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  1. I cannot believe I have been on this website since I was 13 lmao

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    2. Macradon


      We're old 

    3. Hakai


      I think I was 15, haha. Its been a long time, huh.

    4. Kiru


      @Lessa Miss u too <3 @Haine it's been SO long. @Crozeph @ChaseR ;) @Macradon Indeed. @Hakaiyoungings !!!!

  2. For some reason, my hands felt a little bit clammy. "Why do I even want to avoid him?" I thought to myself, mind racing. It weighed on my conscious to think about Oikawa's life in this game. Surely I did not make it any better by being in it. I did not like to label myself as someone who was self deprecating, but it was pathetic how high I climbed in ranks with my friends only to have them all struck down and killed. I knew it was not my fault deep down, but it did not stop be from putting the blame on myself considering that I was the only factor for their deaths still alive and well in Aincr
  3. The sun almost felt warm on my face; it felt cruel to have so much reality in a virtual world. But then again, wasn't that the point of all of this? To make living here feel real? I mean, it did one hell of a job. It felt like this was all I knew, and slowly throughout my time in Aincrad I had begun to forget that my name wasn't actually Kiru, and that this was not actually the real world. However, even with all of this, I truly did not think I would change a thing about entering the game in the first place. If I knew I wouldn't be able to leave SAO once I logged on I probably would have left
  4. Each sip of my tea got better, but worse at the same time. The first few sips are the best because all of the flavor was there for you to savor, but lost it's touch after awhile. Even still, this shop was my favorite spot in Inti. Not only was it not populated- especially at this time of day, but it was secluded. On top of all of that, the tea was something that calmed me down quite a bit. It was the perfect place to start my mornings, and brace myself for the days I had ahead of me. Speaking of which, today had planned to do something I had not in awhile: go outside of the city. For qui
  5. [It's been awhile, please bear with me if I am a little rusty haha. @Oikawa] "Thank you, sir." I said to the NPC clerk as he set the tea down in front of me. He smiled quietly, but I knew that it wasn't genuine due to the fact that NPCs were not actual people; at least not in the way that I was. It was an odd feeling to be trapped in this game for such a long time, and to grow accustomed to living here in Aincrad. I was sure that for some players, this life was better than what they had in the real world. I once had that in common with that sliver of the population, but recently things h
  6. I closed my eyes for a second and let everything sink in finally. I not only had provoked a murder guild, but I was stupid enough to allow Oikawa to get himself involved in my mess. And that's not to say that he was not capable of defending himself. He could probably end my life in less than thirty seconds, but that was not the point. Oikawa may have killed Zelrius, but I believed that he didn't have the specific reason to kill Opal. He was not available to the voices of murder, even in a game. For myself, I could say otherwise because I was a walking sob story that no one cared about. Hell, I
  7. Read!!!!!

    Okay, first of all, hello~

    - My Santa hat is finally relevant again after an entire year of keeping it as my user. (thanks zel.) 

    - Zelrius, so sorry I missed your birthday bud, I also missed mine on here lmao

    - I am extremely sorry to anyone that I haven't responded to over the past two months, I've started school again. (uh oh) 

    - Unfortunately I am not back on the site right now UNLESS I get some people (preferably the people I know, but all are welcome) are wanting to come to the Official Azure Brigade Holiday Party. Please let me know if you're interested in this event in it's third year!! 

    <3 Kiru 

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    2. Hakai


      A tiny group with more power than you could possibly imagine.


    3. Kiru


      Thanks everyone! I just may do the third annual AB Holiday Party! ily all <3

    4. Kotori
  8. "Yes, well, I'd like to think it's because I'm pretty but we both know why I get into trouble. It's like I'm unintentionally calling anything and everything murderous to me; Death for some reason desires an audience with me I presume. But not you of course. If I see him I'll say hello for you though." I said, slightly gesturing my hair from my eyes, "But back to the common ground thing. I do not see a solution to this odious predicament I'm afraid. I will not let you kill her, but you will not let me die. The only possible way for this to go both our ways is for some elaborate plan. Opal said
  9. Guys!! Please come and join Zandra's party!! 


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    2. Kiru


      oh whoops @Jomei I guess Kiru's psychic  

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      does that mean i am too?

    4. Kiru


      I would assume so, @Helios

  10. I shifted my weight to the right and crossed my arms over my chest, "As rude as this may sound, I don't care about your promise. I will stay on my selfish route and think of only my own promise. However," I sighed, Oikawa was right. The both of us were way too stubborn to simply let our promise go down the drain for the other. And though I didn't particularly agree with his offer, I couldn't say no. If I did, we would be back to square one again and I would probably do something twice as stupid as what I just did. "I see where you're coming from. I will not go into detail unless you want an ex
  11. The situation I was in required thoughtful planning, and doing so right now would not do much good. In all honesty, I was exhausted from the past two days. Every since my meeting with Oikawa I had been in and out of the guild hall, setting everything up and accounting for anything that could have gone wrong. I had spare weapons, potions, and even a mass PM to send if Opal suddenly were to make a move. Everything had been calculated to the minute exactly, Eleven. Since then maybe a couple hours had passed; it was all the same dark color outside to me. The result of all my work had been ripped t
  12. My eyes met with his, wild with anticipation of his answer. One of the main reasons I kept Oikawa in the dark about this was for his safety. Not only that, but for his own sake. For example, if Opal intended to remove me right then and there while Oikawa was with me it would not have ended well. I would imagine that Opal could have screwed with his head some more, or even worse, lead him to the point of wanting to kill her. If that happened it would have gone one of a few ways: Opal kills he and I both, leaving satisfied. Or possibly Opal killing one of us, leaving the other to go and kill her
  13. (OOC: If you read the PM and say otherwise, let me know so I an rewrite this thank) She was almost out of the door by the time I got within distance of her, focus directly placed upon my target: Opal. Something switched inside me, to tick me off, to make me so intent with finishing her off right now. Opal would recieve no mercy for staining Oikawa's hands and killing Dom and Zelrius. It was all too much to be forgiven, too personal to let go, and too much of a narcissist to let her have her way. So, with all my pent up emotions towards her, I pulled the small knife behind me and pushed i
  14. The woman's profanity shocked me, and I was sure she could see it on my face. It was not as if I had never heard anyone swear. I swore in my head, mostly at Zelrius, but no one even has directed something so vile towards me and meant it. For a moment, I recovered from the verbal blow but I was so lost at this point that most of the vicious words spilled towards me lost their meaning, only their tone was kept. I could feel my hand instinctively reach behind my back, ready to strike if Opal decided to end everything right now. But then something else happened.Probably one of the last thing
  15. Hey, MAYBE I'll post TWO times a year!

