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  1. Zero turned his head away from Randal for a moment. He knew that the other player was just trying to cheer him and he knew that it wasn’t coming from a place of condescension, but he couldn’t help but feel a little talked down too. Still, he knew that wasn’t how it was intended so he didn’t let it bother him as he collected himself. He looked once more around the area, certain that Carsar’s horde had to be around here somewhere but he was getting distracted but the hatchlings who had taken a bit of a shine to him. “Let me see what I can do to help make the trip a little easier for
  2. “Yeah, I know, guess old MMO habits die hard, at least I didn’t shout out Leroy Jenkins before I charged in. Normally, I’d be all about a plan of attack, but I got a little carried away.” Zero chuckled to himself, as he apologized once more. Despite being offered the trinket, Astreya turned it down, said she already had one and that she thought he could use it. He takes the drop and puts it into his inventory, he could check out the specs on it later. Astreya then asks if he wanted to call it a day or go after the other one as well. “Not gonna lie, considering how well that went, I
  3. Astreya and followed Zero’s lead and rushed in behind him, though he could hear call out to him in a bit of frustration. He had kind of rushed in and started the fight instead of letting the tank take point. Still, she launched into a flurry of attacks as well, easily striking the Hoya while it was stunned. As quickly as the fight had begun, it was all over, the western Hoya minotaur had fallen and was defeated. He sheathed his blade and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly as he turned to face her. “Sorry about that, rushing into a fight like that usually isn’t like me, but I gues
  4. Her attitude was actually somewhat astonishing. Being trapped in a game, watching people you care for die and being told that their death was in the real world as well, that could break well adjusted adults. He didn’t know what she had gone through to get to that point, but he was glad to see that she had take that pain and he put that motivation towards something positive. After a while of walking and talking, they arrived at something that was a bit different. According to Astreya, they had likely arrived. With a smile on his face, Zero draws his two handed straight sword of the fallen
  5. With great ease and grace, Randal scaled the outside of the cave mouth and leaped high into the air, going over Carsar and coming down while using his sword arts. The claw sliced through the neck of the abominable dragon, and the final gurgles of his death rattle escaped before he fell and exploded. Looking at the spot where the beast would have fallen, Zero breaths in deep before spitting on the dragon’s “grave”. He takes a quick look around and scans the area, wondering if the dragon’s horde might be nearby. He doesn’t find anything with a cursory glance and decides to focus his attentio
  6. Randal at hit the dragon hard, dealing significant damage and causing it to recoil from him in pain and anger. It didn’t take a fortune teller to see what was going to be coming next. Carsar began to flap his wings and take to the sky. It either intended to fight them from the air, hoping to rely on its breath weapon to tear us apart while we couldn’t reach it, or he was going to flee and escape from combat all together. While the second scenario would likely allow them to complete the quest, that concept just didn’t sit right with him, so Zero decided to go ahead and make his move.
  7. Zero couldn't hide the surprise on his face when the dragon released some of its power and he saw that he had gained a +1 to EVA for the upcoming fight. He knew that this was going to be quite useful. With a bow to the dragon, they left the area in search of Carsar, though it didn't seem like it was going to be a difficult search. Even with the gift of flight, taking so many hatchlings would limit the distance that Carsar could get and with the two of them focused on their target, the foul dragon had no chance of escape. More of the puzzle was beginning to take shape as they nea
  8. Zero smiled when the girl began to give the brief version of events that led her to this point. He had heard those comments about gaming from some of the more seasoned members of his own family, but as he got older he also knew that sometimes the older generation just doesn't get what the new generation is into and that doesn't make it necessarily bad, but that it just needed to be judged on merits. However, his mirth stopped and his heart nearly broke as she briefly went over the events that happened when she had been trapped here with a friend. Sadly, that type of story was far to common.
  9. Zero couldn’t help but smile at the young girl’s excitement. Whether she meant it or not, her exuberance was contagious. Still as they proceeded through the maze, he could tell that there was something on her mind, that she wanted to say but wasn’t sure about. She finally looked back to him over her shoulder and got her question out. What was it that had brought him to sword art online. He couldn’t help but chuckle slightly. “I have to admit, that may be the nicest way someone has asked me that question since we all got trapped here. I’ll give you the short version for now. I grew u
  10. Zero had allowed Randal to take the lead on this quest, he was the one who found the scroll to begin with. He spoke kindly with the dragon and Zero was able to get an idea of what happened based on the tale and the conditions around them. Another dragon had appeared and fought with these two; killing one, wounding the other and stealing the remaining hatchlings away. The was enough to make Zero’s blood boil right away, even for data so things should be off limits, but if the point was to tug at the heart strings, they succeeded. The dragon pleaded with them for aid and Randal took him aside fo
  11. “I’ve been in the town of beginnings have enough that I’ve heard about quite a few different quests. I want to say I have heard about the quest but not much in the way of details about what the quest entails. Though to be fair, I’ve really only asked about quests that had good synergy with my two handed straight sword or heavy armor, still haven’t decided on tank or dps yet.” Zero was just trying to make some small talk while they were traveling, one of the troubles with a map like that was you had no idea if the scale was anywhere near accurate. Still, as they continued walking and talking,
  12. The other player introduced himself as Randal as he accepted the party invite. He quickly showed Zero the scroll and the journal and while Randal started with the map, Zero read the journal to get some more context. Having read over it and accepting the quest himself, he was able to put together the gist of the map pretty quickly. Having grown up during a time and in an area where gps was extremely unreliable, he had learned to read maps at a pretty young age in case of an emergency. “I’m not at a very advanced level yet, just 5. But thanks to some friends and some decent bartering,
  13. Astreya was very helpful in getting to the quest giver, a very imposing figure named “Larbrook”. From what Astreya had told him, the NPC could accompany them and could fight, but the way the quest was set up he couldn’t do any actual damage and the Minotaurs wouldn’t attack him. That, unfortunately, meant he already had a decision to make. Taking the NPC would make it essentially an escort quest, which told him that the reward was likely better but the original drops were supposed to be really good, especially for early game tanks and dps players. After giving it some good though, he decided a
  14. Practice. He had to practice more. Between the recent events and his own shortcomings, if he wanted to be anything other than a burden to those trying to clear the game he had to practice. Fortunately he was still at a level where most of the monsters on this floor could still drop loot for him and with the equipment he had it was essentially a safe practice for him to fight boats now. Zero was slightly aware of the other player nearby doing something similar, he might be farming for some drops of materials. He tried to put it out of his mind he focused his attention on fighting the boars. Eve
  15. “This “Freyd” person sounds interesting, maybe one day I’ll have the chance to party with them as well. I’d love to get strong enough to party with a player named Macradon to one day. He’s actually the one who gave me this sword that I’m using now.” Zero tried to keep the conversation light, he was so used to playing alone he didn’t want to go off on a tangent. On top of that, he had become acutely aware of late that he was good a bit older than many of the other players in the game that we’re trying to clear Aincrad. Astreya was very clearly a very social person so he just smiled as she talk
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