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  1. Mulling over his thoughts, Kura thought further into what DAY said, He didn't want to accidentally spill another secret, so he chose the most safest option, and that was DAY's demeanor when talking about NIGHT. "Well, when she was describing you, she was oddly sensual about the whole thing. She licked her lips before starting, then continued on with a proud smirk as she listed off your features. Apparently your eyes are like crystals to her or something like that. Honestly it felt like she was bragging, you have a nice partner." He sighed as he continued to sort his thoughts out into
  2. Being put down rather gently for being almost murdered, and Kura acting fairly calm for a man that was just threatened by someone who could absolutely eviscerate him, he would continue sipping at his canteen as he answered once more. "It was in front of an ice cream stand, she accosted me while I was eating my own scoop and after she bought her own. Furrowing his brow, he would recall the events from the other day. Even to someone as socially inept as Kura, there was something off about to him about the interaction. Thinking a little harder, he would mull over the whole entire conve
  3. He thought the NPC from "The Gemini" was fast, as well as the Wasp Queens" from floor 2. But they paled in comparison to a max leveled player. Feeling the hand on his collar and seeing angry player, he would simply blink as he listened off to her questions, and began answering them in a straight forward manner. "Yeah, that was me." When NIGHT asked about who he spilled this information too, there was only one girl that came in mind. Going through his thoughts, he summoned up the image of DAY inside of his head and began listing her features. "There was only one person, someone w
  4. Heaving his whole body up, Kura would sigh as he spotted NIGHT squatting menacingly near the quest NPC. Not because of the death glare, but because he lost a race only he knowingly participated in. He shrugged it off soon after though, all he had to do was race her to the bottom after this. Though before he challenged her to another race, he would glance at the old man NPC nearby with a bit of confusion. Looking back at NIGHT, he asked with a curious tone. "Hello again. Hey, do you know what that NPC is for?" Feeling a bit tired, he would summon up a water bottle and begin to sip at
  5. Hefting himself up, Kura heard the rapid footfalls of someone else moving away from him. After securing himself against the rock face, he looked to the side and saw the same player he greeted earlier. While it made sense that she would be nearby, from how he saw her in town, it was strange to Kura how he didn't see her earlier. Theories of why were soon overshadowed by one apparent fact to Kura. NIGHT was racing him to the top. Kura wasn't exactly the most competitive of person, but he didn't mind having a time limit for a goal. Rather, it simply made him work faster, especially when
  6. Kura took another sip of his drink as he continued out of Urbus. Idly, he thought about the player he just passed by. She was the person who that other blonde warned him about, and he quietly mused about why. He knew that they were obviously close to one another from how he saw one enter the other's home, so it didn't make any particular sense to him why she was trying to ward him off, not realizing that she was lying to make him keep his distance from NIGHT for her own sake. Still remaining oblivious to the fact that one of the subjects of his thoughts was trailing behind him, after awhi
  7. Kura himself had no such thoughts about why it is easier to interact with a inanimate screen rather than fellow human beings face to face, no, he was still searching for that "Demonic Shard". And then suddenly, he heard whispering from the direction that the compass was pointing towards. Raising an eyebrow, he slowly got closer to the source of the noise with curiosity. As he drew closer, the sound of faint crying within the chorus of whispers was picked up by Kura. Soon, the volume grew defeaning as the compass in hand spun wildly with enough force to physically vibrate in his hands.
  8. Eventually, he came to a compromise with himself, saying that he could have the best of both worlds by remaining friends with the NPC's along the way so long as he continued talking to the other folk. Strangely enough, as bad as their first interaction was, Giovanni and Kura shared many similarities, a fact that Giovanni herself would shudder at. That said, Kura had been getting wrapped up with more players as of late. There was the adventure with Blueberry and Nian, the boss hunting with Blueberry, hunting the Hoya with Yuurei, Ice cream with DAY, and punching rocks with NIGHT. He wasn't
  9. His thoughts quietly turned back to the NPC's, mostly about that one specific one. The quest NPC from "The Gemini". It was a strange topic for him to broach, as it was the first time he felt he was intimate with someone other than family. Not in the romantic sense, but simply relaxing with a fellow that he felt comfortable with. It was weird to him that there was someone else, even if they were an NPC, actually enjoyed his company enough to stay with him for a whole entire night. Even going so far as to allow him to rest and stand vigil against any stray mobs that would do him harm. Oddly
  10. Quietly, he noted that this was turning into a wild goose chase. While a "Demonic Shard" sounded like something that would stick out amongst the non demonic surroundings, he couldn't exactly be too sure of such a thing. His only lead was the compass, however, even if he followed it and led him to the area, there was also no explained method of harvesting the shard nor whether or not such a thing was dangerous. Kura noted all of these things down in his head, internally nodded, and threw it all away. There wasn't much of a point of overthinking it from Kura's viewpoint, he would simpl
  11. Now, for the reasons why Kura was interested in what was a task that took perception and patience, two things that Kura knew he lacked, was due to the fact that while yes while he may have had materials now, there was no guaranteeing that he would be able to gain resources at the same rate in the future. There was also the point where he thought perhaps he could grab something edible along the way, due to the fact that he forgot to pack lunch, which was another reason why he was seeking out Daemien's shop. His eyes wandered the forest, but there wasn't anything that stood out amongs
  12. After being sent off by Giovanni with those specific instructions, Kura made his way to the less beaten paths of the forests. There was still plenty of sunshine left in the day once he set off on his new found quest, so Kura was able to see the forest clearly enough, though when the canopy of the forest was dense enough to block out sunlight, he still could rely on the "Glow Stone" he received from the "Let There Be Light" quest. Idly, he wondered about how the family was doing on floor two. Thoughts of whether NPC's were truly grateful after the quest had been completed wandered through
  13. "Wait." It ticked Giovanni a little that after both seeing and hearing her, this player didn't hesitate to immediately backtrack. And so she had her hand on his shoulder, with a smile that held barely contained annoyance at Kura, who simply just had a raised eyebrow. "You. Are you not here to purchase materials?" "No, not particularly." "... Not even to find how to gather materials yourself?" "I was not, but now I'm interested." Letting go of Kura's shoulder with a sigh, she rubbed her eyes as she struggled to contain her displeasure for other people. There was a
  14. Kura found himself back on floor 1, though this time it was not for nostalgia sake. No, he was searching for Daemien's campsite, a cook that tended to travel from floor to floor. While he was acquaintances with a cook now, there something special about the food to Kura. What he didn't realize was that he actually liked bland food, and Daemien's cuisine excelled in that department. Putting aside the wandering cook's ability in cooking, Kura poked around the forests where he first met the other player, when he spotted a camp fire in the distance. Thinking it was Daemien, Kura began walking
  15. Floor 2 was quickly becoming Kura's next "grinding spot", mostly due to those strange wasps that granted him much more experience and col than normal mob. For today however grinding was unnecessary. Kura had plenty of both Col and Materials to keep his livelihood sustained for a long while. So today, he looked to climb the mountains of floor 2 to find even better grinding spots. His normal cup of coffee in hand, he would meander his way through Urbus when he spotted a familiar figure in the distance. It was the player that sold them trinkets awhile back, and the partner of that blonde wom
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