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http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/1724-kiru-the-laughing-killer/ "Kiru=Esdeath. Esdeath=Ice. Ice=Snow. Snow=No school. Kiru will eliminate school." -Tyrius "So, honestly I expect another "Shut up, don't talk to me, loser." after I finish saying this." -Keith Yudai " Kiru and Keith are bonded by something even closer than love~... Handcuffs." -Keith Yudai "Well, Tell that to the Magic Conch..." Zelrius "She had quite the evil thoughts in her mind." -Arekkusu Sepera "Yeah but for being nice she saved a couple of lives, and though I'm sure that means nothing to her since hers wasn't one of them, she really earned a lot of respect, especially from Arekkusu." "He was wanting to see what she wanted to do, be it PKing or becoming a performer (or becoming a burrito *shrug*) and from there seeing if he can deduce her behaviour. He's trying to essentially pry her open to see her for who she really is." -Tristan Delaney I'm becoming a burrito, that's all that matters.


"Maybe it's the fact that I consciously know this can lead to my death but I'm doing it anyways. If there was anyone I truly feared in SAO it would be this girl right here next to me. Also I don't think there's any other person in SAO with hair as soft." -WHuZHeAR 



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