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  1. Skill being Dropped: R2 2 Handed Assault Spear Skill SP being refunded: 13 Cost: 13,000
  2. Entering the shop, she gave an uneasy sigh at the sight of Pinball. "Oh, its you," rubbing her head, she blinked. "I'm just here for the food," she held her hands up in defense, looking over at the cases of items he had on the counter. "So if you will excuse, I am going to browse," she smirked, walking over to the cases of food. Examining the items, she carefully looked through. I guess I'll take this, an end over her mouth tugged up as she took out a cup of green tea. Turning to the familiar face, she quickly counted out her Col and gave it to him, "Lovely conversation we had, bye!" she grinn
  3. Entering the shop, she gave a quick wave and examined the spear, "Thanks. It looks nice," she looked up at Macradon and gave a tight smile. Pressing her hand against the smooth surface of the blade, she exhaled slowly. "It's well made, I'll come by again sooner or later," she sighed, storing the weapon in her inventory. Treading out, she gave a small wave of goodbye, "Thanks again," she called before leaving the shop.What an experience.. I would say it isn't worth the talk but the weapon looked nice I guess. It'll hopefully be useful at least, her lips formed into a tight line. Hopefully.
  4. Striding casually into the shop, Asakku quickly greeted the shop owner with a small wave and made her way to the order forms. Minimal conversation, less time wasted, she repeated in her head as she filled out the form. I had this planned before I got here, she thought dismissively, rolling her eyes. Taking out a few materials, she placed the order form in the bin or whatever. Turning to the owner, she gave him an unsatisfied gaze and sighed, “So.. yeah, just message me when it’s done, here,” she handed him the materials, gave a short wave and muttered thanks before leaving the shop. - 4
  5. Profile : Username : Asakku Real Name : Ada Saiko Age : 17 > 19 Gender : Female Height : 5'1 Ada only grew up with one parent, thus not giving her nearly the amount of love she deserved. Adding on to that, her father was rarely ever home, he was usually out drinking booze and alcohol with his 'friends'. But because of this, Ada
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