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  1. Welcome & hello Lucky! Although my username is Seraphina I just go by Sera. I'm also a little newer to this community (and am still learning the ropes) but so far everyone has been super helpful and friendly - so don't be afraid to reach out if you have questions or wanna write with someone. Anyways, hope to see ya around. :)
  2. There had been no indication that anyone was there until a voice came out of the void. It was everything that she could do to keep herself from startling, but it was obvious that the quest giver was rattled by the other players sudden appearance. Turning a curious eye to who had addressed the duo warm, amber eyes found themselves staring into green eyes. A quick glance up would reveal soft blonde hair that appeared to be tussled by a wisp of wind. The rest of his ensemble was morbidly dark, so much so that the smile almost seemed out of place. Almost. Despite the one second analysis his gaze w
  3. A lingering gaze that had been fixated on herself rather than NIGHT shifted again when the sounds of "whooshing" filled the space. Mesmerized by the calculated, graceful swings that the smaller player was creating Sera found herself unable to look away. Despite the continuance of movement there had been something that the player had not missed. A shift in air and presence. It appears the topic of schooling had caught NIGHT attention. That thought was confirmed when NIGHT stopped her actions. Leaning forward, Sera attentively listened as NIGHT shared her thoughts and about the other player
  4. The words that normally came so naturally were suddenly gone. Cheeks now stained the color of a ripe cherry tomato and gaze fixated on her hand Sera nodded; simply because that was all the player was able to do. The sudden closeness a caught her off guard, but now her senses were returning. Where Chase's hand had overlapped her there was a warm, prickling sensation. For just a moment, the shorter women pondered on the fact that the game was not suppose to transfer sensations; however, the brain was a powerful tool and could often trick players into thinking that touch had a sensation. Despite
  5. "If you're going to the frontlines, let me help you get there. There's nothing better for me to do but help others with the way things are. Until there's a party moving to unlock the 27th floor." This time it was her turn to blush. The soft pink glowed crossed her cheeks and nose. It would have been hard to hide the initial shocked expression but then a wide, toothy grin overtook the surprised 'oh' that her mouth made. Despite the lack of luck that had occurred during fighting it had appeared elsewhere. A little cheesy, but true. Nodding she faced the grin toward him, "I would love to h
  6. As NIGHT mentioned that fashion was the key to looking like an advanced player a quick glance was cast down at her outfit. If that was true, no wonder the small player thought that. If she saw herself walking around the first floor, she would think the exact same thing. Nice clothes. Hair piece. Gloves. The more attention that was paid to the outfit the more self-conscious she became. "You make a good point..." Sear mused out loud, while grimacing softly, "Maybe I need to go shopping tomorrow..." The thought of changing how she dressed was lingering in her mind. Hearing the words “mobile
  7. As the warm light of the teleporter started to envelop the pixelated form anticipation and excitement started to bubble over. This was Sera's first time leaving the first floor. As the blue light overtook the edges of once clear vision a soft smile fixated on the smooth features. 'Goodbye. I'll be back soon.' As that thought finished the blue overtook everything and there was a sensation of weightlessness. Just as suddenly as the feeling occurred it vanished. Taupe lace boots suddenly touched on something firm and then a burst of color exploded in her vision. Stumbling out of the teleporter Se
  8. It felt like story-time, and Sera was an active participant. Wonderings about the boss battles and fights of the upper floors ran though her mind from time to time. What was it like? Who were you with? What was it like to beat a level? In this moment some of those questions had been answered. It sounded grueling and dangerous. Is that what she wanted? Did you want to be up there fighting with ChaseR and whoever else she meets on this journey? Memories of her sitting at her favorite Cafe flew through her brain. It was a distinct memory since was the very first day she had visited the café
  9. The response was not immediate more for the fact that the smaller player had decided to wander back to the middle of the square and re-start practicing. As the other player wandered away Sera thought about what the NIGHT had said. The words "I'd figured you were... uh, experienced — yourself, too" rang through her mind. Had Sera come off as experienced? She had always perceived herself as someone who appeared to be new. Either way, the young women decided it was a compliment. "I certainly will," Sera stated, not even being sure if sword moves could be transferred to the assault spear, "A
  10. As the taller player approached the mama boar Sera followed a couple steps behind. Mentally, the women was reminding herself that her teammate was a tank and that role of a tank was to gain focus from the enemy while other players attacked. So that is what she was doing. Once ChaseR gained the mama boars attention then she would rush in. Only, it didn't quite happen exactly as she thought it would. For many reasons. As the sword started to swing down the blade that was dimly outlined by wisps suddenly disappeared. What should have been a devastating blow turned out to nothing but a
  11. The movement had been swift and decisive. In fact, if Sera had dared to blink, she may have missed what occurred altogether; however, that was not the case. Ruby orbs still wide with shock watched as a hand was placed on the hilt of the sword before it was steadily removed from the sheath. There was unmistakable shift in aura around ChaseR as the wind picked up around the sword and then an almost translucent shape formed the rest of the two-handed weapon. Then there was no hesitation as he attacked. In mere moments what was left of the boarlet was drifting off only to fade away. Still sh
  12. It did not take long to realize that a mistake had been made. Well, not a mistake per say, but something akin to the idea of a mistake. Perhaps a misjudgment? Deciding the misjudgment was the preferable and more accurate word Sera found herself nodding. As the thought finished forming in her head the reaction from the other player - now known as NIGHT - caused ruby orbs to flicker with worry. As the last question had been asked it suddenly dawned on the player why NIGHT was reacting such a way; such a way being wide eyed, choked, and coy. Not only that, but NIGHT's face turned the
  13. Panic was starting to seep into the crevices of the mind, sneaking into the depths of thought like a mouse in the night and starting to take over. The panic only started to grow as ruby orbs watched the only friend she had at the time was being attacked by a boarlet. As the boarlet was batted away by an unperturbed blue-haired male player the fear started to inch its way back into the depths of her mind. Another lung-filled exhale and the words 'you're not in any danger' echoed through her mind. Regaining control of the once wobbly legs Sera stood. Planting one foot in front of the other anoth
  14. The realization dawned on Sera that she had been staring. Blinking rapidly, a hand was brought to the back of her head and an embarrassed grin expanded across pixelated features. “No no,” Sera reassured the women, “I was just walking around and kinda got lost in thought...” With that said a quick gaze was cast about the surrounding area. This was not the familiar streets that had been wandered the past two years. In fact, now the player was not entirely sure that she had been to this corner. Scolding herself slightly at being so unaware the white-haired women turned her attention back to
  15. For a moment, there was a pause as Sera waited anxiously for a response. Anything to let her know that they were still okay. Then there was a sudden shift of mood. The blue-themed player's face dropped, and laughter started to fill the air. The realization then dawned on Sera that she was getting messed with. Her laughter, deep from the gut, joined with ChaseR’s. There were a few players in the immediate area that stopped to stare at the two strangers laughing, but none of them bothered to question it. For Sera, this moment was everything. Since being forced to remain in SAO no connections had
  16. While it appeared that ruby orbs were carefully scanning the field in what would be an attempt to find an enemy that was not already being fought; really her attention was on the player to her side. There had been just a moment where something felt off, but the moment was gone before it even appeared. Tuning back in from the moment distraction the women absorbed what the taller man was saying. Sera found herself nodding as he spoke, attempting to indicate that she was indeed listening. As the questions about this being her first game came up, as well as what level she was, a small part of her
  17. Players of all kinds wandered by as Sera walk the familiar path to the sweet shop that was located on the first floor. Since the beginning of this journey, it had become a place of comfort. The NPC that ran the shop, Tallula, was as sweet as the pastries that were sold. Currently, the personal favorite was the cinnamon bun that was the size of Sera's head. She was pretty sure that the sweet was well known of the first floor; but if it was not then players were missing out. Sitting at the usual spot - the corner to the right of the counter - she waited patiently as Tallula walked from table to
  18. There was a moment when the flow of conversation was interrupted by a brief silence. At that moment, players could be heard joyfully chatting to one another about quests, as well as gossiping quietly about the latest progress updates. It almost appeared as if they were invisible in the crowd. Despite the interesting conversations surrounding them, Sera found herself staring right back into the light blue eyes that appeared to investigate her very soul. For most people, the staring probably would have been off-putting, but for this player - who was used to stares - it was nothing new. As she wa
  19. One moment ago, Sera was back at home cuddling with 'Stormy the cat', and then the next everything started to be encapsulated by a void. As the world around her - the plants, her favorite blanket, everything - was eaten by the darkness a bright light followed. In the depths of the light movement could be seen. Shadows flicking dangerously and ominously in the distance. Then, spouts of color start to pass by in a whirl. Red. Blue. Yellow. All of them blending and molding together to create a figure that hovers menacingly over a crowd. Suddenly, everything dropped as her body was propelled down
  20. As words more vicious in nature were about to tumble past rosy lips another voice interrupted with a brief, "... I'll help." Head whipping around so fast that moonlit locks slapped the side of her cheek Sera glowered at the young man standing where no player had been before. For just a minute the temptation to let the words that were meant for the black smith befall on the innocent by standard; however, the voice in the back of her mind reminded her that the azure haired player standing before her had nothing to do with the current interaction. All thoughts of bitterness and annoyance left whe
  21. Moving through the crowd with ease Sera made her way to the blacksmith's shop. The directions that had been provided by the Potion's Mater, Zachariah, had indeed been accurate. From what could be observed, the main difference between the Potion Masters shop and this was the sign that hung overhead with the shop name and a silvery gray metal door. Laying a hand on the door the women pushed - only to find that more force than thought had to be applied. Nearly stumbling into the shop wide eyes glanced around the see walls outline in armor and weapons and another white-haired man on the other side
  22. Thread anyone?? Feel free to message me here or in discord. :)

