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  1. I'm totally working up a short story that doesn't actually count towards plot, but gives more insight on the mind of Daeron. The reason for why he chose suicide, the reason he decided to PK, why he did the things he did. Super early in the draft phase, but I'll share via google doc file once I'm happy with it!

    1. Macradon


      Sounds cool!


  2. Why, hello there.

    1. Woe


      Gdi I read that in Obi-Wan's voice

  3. *tips fedora*

    1. Outlander


      You forgot to add M' lady afterward. 

  4. If you all could go look over in the New thread invasion mechanic being added and vote and put your input that'd be great! ^-^

  5. How's it going everyone? Newcomers and veterans!

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    2. Morgenstern


      Well, I am still alive. 

      (Unlike you)


    3. Daeron


      @Morgenstern Cheap shot, I see how it's gonna be.

    4. Morgenstern
  6. Am I still relevant?

    1. Shark


      nope... 404 User Obsolete

    2. Takao


      nobody is relevant kid

  7. I'm just about ready to kill myself... again.

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    2. Able


      THIS.... IS.... AINCRAD.....

    3. Shark



    4. Macradon
  8. I suppose it has been quite a while since I've posted a picture of myself, so i'll post 2 instead this that I personally like the pictures I took.
  9. This place, looks so familiar. It's almost as if I've been in here a past life... perhaps I might stop back to my past and get into SAO-RPG again. Any opinions?

  10. It's been a long time hasn't it old friends?

  11. Been a while since I've said Hi to everyone, and I guess the sexy beast on the left just wants to check in on the people that I've gotten to know and meet on this forum. Also those who are new to the forum, welcome and I do hope you find your stay at SAO an entertaining one.
  12. It seems, everytime I come back to these forums, I'm seeing so many new faces and it's great to see other roleplayers out there either for their first time experiences or people that have been rp'ing for a long time. Welcome to all of those newbies out there and enjoy your stay, the community is really great. As for those of you who know me and I know you (or maybe not) it's nice to see you're still around.

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    2. Daeron


      Acually, don't tell anyone, but my account name is @Shark

    3. Helios
    4. Shark


      Yes way. This account is actually an alt. 

  13. Gonna be gone for the rest of the week! Senior class trip!

  14. Look out for Diabel's journal to be posted sometime soon! I feel like you guys have waited long enough to find out who my new account is... The blue-haired knight shall return once more!

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    2. Calrex


      To reference the Fateseries, a faker can still beat the original! XD

    3. Daeron


      True, but not when the Original is right before them. You may beat him in strength for now, but once the time comes, looks are what wins him the title of blue haired knight.

    4. Vectis


      Have no fear, Ducker is here! (Sort of).

  15. Man, I'm not looking forward to grinding from Level 1 all over again! Anyone care to help me out once I get to steppin on the grind?

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    2. Shark


      Nah... fight your own battles noob! xD

    3. Daeron


      Shark! Shut up would you!?!?

    4. Shark


      nah... I'm good... Thanks though. xD

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