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  1. Demonic Upgrade (Shard Sent 9/21/21)
  2. 3.1 Demonic Upgrade Alteration Reinbursment: Here (2 Shards) -> Freyd Here (4 Shards) -> Freyd
  3. Appearing shoulder to shoulder with Sam with a harsh twist. A sickening crunch as its head twists full circle. Moving closer to Sam and twisting to face the opposition, forming a circle around the entry to the tower now that it had been breached. Able to catch just a bit of what Gaius was laying down, she couldn't help but grin. The guy had been leagues different from the man she had to punch when they first met, he grew up. Her feet begin to slide, drawing a path through the sand as her hands find their way near her chest. An open hand for her left extended and yet a folded elbow near her wai
  4. Two punches, quicker than hell. Each with solid thuds before her fingers straighten, and like butter slide right through a ribcage. A spray of digital fragments, like glass from a shattered pane. "Its exposed." Kasumi remarks as an inward observation, thoughts to words. Scampering feet ring off to one side, and she shifts low, the swipe leaving a couple strands of hairs to flee. A spinning roundhouse finds the side of its dome, causing its head to turn from the blow. More close in and a quick transition of her hand into an awaiting pouch clasps a handful of petals that were in waiting. Blasted
  5. There was but a single handful of lilac petals that glisten on the wind, a spin of her heel as she apparates what appears from nothing in a flash of purple. A single extended heel rakes across multiple heads, sending them spiraling out in all directions. "I will do what I must." She remarks to Freyd, she would hold this ground if that was what needed to happen. Landing gingerly in a sprawling descending twirl, a spray of those little purple bits of flower twinkling like snow, and her body raises to an opponent facing Freya. A quick slide of her feet as her hands take to sweeping and mirrored c
  6. A twist of the neck of one standing creature, a snap as it becomes limp in her respective hands. It was cold and gruesome, and somewhere in her heart it was sickening. But it was repressed, and there was an aura of seriousness composed upon the girl that once would have shed a tear. "It won't matter." Kasumi spoke in a calm and focaled tone, one that mirrored her cousin's. Black attire upon her back, tightening the surrounding grip of those handwraps. A lunge back in time with Setsuna, a scattering of lilac petals left behind. Upon a large spire of stone, the girls perched, ready for the comin
  7. 8/23/21 Roll: ID# CD: LD: Quality Count Experience Ambition Mod 1 198296 CD: 1 +1 LD: 9 Critical Failure - 6 (+5 Ambition) 2 198297 CD: 2 +1 LD: 4 Salvage Failure - 7 (+5 Ambition)
  8. 8/21/21 Materials Sent: 4/25/21 Demonic Shards Sent: 8/21/21 Materials Sent: 4/26/21
  9. 7/13/21 Materials Sent: 12/22/20 Materials Sent: 4/25/21 (Shards sent 7/13/21)
  10. "Defend." She spoke the word with a break, "It was not made to defend yourself from harm." Fiddling again and ever, so faintly it can be seen: she was squirming as she recalled the sounds of bones breaking. "Tenjinmon is something only taught in one school, from my understanding. No one else I've met knows about it either, so it's no surprise." Lifting her left hand and rounding her ear again, a bit of nervousness cleaned up like wiping a table. The blossom had never spoken about this to anyone, normally just a dismissal, and thankfully not many were that interested to begin with. She did
  11. Perched precariously on a few uneven boxes playing chair, Koga starts to outline his hobbies. A subtle nod as she clambered a hand against her forehead, checking it for herself and trying to wave the sparks away. "You're an artist!?" her face lights up, something furious. The blossom had always appreciated someone else ability to draw, she could never really do it despite any effort to do so. "I don't like fighting at all." she folds her hands into a tiny pyramid using her fingertips on her lap, slinking atop the covers that were strewn across her legs. "I practice a form of She Quan and Jujut
  12. Koga was still pushing to work her back to health, riddled with some sickness that seemed to come out of nowhere. Unable to process what this was, something she had possibly caught in her efforts or from one of her foes. "A bit, but I still feel a little warm." she comments rubbing her eyes and trying to break eye contact, it was sinking in that she was uncomfortably staring. A raise of her hands and a dismissive wave of them, "No no, I'll be fine I just need to..." Looking down at the cup of tea and taking the last bit into her face, a bit puffed up as she took more than a sip. Her intentions
  13. If she wasn't red before, she was now. Another gentle touch that she unknowingly leans into. There was something amazing to the static that almost made her skin crawl. "I don't know about that." Kasumi hadn't ever thought about it. She was always a center of attention, but it never really dawned on her, it could have been because of beauty. Always assumed that it was because she tried so hard to remain happy, intentionally making other people smile with her actions and make their days brighter. "Is it still there?" a bright red pair of cheeks and wavering doe like eyeballs beneath Koga's finge
  14. A bit of a wiggle as Koga moved for the bowl, her skin taking static after the brush beneath the fabric. "I would imagine." She tries to place that thought back in its box, their conversation was going so well that she didn't want to spoil it. But there was a slight redness to her, a sensitivity hard to ignore. "Of course. You hardly know me..." and she pushes in a deep red and begins to rub her thumbs on the ring of the cup. "But you went and found this, and have been working to fix whatever..." gesturing to her blushing face. "This is." A struggled swap to her cup, trying to dismiss how awkw
