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  1. Current Level: 6 Current SP: 13 Link to SP Tracking: [link] Item Upgrades: N/A
  2. As that piece is unswathed from it's red velvet blanket, presented to Enryu as a gift - his eyes light up like a star in the night sky, filled with - not joy, but rather, pure awe. He has to take in it's beauty for a minute. "It's amazing," the man says just before his arm reaches out to take hold of his newly acquired blade. It's reflective, to say the least. And then that promise. "No matter what." Enryu acquires Sword of Silver!
  3. A deep breath. His nerves always seemed to get the better of him when it came to things like this. While he had passed by this shop a few times during his stay here, he had never once thought to take a peak inside, though the exterior seemed welcoming enough. To him, it looked more like a tiny house, rather than an artisan's workshop, but what did he know? Still, he reaches for the door handle, slowly prying it open, and half-expecting the sound of creaking mahogany to greet him, but no - it's been well-kept. To his surprise, even the interior of this place has been cared for with trinket
  4. Enryu had seen this shop once or twice before, but only in passing. He had never the intentions of purchasing any item from somebody he did not know, for every resource is precious. However, he's desperate, so that large door is pushed against, and he enters -- taking in the surroundings as they come. He's as lost as a fish out of water, but still, he makes his way down the aisle; up to the counter with a bit of col in hand. He drops it on the table, then says, "I had a request I was hoping you could fulfill. I'll pay whatever you want." "Please."
  5. A single step on this rickety wood flooring would be enough to send a shiver down his spine, mimicking the wail of a banshee for this entire place looks as if it hadn't been maintained in over a century, but the mood is lifted when he spots Zajcica and a shopkeeper going back and forth. It brings a smile to his face, and still, he remains on the outskirts of their conversation. His eyes gloss over these display glasses unless finally settling upon a vial, labelled 'Immolation Potion.' "I'm goin' to need one of these," he says, and points a finger to it.
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    Family above all else. This is what his father had told him as he, a young boy, watch the sea claim another. A man who he had knew well, though only through others. It's no secret that Sicily is a poverty-stricken island, condemned to the Mediterranean as if it were exiled by the Italian people for not baring the same, ornate styling of gold and silver etched across their roads. Their lampposts are not cut from jewels, and the sky just seems to be a different type of blue. Through an ever-lasting struggle between the rich, and the poor, people have been forced to take control
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