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      [writing here because a. im too shy to dm you on discord/on-site or to poke at you in the discord server. b. its late at night and i will have delayed replies about the thread idea if you have any. c. leave me a message on discord whenever you're free! ><)bbb]

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      Hey NIGHT! Of course I'll have you. :) Thank you for being willing to journey along with me. (I tired to message on discord, but it said something along the lines of me not being able to add you as a friend and I am also too shy to DM you in 'general'. LOL) I'll shoot you a message on here!

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  23. After successfully making a potion it was time to head off to the complete the rest of the quest. With the newly transformed bottle of healing potion in her inventory Sera lingered at the door of the shop while she explained what brought her to his doorstep to begin with. Upon hearing that the mayor had loaned money to someone, but could not remember who, he laughed. "Leave it to Dorian to forget something so important," Zachariah's voice then turned to a more serious note, "No, I'm afraid it wasn't me that borrowed the col. You might try Lyle, the blacksmith. I've seen him talking with t
  24. Everything had been done precisely the way Zachariah had instructed. Three turns to the right, pause for 30 seconds, and then turn once to the right. During the interaction Sera found it hard to remember that the old man beside her was an NPC. For at least the second time during this adventure the average size women found herself marveled at the amount of detail that went into making this game - including the NPC's. Zachariah was so life-like in his interactions with her that it felt like she was engaging with a normal human being. As all the ingredients were added to the bottle it began
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