  15. Taking another bite now halfway through the dish, given it had cooled to the point that it could be consumed without worry. Her nerves absent, and with it the fluster had since faded. The sheer complication that was a boy and a girl in a room by themselves was so far from her current thoughts that it held no discomfort. "I'll say so, I am pretty lucky that I found who I did." she of course was referring to Koga as well, here was this guy who thought she was sick, and maybe she was. He rushed off into a nearby town and bought her some 'get well' food. His other comment didn't seem to phase her
  16. Listening intently as she nursed the bowl with both hands, the heat through the wood still obvious despite its thickness. Taking bites after a soft exhalation on each spoonful, and leaving the object on her lap as she accepts the tea from Koga. A gentle yet heavy inhale as she takes the scent in to appreciate it, breathing out before taking a sip. "I know someone like that, difficult and yet..." Another sip carefully as to not scold her tongue, allowing the golden liquid to settle. "They are more caring than they allow themselves to believe." She was of course referring to Setsuna. That s
  17. Instantly flushed as soon as the boy's voice pierced the room. "Thank you." she spoke as she reached out and took the basin from the guy, looking into the brackish red stuff still piping hot and bleeding steam into the open air. Cradling it with both hands, trying to swallow the flutter and boil in her skin on her face. Taking a single bite, it still a bit too hot, causing her to wiggle her toes a bit. It was an attempt of distraction for a wavering mind, and for a second or two it did the trick. Curious and also hoping to deflect her own twisted emotions, she looks on to Koga and asks hi
  18. Confused and frazzled to all get up, Kasumi sat alone in the room she normally spent her nights in. Her face still felt hot, and the covers she'd been stuffed into weren't offering her any respite. Was she sick? Her eyes advance to the door across this small chamber. Slightly open still, Koga nowhere in sight. "Why am I so...pbth" She comments sticking out her thumb. This was her first time ever going to lunch by herself with a boy, excluding before when it was like paying the guy back. It didn't dawn on her what it must have looked like to the shopkeeper. Her head swims a bit, "WAS IT ALWAYS
  19. A sudden grasp of her hand sees Kasumi's legs feel like jello. This was not AT ALL how she expected the day to go. Before she could even process the fact that she was holding hands with a boy, she ended up in her own bed. When did we get here? she looks up past some enforced covers at Koga. "N-no." she was still awfully embarrassed, flush as a strip of bacon and almost slinking under the covers like a mouse behind a corner. Eying the room as the guy lorded over her, waiting for some answer from her. "I'm sorry." she drops the phrase from beneath the blanket that obscures the lower half of her
  20. A palm to her face sees Kasumi maintain that almost lobster like appearance, his hand was almost cool and comforting. In that same vain, however, it felt almost weakening and like static. Pins and needles where it sat. Her eyes immediately dart to her dress, as she recalled the only thing she had ever read regarding something like this. "Silly me." The blossom remarks, bopping herself in the side of her head with the backside of her left wrist. How does my outfit look, I should have worn something better than this? I don't really have anything else. Should I have bought something more suitable
  21. Kasumi's face felt like she just pressed it to a heater, and it was pretty damn red. Such things hardly registered to her in most cases, but when they did, it came real hard. "Y-yeah." she choked out as he slid past an outstretched arm over. A glancing slide of his hand on her shoulder was like getting struck by lightning. When had she become so nervous? "I th-hink walking is-s fine. Walking's good. It makes you healthy, and you get to take in all the sights and see all the people. The flowers are nice. I wonder what..." She continues to talk and walk on ahead, you can hear it slightly end up
  22. "I see." The girl chuckled, defusing her own little social faux pas. "I hope I'll be able to pay him back eventually." A soft nod in agreement, she tightened the ribbon in her hair with a tug of the loops. "Ok." It was here where the idea started to sink in, and she slides her sight away from Koga. Before it was like repayment, but in this way it was her and this...uh boy, going to get lunch....alone. Her skin gets a little further flushed, and she can feel the embarrassment boiling just a tinge again. Taking a couple steps toward the door to build just a little distance to hide her butte
  23. "Yep!" she remarks with a place of her hands flat against each other like a clap, rocking on her toes for a second as he eyed Sam's wedding ring still under construction. "Oh, no no, it won’t take me more than a bit." She didn't want Koga to get the wrong idea. A slide of a pair of tweezers peels up some device meant for the bottom of a swords grip: a pommel. Some serious deft movement and carving sees metal shavings being produced as she tears through the order with finesse. Seconds, that's all it took before that iconic flash of blue followed by a deep purple showing perfect quality. Pluckin
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