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  1. Ironically, the chaos of the battle provided a moment of respite as Randal equipped his armour. His saviour, Astreya, had missed her attack on the Fae and a horrific scene played out in front of all within the room. The monsters that stood before them were mixed abominations, the places, and scars where dark magic had marred the line between the Faune and demon. Their fur that usually gleaned under the light appeared to wisp and curl as though alive. Their eyes were blackened, their grunts barely sufficing for words. Randal gripped Neptune’s Tidings and ducked under the first of the
  2. Updated Stats as of being freed || Equipping Cloth Trousers | T3E3 EVA 3 Lvl 26 Randal Info HP 520/520 | Energy 70/70 | Damage 18 (+2 SA) | MIT 20 | ACC 3 | EVA 4 | LD 3 | “Thank you!” Randal shouted at Astreya as she swung and missed the attacking guards and falling to the ground. Randal continued to equip himself with his missing equipment and while doing so grabbed a torch from the wall and drew the mere ire of some surrounding guards while running around the cavern’s columns that towered up towards the ceiling. The fae were not stupid creatures and the simple waving of fir
  3. Updated Stats as of being freed || Equipping Neptune's Tiding T3E3 DMG 3 Lvl 26 Randal Info HP 520/520 | Energy 70/70 | Damage 18 (+2 SA) | MIT 0 | ACC 3 | EVA 0 | LD 3 | From an area that was hard for Randal to see, there was a sudden crashing sound, a voice almost boomed and echoed through the cavern. It was recognizably his green haired companion; he did not manage to hear exactly what he said because he was first and foremost relieved that his companions manged to survive the attack like he did. He did manage to catch the name Astreya so he was confident that they were both loc
  4. Updated Stats as of being caged Lvl 26 Randal Info HP 520/520 | Energy 70/70 | Damage 2 (+2 SA) | MIT 0 | ACC 3 | EVA 0 | LD 3 | Cage Door HP 48/50 Randal hits the cage BD 4+3=7 (HIT) | 2 dmg Guard Pool Count: 1 As the line of Fae and Faune alike crawled past his cage, Randal began to feel a strange pulsing sensation, as though there was something within the caverns that was beating. The feeling was akin to being at a concert and having the bass speakers rumble and vibrate as one enjoyed the music, only this one was not for enjoyment. The feeling and emotion came
  5. It took Randal all his effort to not faint in an instant, but with all of his vision gone sole for the lone fae that threatened his life and the pounding ache in his head, it felt as though his vitality was seeping from his body and into the ground. Finally, he fell over, cursing at the absurdity of the game, he was not meant to die here, he was going to live and get out but that was the end of his thoughts as he finally gave in to succumbing effects of the mist…or was it magic. A sudden splash of water shook Randal awake. It was one of many, evident by his damp clothing and wet hair
  6. “Yes, there was a large runic stone that we passed not long before it happened, but it did not seem weird all with the number of ruins that can be found. It was how I found my way out, come follow me this way.” Dwayne was uncharacteristically excited the closer the party drew towards the location that he mentioned earlier. At the edge of the town of Flora, Dwayne was nearly shivering with fear or excitement, it was hard for Randal to tell. “Over there I see it!” Dwayne yelled. Dwayne appeared to be nervous, holding on tightly to the Faune male that was with them. A mist began to rol
  7. Randal inwardly winced at the misunderstanding that was forming between Nakata and himself. He decided that maybe should try to avoid complicated scenarios as much as possible with this person because they seemed to take things a little too seriously and not know how to be on the optimistic side about people since he did choose to believe that Randal was mocking him instead of trying to comfort him. “Maybe he acts in such a way because he does not need comfort from me”. “Wanna come with me to Taran?” Randal asked pensively, not sure if the other player who seemed to be rather content
  8. As though he had not heard a single thing that the player named Hirru had said, Dwayne looked at the ground pensively, the only thing he was considering was whether or not they could leave right at this moment. All players were able to notice that on his visage was the feelings of fear and apprehension before it was overcome with a smile. “Alright, let’s not waste any time, Dwayne, Uncle, you will be coming with us right? “B-b-but of course, quickly then, let’s go!” Randal looked at his equipment and decided that even if there were some dangers on this floor, it was the fir
  9. Almost like the threads of fate had finally decided to spin for Dwayne, his call was finally answered, and good things came in spades, with three other players all deciding that they were interested in his call to arms. Randal openly waved and reciprocated the lady’s enthusiasm, which seemed to brim even though the situation might have been a little more grim than she knew. The green haired player was much more interesting that anyone else that he had ever come across, green hair was an incredible rare trait to have among people in the real world so for someone like that to exist in
  10. “Hey, has the system ever prompted you to pick up any skills related to drawing, I really expected more of the game.” “look here,” Randal said as he went to his inventory and pressed on the button that could turn objects that were in his inventory into real objects and showed Nakata the book. Inside was a listing of different plants and animals that could be found around the various floors. “…don’t worry about it, we are all a little funny in our own ways.” Randal looked up at the hill that Nakata pointed out and compared it to the map and realised that the destination of the other p
  11. Randal was not oblivious to Nakata’s icy gaze nor his solitary attitude but found it to be among the more unusual of reactions that happened when Randal introduced himself. Most players had been able to quickly form groups or rely on each other to improve their chances of survival, usual they were more of a cautious flavour, but Nakata was not cautious, he was, uncertain, not of Randal per say but of himself and whether he knew how to carry a conversation. “Do you perhaps sketch everything and everyone that you come across?” Randal asked while matching Nakata’s pace. The player’s actions
  12. Randal was returning from the Forest of Wavering Mists; his body still damp from the water vapour that continued to cling to his body. As he ventured deeper into the centre of the Aruyt. Glancing above himself at the gigantic trees that mottled the landscape upon which the Faune built their accommodations, he appreciated the serenity in the air and pushed his way forward. Tranquillity was always the prelude to chaos, the town centre located at the base of one of the bigger trees was the home to the warp crystal and many inns made for players. Randal had not noticed before, but the words c
  13. “Alright, I’m sorry for sounding a little rough with ya, too much can happen to people who are unprepared. Personal experience agrees.” “It would make me feel better to accompany you, but maybe not for too long, I saw something interesting dashing away earlier. It was red in color and dashing really quickly so let me know if you see anything like it will ya? Randal had been on his way to Taran Village because of a quest that he received at The Rusty Dagger, the local inn at Urbus. While he was there, a bounty had generated on one of the boards for a Bandit that had been acting as a
  14. Day 37 (55 exp) Randal used attempted 9 crafts and failed 3 times. (27 exp from ATP and CAT) He managed to salvage 2 of the failures, using up 7 materials in total. (5 exp) He made 9 Meals. 10 T3E1 Meal (15 exp) 0 T3E2 Meal (0 exp) 3 T3E3 Meal (8 exp)
  15. “Please, it was a lucky hit.” Randal said wryly, even if it were the truth, Randal knew that not a single person would believe him after seeing what happened. Physics is one thing, but stats are another. While the distance that Randal flew was a cause of concern, the astronomical statistical difference between Randal and the ox was over 24 levels apart. The other player quickly dodged away from the rampaging ox and left Randal to deal with the beast himself. The battle was quickly completed, and a purple notification popped up for Randal to overlook the loot and exp that he had received.
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