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  1. His shyer mannerisms made her feel warm and pleased. It was just nice, having her genuine admiration reach the person it was aimed toward, and being able to how it made the other feel. She spared him the space he needed, continuing to be immersed in practice and conversation with the old man, cheering successfully and doing little jumps around from her excitement. Finally again with her feet planted on the floor, she shakes his hand. "Thank you sir!" She smiles. "Now, was there anything else?" He asked. Lucky gasp a little as she had nearly forgotten, and explains to him that the mayor
  2. "That sounds like a plan then. A fire elemental pet would probably be handy, at the very least ill never need to light a fire... I guess I didn't have to anyways though, ha!" She laughs at the redundancy. So many things in this game could be done so quickly, just by pushing putting, or doing the same thing over and over again and leveling up to where suddenly she could be as great as she wanted to be. And she'd never need to do so, or even wanted to either- not until recently. The idea of doing something, having others around. It was finally appealing again. He may be ashamed or inse
  3. Lucky pouts a little as he attempts to console her, feeling both still a little worried if she was just making things hard for him, and the tiniest tidbit of satisfaction buried beneath it all. "Hmmm...!" She hums unsurely as if testing his honesty for a moment. But that's when he huffs and she ends up sighing, still a little red in the cheeks. But now that he's shown a little bit of his frustration with it, she feels better about it. It's not just pleasantries at that point you know, it's genuine conversation.... and that's more comforting than just what 'should' be said. "Mmm... okay..
  4. "Wait they don't eat??" She gasps, sitting up and looking at him with disbelief. Oh, she heard him. "I could have had a cat this whole time but I was worried I wouldn't always be able to provide for it, and I literally don't have to??" She lets out a noise somewhere between a laugh and a groan of slight frustration. Well, at least that means she wouldn't have to worry about mess or too much responsibility. Why wasn't that more clear? She'd seen so many beast tamers feed their pets daily she thought it was necessary..... Maybe it just provides a buff combatively or levels em up... Maybe they ju
  5. "I'm sure he doesn't mind too much. He probably thinks he's got it made, safe and sound and fed." Lucky nods. It would be quite bad if the poor little guy got himself hurt... If she got a familiar, maybe she should be on the lookout for something that was sturdy or could save itself and get out the way fast. What kind of creatures would be like that? Surely there must be plenty in this crazy world they were stuck in. They would be here quite a while so, it wouldn't be any harm in taking her time selecting the right one. She would want one for the company after all, so it better be one that ca
  6. She nods, understanding his notion well. She didn't want to wait around anymore, but sometimes life and everything in it just felt like no matter how hard she tried, it was just simply something that happened to her. "Yeah... Maybe why I'm prone to wishing is the cause of the way I think of relationships." She shrugs, following his lead to standing back up. "I can give my best and be open over and over again, but I can't really chase people and beg them to be my friends either. I always think of hopes and goals to be something you make happen, but relationships are if it'll be, it will be. Tha
  7. Lucky wondered about Lily, who she was, what she looked like. How those two had met, and how they felt about each other. If she missed i=him. And then she wondered how long it had been since she'd been even relatively curious about another person- both Chase, and this Lily. Talking... it felt good. It felt right. "You sound pretty close" She notes lightly, indicating her curiosity for more, but leaving it open for him. "I think you mean Tanabata. It's a pretty holiday, isn't it? It's about two lovers, reuniting in the sky for only one day a year..... When I was little, I had seen the fo
  8. Wow... that question... really made her pause. She didn't quite understand it all the way through, why people were so scarce to tell and talk about their real lives. She was very quick to understand that it hurt to think about- think about being trapped d and not seeing them for so long. Thinking about whether or not the people outside were hurting too, still waiting for them. And that generally, people liked anonymity online. But she missed it so much, being able to share stories, feel normal for a little bit. When the game first started, day one she gushed about her dad, and a month or so la
  9. "Aww, I thought I was almost done...!" She sighs with a little pout, eventually letting out a hum that sounded something like going through the seven stages of grief all at once, and ending with acceptance. Dramatic little thing, wasn't she? Still, it seemed to be far less of a mood ruiner than she played to be, immediately going back to her searching. This time, she stumbled across a patch of beautiful flowers, which she sniffed and enjoyed with a happy sing-song in her voice. ID: 199081 | LD 20 | Material Search | PERFECT SUCCESS! (4/5... or, of 7?) "Ah, number four! NOW I'm halfw
  10. ID: 199080 | LD 9 | Material Search | FAIL (3/5) Lucky digs and digs yet again, but it seems the one bit of material she did find in the falsely promising bush was all there was in it. Wiggling out with her tooshie coming out the foliage first, her skirt catches and she struck halfway unhooking it from the branch- hurriedly too not to look foolish and expose herself. After freeing herself, with only the most minor worry of flashing, she exits the bush and stands to stretch- She may have had a harder time paying attention to his question due to the little struggle, but now that she
  11. But it also made her feel suddenly so inexplicably alive and... maybe even better? At the very least, she felt honest. "It's okay... " She turns to him with a softer smile, probably one of the first real ones she's given him the entire time. Not awkward, nor forced. Genuinely just a gentle relief. "Ah- no-" she sputters, waving her hand. "not any time soon okay? I don't think I'd be able to compensate you for it yet, and that's not fair". she gives him a good look to say it's a definite 'promise me later' thought. "But uh, see I have golden necklace in real life.. It's just got my name
  12. Her lips tightened for a moment, feeling like her whole body tensed as she thought about them again. It took her a moment to bring herself to be able to admit the truth outright. Sometimes it was like she was still in denial, like she never knew them. But that was a lie, and she dishonoring them, their hopes and courage by hiding away... "Yeah...they went on a mission and... it was their last one. I guess everyone loses someone at some point in this game. I'm not the only one so, I feel kind of bad that others were able to get stronger." She admits, continuing her searches. "I think... if
  13. His story was much the same as she was, for the first while at least. He'd just.. been a lot braver a lot sooner, still more than she was, that was for sure. Orr maybe, it was that... he was successful. "Y'know... about a week or two after we all got stuck... I thought I was ready to come out. I was optimistic for a little bit, new friends an all. I usually just supported them from safe zones, running errands and home making But uh, well, a... lonely month or two later I just gave up." She shrugs. "But that sucks...! I kind of just wanna be like you, well uh- i mean, ya know, living." She re
  14. She ends up red in the ears as he explains it to her, knowing how stupid and how much a scaredy-cat she must have sounded like. "I only wondered cus' players get red when they do it... but yeah, that's fair." She responds, not defensively but a little sheepish. She knew they were probably the least harmful spawn in this game, but she'd also heard of people getting into accidents with them, returning to the safe zone with at low health thinking they could make it without incident, and then..... "Yeah, I've got mitigation. I didn't know they were that weak, so I guess that's pretty good." She s
  15. Admittedly his description was a little bit baffling, but it made sense. The materials she'd gotten in her start weren't anything in specific, despite being listed. So the idea that visually they would be quite generic, made sense. Although from a different perspective it was still a little surprising- a million graphics for a billion things in this game, and basic materials were left to be a glowing light... "Huh..." She shrugged, blinking away the tangle of thoughts in her head. She walked alongside him as they exited the city walls to walk along with the fields just outside. Lord, how long
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