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  1. Watching @Gabrandr rush for the boat and cleave it in two, eyes warbling a bit as she pops a sucker into her mouth. "Heh, King go brrr." Taking a look back at the barrier, it would hold, and she moves over to keep with the dude she'd been undoubtably matched with. Without warning, an arm just wraps around her waist and lifts her from her feet. "Oof." Shiina outcries audibly as the sudden force of being yeeted up and landing on the Ifrit with zero warning. "Hi guys, long time no see." Waving loosely to @Freyd before, her hair stands on end from the wind and fire she'd just endured, looking some
  2. Rocking back and forth a bit, bored, as the last of these refuges found themselves into the chamber below. As she'd look up, a big flaming ball of wood and metal was tearing ass down center field. "That, is pretty cool." Nudging @Gabrandr with an elbow. "Whacha think?" Hearing quite some distance away Eruda screech out the call for some help. "Oh, right. Yep thats probably pretty bad. Cool, but bad." She turns and taps her foot on the bubble she'd made. "Probably fine, I can spare some juice, right?" She reaches into the hole at the front of her chest, right through the neck. Out pops a hand w
  3. Wobbling for but a brief moment, before skipping up in a rather jarring difference of the warzone playing out beside them. A strange constrast of the super serious Gabrandr and a girl sporting a chipper smile. At their backs a personal legion of damaged and weakened Galtean people, slowly being shuffled into the butthole that the Floor boss had carved up into the light. Back into the sewers where this all began. "Get your tushy down there." Shiina exhumes, clapping a butt cheek on a woman to hustle her down the ramp like a cave in. A chirp toward @Raidou and @Ruri "Me and Gaby got dis, le
  4. Sucking on a sucker as she waddles with a growing army at her back, the strength of Ladonian resistance slowly being drained by the music as she walks. The stick of that piece of candy sticking out of her lips like a cigarette. "Yep. I got Gaby, you go do the crazy." The girl offers with a dismissive wave, like shooing a child. As the Ladonian elite would cut down the front line, Shiina jerks to attention and lifts her hand. An almost violent solar flare like discharge of light sees the health bars of those just defeated rush back to full. They get a wild hair up their ass and attempt to
  5. Celeste seemed to have @Gabrandr man handled, if he'd come to, then they could sort that crap out. With a smile, Shiina raises, hair still twisted by the acknowledgement of some skill. "It's SHOWTIME!" The girl bellows with a point toward the sky, another pulse in a ring that casts shade over the top half of her face. A lime green color as the ground tremors, forming symbols beneath her feet. It distorts before twisting into place was another set in red, and from her sleeve rolling into her palm a small crystal. Slamming it against her head like a beer can shows it shatter like glass. An
  6. Watching on in awe as combat unfolds, keeping a chipper attitude through and through. Things seemed to be escalating rather quickly as a large barrier forms around the refugees and blocks some big ass laser beam. If she was a bettin' gal then there was a big ol' pony on that ship somewhere. But as Gabrandr would fall, a buzzing in her ears makes her shift her head slightly. "Righty." The girl chirps before starting to rush on ahead, looking back to Simmone as she knew the woman would chase her as she always did. Shiina would need her. "Guess you'll have to find out!" The songstress barks
  7. Clattering feet as tensions rose, she picks up a scather piece and lifts it over her head. It shines for a moment like a magic wand. "So we came to kill the bad guy, and now we aren't killin' the bad guy. Weird..." The girl clambers over to one of the inactive devices and claps it with the metal rod. It reverberates in her hands, and she smiles. She was half expecting the thing to fire or light back up, but the magic was lost. "Lemme get this straight, though, so burning man wanted to blow up a city. That would be bad, he wanted to shank us, which was also bad. Now he's laying there like
  8. Shiina teeters back and forth as the conflict seems to draw to a close, noticing her 'trusty' metal steed had died and was nothing more than a giant weird sculpture. "Lame." The girl exhumes as she slides off and clatters to the floor, rattling like a shelf full of pots and pans out of a cupboard. Picking herself up after a struggled girly push up and a grunt, she dusts off her legs and BATTLE SKIRT before glancing at the big ol' discussion breaking loose in the center of the fray. The girl shrugs, chuckling as she shoves her hand out in front of her sideways. An extended thumb showing he
