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  1. With one more material left the excitement was overflowing. Rapid steps were taken to find another interesting material to bring back to the Alchemist. Recognizing that only one more material was needed Sera had turned around and started back toward The Town of Beginnings. Ruby eyes were peeled for anything out of the ordinary - and then there it was. A spec of bright pink in the dim shadow of a tree. Approaching the tree trunk cautious orbs appraised the moss that grew out of the side of the tree. The last two had disintegrate after being detached...but maybe the third time was the charm. Cau
  2. Um, hello everyone! Apparently I missed this step but I am here now. I've been role playing on and off for several years now (which is hard to believe) and am ready to be back at it. SAO is really a guilty pleasure of mine - along with RuPaul's Drag Race. I'm a little confused regarding the mechanics and things so hopefully I'll learn those as I go. Also, I am kinda shy when it comes to asking to RP with people but I will also do my best! Last thing, I work full time during the week so I may be kinda slow to respond but I promise to communicate if that happens. Good to meet e
  3. Unfortunately, there were no other flowers around like the twenty-thousand petal one that has just been found. Shrugging off that fact the young women stood and started off again. It was amazing to her that everything felt so real. The flower stems were stiff while the petals felt like velvet. The wind, although warm, left a sight tingle on her skin as it dusted kisses across fair skin. If she didn't know any better this was the real world. At this point, it might as well be her "real world." Seeing a spot of blue in the green Sera meandered toward the oddity only to discover a blue spot
  4. That moment would forever be stuck in Sera's mind like a picture. A moment that allowed her to honor those who are fallen and those that were still fighting. At first, this quest had been nothing more than a way to pass the time and to switch up the mundane. As an unsure gait turned more confidence the lean women felt that this journey was suppose to happen. This was how it was suppose to be. This was designed so that a player could find themselves and that is what she was doing. Finding herself. Thinking about what had happened was important, but it was also important not get get stuck thinki
  5. Again, Sera tried for the moss but just like the last one it faded away as it was unlatched from the trunk of the tree. For several minutes narrowed eyes were fixated on the spots where the blue pixels disappeared. Had she ever witnessed something of this world "die?" The simple answer was no. After being in the town of beginnings for the past two years Sera had witness minor object disappear - food, dishes and the like - but never something that was suppose to be alive. It was a strange feeling. While it was just a plant, and not even a real on at that, Sera felt a ping of sadness. She had ju
  6. Feeling a twinge of defeat at not being successful the first time around the ruby eyes women placed the spear away and then continued on. There were lots of materials that could be picked up and potentially used; however, none of them were interesting. If this quest was going to be done she wanted to find interesting materials to pick-up and bring back. Perhaps materials that she could use later on too. After all, being an alchemist was more than appealing. Wandering further and further away from the city Sera found that it got quieter and quieter. Sera had always thought that the beginne
  7. It had been several minutes since Sera had settled into the nook of the grand, old oak. For those several minutes a stare so intent had been focused on a player across the field. Although from this distance the shape was a blurry humanoid figure she could tell that they were wielding an assault spear - just like herself. In obvious admiration an attentive gaze watched as the spear wheeled and jabbed at the attacking boar. It was like watching someone preform an intricate dance. There a grace - and intention - behind every jap and swipe. That was how she wanted to fight. With a sense of purpose
  8. There was no time limit on the quest and no sense of urgency. Therefore, when Sera felt like it was time to take a small break after walking around most of the morning she allowed herself. Finding a large, sturdy tree the young women maneuvered herself up so that she was sitting on one of the branches lowest to the ground. Nestling into the crevice between the tree and the branch she lounged back and let out another breath. It was a beautiful day out. The wind blew across the waves of grass and tussled the white locks. It was peaceful out here in the middle of the plains. In the distance, play
  9. It had been several minutes since Sera had stopped and reflected on her life since beginning Sword Art Online. The decision made still felt good. She was going to survive and fight - even if it meant death. Finding herself getting distracted by her thoughts again the white haired women shook her head and slapped both hands on her cheeks. Focus Sera, she willed. A now alert gaze scanning the horizon landed upon a patch of strange, speckled flowers. More curious than anything Sera approached the flowers in awe. The closer she got the smaller they got. Once she was standing on top of them the fl
  10. How had she ended up here again? Oh yeah, it was because if she gathered the materials that Zackariah had asked for then he would teach her how to make her own potion; and that is what made this worth it. Not getting col or experience but learning to make a potion. For the first time in two years excitement had started to bubble and brew - all due to a couple potions. This thought caused determined steps to slow, and then eventually stop. What had she been doing the past two years? Memories of standing in the square surfaced but nothing differed. Reflecting on the past two years feelings of g
  11. With passive interest the women had listened as the NPC, now known as Dorian, discussed with her the contents of the quest. Once the worried NPC was done talking a swift turn of the heel was made and Sera was off. At some point during the wandering she had seen the alchemist shop that Dorian was discussing with her. It wasn't long until a wandering gaze landed on the solid oak door that provided entrance to the shop. Casually, she walked over and opened the door. As she stepped past the threshold a "chime" echoed through the shop. Ruby eyes were immediately drawn the shelves of the store. It a
  12. After months or aimlessly lulling around the town square in the Town of Beginnings the women had grown tired. Every day was the same. Wake up, find breakfast, and then nothing. The women with long, luscious moonlit locks frowned as squinted eyes searched for any sigh of familiarity. Before this game has turned into one of survival the plan had been to meet up with friend in the town square. It had been two long years but hope still lingered on the edges of her mind as she continued to search. Then again, maybe this was a joyous situation. Maybe her friend, Misha, never made it into the game an
  13. Roleplays: [F1-SP] The First Lessons | <<The First Few Lessons>> | ACTIVE [TAG] Thread Name | <<Quest Title>> | STATUS [TAG] Thread Name | <<Quest Title>> | STATUS
  14. Relationships: No one yet. :)
  15. Inventory: New Character Bundle: Set A Equipment Assault Spear | 2-handed weapon | Uncommon | Enhancement: Accuracy (gain +(1 per slot) to the BD when attacking. Cannot be used to cause a critical hit) Armor | Light Armor | Uncommon | Enhancement: Mitigation (prevent (6 per slot * Tier) damage from successful attacks against you.) Consumables: (5) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) Current Resources: 2,500 Col Materials (10) Skills 5 SP | 1 SP left Light Armor | Rank 1 - Novice
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