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  1. Tired of the games, Sai tightly gripped the handle of his blade with a strong determination, he quickly took action. Without missing a beat, the swordsman swung his sword, slicing through the «Boarlet». 'It felt smooth.. Like butter.. My attack landed!' As the blade of his sword exited the monster, he sheathed his weapon and heard the shattering of the «Boarlet». A window appeared before him with him obtaining the second boarlet tusk needed to complete his quest. He pumped his fist into the air and smiled toward the sky with the sun rays bathing his skin. 'Things are picking up! I just need to
  2. The «Boarlet» oinked at the player and he slowly became more irritated from hearing the sound escape from the monster. 'Tch.. I can't believe I am letting something like this get to me.. I can't be the strongest player if I am going to let this affect me..' Although the player was trying to keep a leveled head, he was slowly becoming more impatient as the time went by. He gripped the handle of his blade as tight as possible and glared at the «Boarlet» and took a quick breath and attempted to stab the «Boarlet» once again, but his blade could not connect with the monster and it quickly retreate
  3. Charging into battle without a care in the world, Sai attempted to plunge his blade into the belly of the «Boarlet». One of the «Boarlets» squealed out and caused the other to run away during combat. The blade plunged into the ground and the white-haired swordsman watched as the creature run off into the distance. 'A--Are you kidding me.. I'm not going to let you get away.. You're my prey!' The angry player pulled his blade out from the grass and the dirt that fell from his blade slowly faded out of existence. He prepared himself to charge towards the fleeing creature and launched himself like
  4. At this moment in time, the white swordsman no longer felt like he was shackled down by the chains of despair. The swordsman sat himself up, leaning against his arms for support, looking over at the «Plains». 'This is a whole new feeling.. I feel like I can stay like this forever, but.. This isn't the plan.. I have to quickly get this over with so I can move onto the next one.' He looked up at the sky with the sun beaming down at him and with that he could not help but let out a smile. He lifted himself off the ground and stretched out his arms and legs before flicking his wrist, materializing
  5. Welcome Seraphina! We have something in common! With SAO being our guilty pleasures! I'm also fairly new to the forum, so I hope we can get along with each other! Maybe we can RP with each other! I hope you have a swell time and we become friends!
  6. Gripping the handle of his blade as tightly as he could, the white swordsman sprinted toward the «Boarlet» with only the intentions of killing the creature. With every step the player took, he got closer and closer to the monster and without any hesitation, he lifted his sword into the air. "Don't take it personally. I just need to get this done as fast as I could." He smirked, before the blade of his sword shined a bright white color and with one fell swoop, his sword cut through the «Boarlet» like butter. His eyes glimmer as thousands of shards burst in front of him. A window appeared w
  7. Before allowing the «Boarlet» to make any movement, the swordsman took a single step and started dashing towards the monster. As he approached the creature, he stumbled onto his next step, causing him to fall flat onto his face. It temporarily spooked the «Boarlet» and it hopped a few inches back. 'I-I fell onto my face.. How could this possibly happen to me..? Damn it!' He slammed his fist against the ground, before slowly standing up and brushing the virtual debris off his body. The player looked over at the «Boarlet» prepared himself to attack it again, but as he prepared himself, the monst
  8. Not giving up a moment to strike first, Sai immediately took action and dashed toward his target. As the «Boarlet» closed the gap between the two, the white-haired swordsman used his blade and slashed the area in front of him. The tip of his blade barely missed his target and the player tumbled onto the ground, before catching himself from rolling any further. 'Tch.. I didn't think I was going to miss my first opportunity to kill my first monster.' He picked himself off the ground and took a defensive stance, as he watched the «Boarlet» turn around. With the wind blowing past both combata
  9. There were a handful of players in the town of «Tolbana», but there were plenty of «Boarlets» roaming around the «Plains». He took an offensive stance and scanned the area for «Boarlets» that are by themselves. He watched closely as another player was slaying the monsters with extreme swiftness. 'Sword Arts.. Those are what our skills are used for. I should probably figure out how to use this skills. If I can clear out these monsters as fast as he could, I could potentially turn this quest in as soon as possible.' Sai swiped for his menu and took a glance at his skills, but there required ener
  10. From a distance, a steady clang of metal on metal is heard as the morning dew blessed the start of a new day. The sound of players hustling merchants for a lower price on their goods and services, giving the atmosphere of a working environment. The white haired player took a step into a dimly lit armory and there was a man standing behind his anvil, striking his heavy hammer against a new project he has been working on. The man had the appearance similar to Zackariah, but this man had no warmth or gentleness in his eyes. The NPC took one glance at the player and immediately the player could se
  11. Finishing up the rest of his orange juice, Sai began to read check out his quest log to see that he had a new quest to accept. 'I have a new quest unlocked. The second lesson, huh? I guess I have nothing else to really do. I should just accept it.' He accepted the quest and a new objective popped up in front of him. 'I guess it left off on where I was with Zackariah. I have to find the Lyle character.' He got up from his seat and proceeded to leave the inn, making sure to wave at the hostess as he left. 'If I remember correctly, this blacksmith should be nearby that old man's laboratory. I don
  12. Sai ordered a ham and cheese sandwich and an orange juice and the hostess left to place the order. 'Okay.. What was I doing again..? Ah yes.. Profession. What did I stop at..? Appraiser.. Oh this is kind of interesting.. If I became an appraiser, I could identify items, reroll enhancements, and have a potential to identify a unique enhancement.. This is pretty interesting.' He continued to scroll toward the last two profession until the hostess arrived with his meal. "I appreciate it." She smiled at the player and he began to drink his orange juice. 'The taste of food is still here.. How amazi
  13. His eyes focused on the menu and began looking at the next profession, 'A cook? I was never really good at cooking in real life. I don't think I would have an amazing time doing it here. Snacks, desserts, meals, and feasts. Yeah.. Going to not do that.' Sai turned over to his side and continued his research, 'Performer..? Like a mime? What can I do as a performer? Support songs and debuff songs? I can also record songs in a crystal? Yeah.. Not for me.' He looked at the last three professions and let out one final yawn. "I think.. I'll call it quits today.. I think I did a lot of work today. T
  14. The atmosphere had a warm aspect that made Sai feel at home with himself. He turned back toward his menu and continued looking at potential professions, 'Artisan.. Do I really want to be an artisan? What do they make? Trinkets, jewelry, and sculptures.. I don't really want to be one..' He scrolled down and looked over at alchemist, but remembered how he failed his crafting in Zackariah's laboratory. 'After that experience I've had with that old man.. I think I am going to skip out on being an alchemist. Maybe there are a few alchemists that could help me out with my situation.' His eyes scanne
  15. 'Back to my thought.. Which profession should I take? Or should I even take a profession..' Sai opened a menu and looked over the available professions. He tapped on the Blacksmith profession and began reading what he could do as a blacksmith. 'A blacksmith could craft: weapons, light armor, heavy armor, and shields. That's interesting.. But I don't really see myself as a blacksmith.' The hostess returned with his tea and smiled at her guest, "Is there anything else I could help you with?" She asked politely, Sai looked up at her and smiled, "That would be all, I appreciate it." He watched her
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