  9. ID:202818 | Battle:9, Craft:2, Loot:13 (No Proc) Strattling the next scather in question to begin to glow, it appeared that the songstress had only interest in the active cannon's. "Hi, I'm right here. Don't gotta yell." Her face puckers into a sublime pair of baboon butt cheeks, as she begins to hum. The blue glow held within that machinery begins to be siphoned, peeled away, as if somehow the girl was bonded to it. One can see the azure wispy like cerulean dance up her wrists in a billowing glow, its sea foam lantern like glow slowly draining away and flickering before coming to a black
  10. From a straddled mounting of the now dead cannon, her pony lost its light. That wasn't any fun, it had lost its juice. As she looked to the others, she watched on as Sam disappeared into the waves of blue fire, and for a moment she caught Hidden disappear into that flame. Sticking her butt into the air as she used both hands to fall off the side of that horse. A heavy clatter as she finds the ground, rolling and springing to the flats of her feet. Basically the same sound if someone dropped a bag full of can goods. "Hmph." Shiina extrudes with a scoff. Her hands lift and a produce a ring
  11. Floundering as she skittered into the sea of colors, all the decorations were in danger. As those rapid spinning wheels that were her legs continued to buzz back and forth from location to location, one can catch the wake of damage behind her. "Whats dis?!" Shiina extrudes as she drops like a stone on Oni's lap. Oni plays out his spiel, which I won’t repeat because copy paste rule. The NPC recoils as she flops onto the rug, and pops her head into her clothes like a turtle. Eventually she ejects, and a spray of tiny seeds litter the rug. "These things?" she picks one up and shoves the raw pumpk
  12. Listening to the story pretty intently, Shiina looks at Eruda and shrugs. "Maybe they'll figure it out on their own." Her eyes still locked to that little orb, waiting for it to produce more pictures. "Just yanno, do what I do. If they come to their own conclusions, and listen to what you've got to say, then that's all you need. It's hard to force someone to share your beliefs, but that doesn't mean that you can't help each other out." Finding her way to her feet, before handing Morrighan back her little TV crystal thing. Shiina had been quietly supporting the group in the sidelines for a whil
  13. Watching Griswold babble like a weirdo, maybe he had a crush or something. Shiina snickers with a grin, fiddling with that little sphere in her hands. "What is this anyway?" Shiina shuts an eye as she tries to chew on it, her imagination telling her maybe it was like a jawbreaker. "What who?" the songstress's eyebrows perk up. Cupping her hand around her mouth, she leans in and murmurs toward Eruda "I think your dad has the hots for teacher." Giggling as she slides to her feet, catching the bit of a breeze dancing along the shore. Again she lifts that small marble up and scans through it, and
  14. Flailing around in the water and throwing it left and right, the splashing was about as one could get to a kraken. The sound alone was just a white noise, followed by some insistent screaming and howling. Shiina dunks into the water, swimming as low as she could go. Her hair blooming out as it becomes weightless beneath the waves. Her eyes perk up, and beneath that surface a few bubbles escape her lips in a trail. Sprinkles however didn't want shit to do with the ocean, being slowly swept back and forth, trying not to be carried out with the tide. One can see his arms flinging about as he desp
  15. *Bleep* Shiina shrieks "I'm AWAKE!" Sprinkles flips the f out and scatters for as far of a corner he can beat ass toward, scared the living crap out of the weasel. "Oh, a message." Shiina quips peeling a piece of paper that was adhered to her face via a trail of saliva. "Whatchu wan'" The songstress asks as she clicks the little icon with a tiny digit. It grows in size, revealing a big ol' wall of text. "Words, words, BEACH!" It sinks in once she gets that far, that was good enough for her. "SPRINKLES" The insistent scratching of desperation, hearing his name as he tries to outrun the girl "BE
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