11. Squinting her eyes full of water, "You knew... Oh god..." Freya pulls her back into a hug. Freyja didn't know what was worse, Eruda knowing and being okay with it, or Freya not, knowing that she knew and never went back to her sister. "I am sorry that I didn't come back for you. I just didn't think that you wanted me anymore. Mom pretty much made that clear..." There was so much emotion going through Freya right now. It became a bit hard to breath, "I will always want you Freya. It doesn't matter what has happened in the past. Today, right now, and forever, I will want you." Freya and Eruda st
  12. "Oh God, I fucking knew you, you are mad at me. Look Eruda, I really, really sorry. I didn't mean to attack you. I wasn't myself, and freaking out because I didn't know where I was." "Freya..." Freya starts heading in the direction that was intended. Stops, turns. "I am so fucking stupid. I should have just not did my Gemini, maybe then I wouldn't have struck at you like you were the worst person in the world." "FREYA" Eruda calls out, maybe a bit too loud, but it made Freya stop. Eruda pulls her into a hug as tears start to run down her cheeks. Freyja felt so bad for what happened and if she
  13. Pushing him the notes that have been made. "Eruda has formed a contract with Morrighan, a lily was given and that is when we began to see major change in her. Tuatha is inside, was inside of me, that is why I was leveling so quickly and coming up with all that unknown power, this was my current Scythe that I wield. Freyd, who had Samual's Pride, and Eruda are called messengers to Morrighan in her eyes, I guess, and Shiina may or may not be contracted too. Her hair shifts when she plays her music, Anna our sister, which is much more powerful I have noticed within time, but given that Tuatha wa
  14. (250 word count for each post for seed reasons) That last get together with Griswold and Gaius was a bit too awkward for her liking. Gaius seems to be terrified of her father and Griswold doesn't like Gaius. In his words she could do better. This doubting and hatred had to stop. The were to wed soon, but she didn't want her father to just deal with her soon to be husband. Freyja wanted her father and Gaius to get along. This was only going to happen one way. Getting to know one another, and in the meantime, maybe she would get to know Gaius a bit better too. There was also the thing with
  15. Thread Closure: 3851/30=128*5=641 EXP 3851/300=13 Seeds Freya: 641*8=5128*1.25=6410 EXP 13 Seeds Griswold: 641*6=3846*1.25=4807 EXP 13 Seeds Gaius: 641*6=3846*1.25=4807 EXP 13 Seeds Simmonè- Guild Treasure: 10*1.5=15 Materials (Freya) 10*1.5=15 Materials (Griswold) Total Materials: 30 6410*.15=961 (Freya) 4807*.15=721 (Griswold) 4807*.15=721 (Gaius) 400 Total: 961+721+721+400*1.3=3643 Col T4 Perfect Armor/Shield #202378a T4 Perfect Armor/Shield #202378b T4 Perfect Armor/Shield #202378c Tags: Freya: ID:202374 | Battl
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