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  1. I might try and return... Hmmm. To do or not to do

    1. Vigilon


      Come back to usssssss

  2. Stryder

    F2/PP) Getting Honey (Long Live the Queen)

    FINALLY locking this. Rewards are - 2 SP each. 1 normal, 1 event. 200 Col each.
  3. - Inactivty so locking it. 2 SP each - 1 normal, 1 event. 200 Col each.
  4. Who's Hydra? Huh, she hadn't met him apparently. Owch, poor guy got no love. Either way, one day he would bring the guild back togehter, It would take awile, but it would be done. He simply looked at both the girls he was with, smiling when Arabelle praised his performance too. She seemed to do it quite happily, though she didn't say anything to Alisea... Strange. There had to be something going on between them, though.... He didn't know what. It could be anything..... Hmmm, still that jealousy thing? She always seemed worked up when he was around Alisea.... Then out of no where, Fou popped up. He smiled looking at the small fox... It was perfect for the absent minded girl. "Hmmm, i give up then. I can't think of anyone i haven't said" He would say to Arabelle, before spotting somethng shiny on the roof of the cave. With a grin, he pushed off as hard as he could, punching the roof, and landing on his feet. Holding out his hands, two mats dropped right into them. Sweet! His familiar went and sat next to Jinx, looking at Fou with some curiosity. "So far so good. The time it takes to regain energy is a pain in the ass, but hey, downtime is nice. I'v got no need for these mats, so they go to you two" He says before putting them in his inventory. For now. Soon he would divy out everything.
  5. Stryder

    Arabelle's Evaluations