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  1. I thought there was meant to be a big update?

    1. Neopolitan


      3.0 will be in constant development. If you're waiting to start posting again until it comes out, there is no telling when it will be time for you to do so. I would suggest just posting and making a story now rather than waiting (current estimate is the end of this year at most)

    2. Woe


      Yall slacking

    3. Neopolitan



      Development speed has picked up considerably recently, however it has not been consistent enough yet to be able to readjust the estimate properly.

  2. Woe had received word from Macradon that his new two-handed weapon had just been finished and so he started to head towards his shop. Woe had stumbled into a recent pot of luck gaining two free perfect swords for his merchant trade, however they still weren't the kind of weapon he was looking for. The blade Woe had asked Macradon to make was exactly what Woe had desired for a weapon. All he needed now was the artisan to come through with his request and he'd be a very happy player. Woe walked into the blazing typhoon with great anticipation. "Where is it?" Woe's eyes glanced over at the co
  3. Woe blinked at the blacksmith before looking at the sign again, this time noticing the fine print at the bottom. "Huh well, would you look at that I guess I misread." Woe thought about it for afew more seconds before continuing. "Very well I will pay in materials. Though I understand that the jump in materials from rare to perfect is quite dodgy, almost as if compensating for the 50% discount, the odd number being rounded up to make it cost 4 instead of what it should be, 3. Can't say I agree with that business model but I guess I'm paying for it either way. Here." Woe took his Col back and i
  4. I would appreciate if anyone online could take 1 minute to answer my poll 


  5. Woe was heading out of the town of beginnings on another quest and on his way out he noticed a humble store with a grand wooden entrance named 'The blazing Typhoon'. Taking notice to such a store Woe thought he might gander as to its contents, peeking through the windows to find a fellow player crafting some weaponry, with gear that seemed hugely impressive. Woe's eyes wandered back to the front of the store noticing a sign saying "Beginners discount 50% off on perfect items". Woe rubbed his chin as he thought about it and checked his inventory, then cross-referenced with the price ranges of t
  6. Woe

    Woe's Journal

    Profile Username: Woe Real name: Kin-Akemi Age: 21 Gender: Male Height: 6"1 History: Akemi grew up in a normal home with normal parents in a normal city in Japan. He went to a prestigious school which bored him to tears during his younger years. He went through elementary school being a jester and a charismatic class clown, making many friends along the way. One friend, in particular, was very dear to him, she was a transfer student from America named Jessica. He helped her with her Japanese and spent a lot of time at home talking to her over the phone. Despite getting along very well and bei
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