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      Kiru this isn't like me

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      two times? i-in one year?


    4. Kiru


      @Helios I died so 



      (not as good as Takao at gifs lol)

  16. [ OOC: Let's see what I can do after literal months of not writing. ] My feet returned from my tip-toed position, to a normal, defensive, stance all the while Opal taunted me. "She's messing with you, she's just messing with you, it's not worth it," I thought, attempting to keep my calm even after her poisonous words. It seemed like everyone was good at dealing venom these days, and they certainly were not just the alchemists. This girl was good at mind games and definitely was like Mari, except Opal didn't regret what she did, or at least it really seemed like she did not. There w
  17. @Erroneous, make another "trailer" for the site. (yennow, like the one with this cars, but different.)

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      As a diesel engine?

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      You can include my cat if you want.

    4. Kiru


      ^I'm a cat. 

  18. "But of course you aren't technically a PK, I mean, then that means neither am I. You are still a PK even if you do not hold an orange mark above your head, Opal." I proceeded to point to the green crystal that bounced over my head as my smirk faded. I had to play my cards correctly with this woman or else things would not turn out alright for me, "Even though my crystal has not been stained it doesn't mean that there was not a crime. I'm surprised you don't know who I am, who I was. Sad." I could hear myself scoffing slightly, but feeling just a little relieved. Anyone who had an issue with m
  19. My eyes snapped open and a smirked played upon my lips as I heard the doors to the Azure Brigade open. From the faint light outlining the edge of the doorway I could make out a figure. Though I could not see the exact features of the player I knew right away that it was Opal. Mostly because I told her to meet me here, but also because of the aura that came from her- it was powerful yet calm. I heard the young woman mutter words under her breath, which made my smirk even bigger at the point. Even though, like Opal, I hadn't invested in Night Vision, I had spent more than two seconds in the dark
  20. It was late, too late for me to still be awake, but did it really matter? I never really got into the routine of sleeping at a specific time at night, or even at all. Mostly I slept when I was tired or when I was simply too exhausted to continue doing anything. For example, falling asleep while keeping watch and guarding Keith from Player Killers or falling asleep at a fancy restaurant with Tristan. Now that I thought about it, I couldn't remember the last time I slept. I mean, there was no way I could with everything I had to plan. I needed to end things, but carefully and without any casualt
  21. What's on my mind? Hm, well Zelrius and Ssendom really. The first thing I see when I get home is a goodbye message followed by a few status updates confirming that the two players are dead. Two players that are arguably good friends with me. Zelrius joined the site maybe a week after me around two years ago and all I can remember is thinking about how cool he was. Literally I thought it was awesome how he really couldn't care less if you didn't like his writing or you didn't like that he was one of the first PKers on the site. Zelrius and Kiru met in a contest I guess, Zelrius stole her kill and Kiru got really mad. However, they soon realized each other's strength and boom, Kiru became a frontliner because of Zel. Fast forward a few months and she's in Azure after Zelrius, single-handed, tore apart my old guild. I wasn't being serious about it- I actually though it was quite funny how much drama he could cause. Anyways, back to Zelrius. Over the course of two years he and I have only written maybe one completed roleplay, but several unfinished. And as anyone reading up on our topics can tell, there was some serious plot development going on there. Not just the cliche kind or anything, but actual development that took months to get straightened out, and in the end, what do we get? A tragic death of the Blond Commandant. Surely this will cause some major havoc for Kiru IC (and you can expect it too), but I am over all feeling remorse and just anger. Zelrius, "ripperoni in peace" dude. Total loss of a great character. 

    Ssendom, thank you SO much for everything. IC you were extremely lenient. You hauled Kiru (literally) everywhere and gave her life advice- real good plot development as well. Isn't it kind of funny how the best people on this site are Player Killers? :) Anyways, thank you for the awesome time IC, Dom, really it's a shame that this happened. I hope that with my upcoming threads you'll find some amusement. 

    Both of you, I know that you guys were PKers but I guess I'm just biased ;P oh well. It was super fun you two and I'm literally crying because of the loss of gr8 m8s. ok i go now bye

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      They'd better still be around the Skype chat.

    3. orhalimi


      How he die BTW?

    4. Ratatosk


      Zelrius got killed by Oikawa, and then Ssendom got murdered by Opal.

  22. Congrats on PST or GM or whatever position you have !!! <3

    1. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      *raises hand* Newbie PST here! I'll be evaluating your crafts, journals, answer questions and 'support' thing in general. I'll be in your care. Thank you Kiru-neechan!!!

  23. nice one Erron

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      Your face is a nice one!

  24. Can items that have, let's say +3 MIT, be evaluated and changed to fit the new system?

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    2. Kiru


      It's the Cupid Wings from the Valentine Boss fight, last year.

    3. Oikawa
    4. Cilla


      that was a fun read lol

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