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  1. At the end of DAY's question, Kura had a bitter sweet expression as he mulled over her words. Her query hit too close to home for Kura's liking, but he regardless pushed onwards, answering DAY with his whole heart. "If I was betrayed enough times, I would run away for a time. I would love to say that I could constantly believe in others regardless of what happened with others, but it hurts." With a sigh, Kura would comb through his mind, trying to find the right words to voice what he felt. "But I would come back and try again, both for the sake of the previous beliefs in others
  2. The question was a simple one to answer, though Kura felt it wouldn't exactly satisfy DAY judging from how she believed that Kura couldn't be won over by simple trinkets. Because he absolutely could. "If a person does something positive towards me, I'll look at them in a positive light. I also won't worry about an arbitrary amount of time passing before they can be considered 'trusted'. So long as their future actions aren't negative towards me, it really doesn't matter what they do to win my trust, nor how long I've known them for." While he spoke, it was now Kura's turn to stare at
  3. The humor was lost on Kura as he took the situation seriously. That sounded awfully familiar, and he realized that she was referencing NIGHT. He fully now believed that NIGHT was a Gemini now, and wondered how could a NPC run what seemed to be a player shop, not even realizing that the lunch he packs for adventures is from another Gemini, Daemien to be precise. He believed everything DAY said, until her final portion, where she advised caution. Frowning, he shook his head in disagreement. "No. I believe I met that person before, she was an artisan who crafted trinkets that saved my l
  4. When DAY said that he should tell her partner about what he said, he would make an internal note to do such a thing when he would next pop into her artisan shop. Putting aside the fact that he would do such a life threatening thing in a place with no witnesses, outwardly Kura would simply nod to her request as he enjoyed his own ice cream. Hearing her next line of questioning, Kura poured through his memories as he wondered what whim caused him to attempt to investigate her in the first place. Dragging it out by force, Kura recalled the information, and replied without hesitation back to
  5. Kura would nod when DAY asked about him looking into a quest NPC. After taking another lick, Kura would answer DAY back. "Yeah, I was. Specifically it looked exactly like you, except with a different cursor." With Kura being... Well Kura, he didn't even believe for a moment that this was the same person from his penchant for taking things at face value. If her cursor indicated that DAY was a player, in Kura's eyes, she couldn't be the NPC that he was looking for back then. Though even if he did realize that fact, Kura would still be as honest as he is right now when continuing to ans
  6. The stickiness of the frozen treat was quite the surprise to Kura, who expected something along the lines of frozen custard. While the consistency of this ice cream was new to Kura, and made it more difficult to eat it, it was a fun little challenge for him trying to figure out a way to consume the ice cream properly without it accidentally dripping or ending up on his face. Then, he heard DAY's call while going in for another attempt at eating the Turkish ice cream. "Mm?" Mid lick, Kura would turn his attention to the voice. What he found was the same girl he saw yesterday. There w
  7. A normal player would have questions about why DAY was shoved over while bragging by a desperate NIGHT, about the player's haggard look on their face when they blatantly lied to their face, or about the sudden ending of their conversation by way of door slamming. Then was the mystery of NIGHT saying that no NPC lived here, and he never once asked if a NPC lived here, just that if they've seen them. Kura questioned NONE of those things. No, Kura just simply believed NIGHT's word at face value. If she says that there was no NPC here, even when DAY literally just poked her head out of
  8. When a sliver of the inside of their home could be peeked into, Kura would refrain from looking inside. Whether it was due to lack of curiosity, or out of politeness, he would instead focus on the home as a whole while he waited for whoever DAY was to show up. The modern style of the building was strangely fitting in the medieval setting of the surrounding buildings, and Kura wasn't exactly sure how the architect pulled it off. Regardless, it was nice to see some diversity in the buildings, and it was a bonus that it reminded him of home in the city. The apology from DAY she made w
  9. Kura was once more thrown for a loop once more, as instead of that blonde NPC that Kura expected to pop out, it was the owner of that artisan store that he visited a few weeks ago. A few crackpot theories went through his head, such as this quest being based around recently dead players and you needing to put them to rest. Judging from her slurred speech however, Kura reckoned that he himself was the only thing keeping her from going back to sleep. He pushed those thoughts aside though, Kura knew that he wasn't much of a thinker, and the answer to his questions is already in front of him
  10. It was a beautiful day when Kura found himself outside of another's player house, ready to knock on the door. The only experience he had entering another person's property was Blueberry's, and even that was more of a workshop than a home. But that didn't matter, his curiosity had already been peaked. For a little context, this started when Kura saw something, or rather someone, strange. While Kura wasn't the most perceptive of individuals, he remembered all of the NPC's faces by heart in the "Town of Beginnings" from how long he's lived here for. So when he ran into a certain blonde NPC w
  11. "Oh... Sure." Not really sure how to respond to that, the Gemini settled on laying back down on the floor. The Gemini had no idea why they decided to give into Kura's request, chalking it up to paying this random player back for their second duel. But there was also a small part of the Gemini that also wanted to be together for a few moments longer. It felt nice being with someone for not the sole purpose of combat for once for the Gemini. Hours passed as they quietly looked up into the night sky. Neither of them were one for words, content with being enchanted by the stars above. Th
  12. The Gemini was beginning to feel a little weird as they took in the situation they found themselves in. They were alone, underneath the stars, so close that their noses were about to touch. Programmed to fight, the Gemini had only the basics in emotional algorithms, so they weren’t exactly sure why they felt a little awkward. Not sensing the complicated feelings that the Gemini were grappling with, Kura continued. "I wanted to be with you for a little longer." "Eh?!" The Gemini immediately sat up, a blush dusted across their cheeks as they stared at Kura in disbelief. Kura didn'
  13. The Gemini furtively looked over to the player next to him. Technically, as part of the quest line, he should have already left the player to their own devices. But like Kura, the Gemini had a few questions of their own. "Why did you want to have another match? Most players would have already left by now, much less challenge me to a fist fight and then lay side by side with me under the stars." "You wanted to fight again." "Yeah that's true. But that's the thing, I wanted to fight again. Why did you want to go for one more round?" "Well..." Moving his body so his body
  14. A few moments later the Gemini had joined Kura on the ground, both of them lying side by side while recovering from their fight. Kura lost handily, though rather than the frustration the Gemini felt earlier from her loss, all he had was a curious look on his face. "Got an idea on how I could have won that fight?" "Five minutes after our bout and you're already looking for revenge... Hmm, your best bet was grappling instead of trying to match me in striking. You're a bigger guy, throw your weight around like you did in the first fight and tackle me." "Couldn't you simply change
  15. "Ah." Kura would feel the collar of his shirt being tugged, and would obediently stop. Turning to Blueberry with a confused expression, he would see her blowing the raspberry and respond to her question in a matter of fact tone. "Nope, I didn't pick up anything at all that would imply us going together. Guess we are going together then. Got it, glad to be with all of you." After accepting the party invite from Nian, Kura began to move in the determined formation. Hearing the directions, Kura, bless him, did not have the social ability to pick up on the thinly veiled insults that
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