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  1. 2/27/21 Roll: ID# CD: LD: Quality Count Experience Ambition Mod 1 184302 CD: 9 +1 LD: 9 Rare - 10 (+5 Ambition) 2 184303 CD: 11 +1 LD: 2 Perfect - 13 (+5 Ambition) 3
  2. Post Counter: 15 A swat of her hand against Sam's keister causes a sudden discharge of power as the girl begins to sing. The resonant sound that burned from her voice, like an angel the chorus causes the very lake's surface to swell and echo in small waves. The boss itself begins to languish and its strength seems to wane. The songstress voice carries as the weapons in others hands begin to swell, she ushers around the boat. "Eruda like second lessons." Shiina waddles behind the girl, noticing her glancing toward the shore at her dog. A single press of Shiina's small hand against the silv
  3. Post Counter: 12 "Ok!" Shiina extrudes shuffling toward the side of the boat, using another rod as Sam beckons her over. A single cast, a plunk of a performance crystal dropping into the water. You can hear the sounds of a muffled crystal beneath the waves as the line sinks. Seconds later a huge mass of scales topped with an array of jagged teeth and a dangingly lantern on a string. "I think I got it." Shiina extrudes with a purse of her lips in a duck face, patting Sam with a smile. The huge fish was not happy, a tiny crystal, producing warbled music had bounced against it and making it
  4. Post Counter: 8 Being virtually tackled by the familiar who was able to withstand her punishing affections, returning a lapping of her own to the small girl. Shiina basically places the thing in a head lock, wrapping both of her mitts around the familiars throat and ruffling its head with both hands. "Doggo, I want you." Shiina quips in a suggestive and provocative manner as she stares intensely into its eyes, being lost in its sapphire gaze for a moment. The thing shuffles forward with force and knocks the girl over. Shiina giggles and flounders beneath the thing, wiggling and bear huggi
  5. Post Counter: 4 A scampering toward the warp gate in a brief whizz, Shiina was still hyped up on some sweets she'd saved from Freya. Right through the center of Coral onto the gate and a flash of light triggers. Landing upon the followed gate on floor 18 she yelps out "Whats GooD!" hopping down from the panel, instantly shattering the uncomfortable aura that was becoming prevalent. The girl waddles toward the newly forming group, eagerly seeking out a day filled with excitement. Unsure really what quest they were actually going on, she was just along for the ride. Next to Eruda she takes
  6. 2/8/21 Materials Sent (1/3/21) Materials Sent (1/24/21) Materials Sent (2/8/21)
  7. 2/8/21 Roll: ID# CD: LD: Quality Count Experience Ambition Mod 1 182507 CD: 3 +1 LD: 1 Uncommon - 8 (+5 Ambition) 2 182508 CD: 4 +1 LD: 16 Uncommon (Mast) - 8 (+5 Ambition)
  8. A shift of her face forward as she eyeballs the tiny black worm, a pair of yellow eyes stare back at her with a soft blink "Kasumi it's adorable." Shiina exhumes an itty bitty nope rope. Meanwhile, Sprinkles was losing his fucking mind on a piece of fruit that the girl had given it. "Oh this." She shifts her hand in a way that causes Sprinkles to almost dropping his given meal. His tiny paws grasp on feverishly as he rockets in the forced direction. "This is Sprinkles, he must be magic right?" Shiina explains unsure how familiars worked. To the songstress everything was magical. "He's always h
  9. The child drops on all fours, ushering closer in a crawl toward the familiar. "I love you sprinkles, don't hate me." She remarked with her signature happiness in a way that caused the familiar to almost cower. It fuzzes and spits desperate to escape, but despite the fact Shiina was surprisingly quick on her movements. She scoops him up and looks at the ground beneath to find a squishy grey piece of fruit. A lookup and she spots Kasumi hanging from a branch. "HI THERE!" Shiina yelps out with a wave of her arms, her weasel still held in one and is shook. It flails about and Shiina looks at it "W
  10. The creature begins to aim for her hand, noticing that she held it with only one. A few careful prying paws free it from the girl's clutches, and without warning, it darts off in an instant. "Sprinkles! You butt!" Shiina yelps hopping to her feet with a wabble. "Get back here, we got to teach you some learning!" The songstress spouts her nonsense as it breaches the barrier of the guildhall rushing off toward the main birth of the floor. Into a field of trees with pretty flowers clutched to them, a single raisin falls from a tree causing the red weasel to rush to its point and huff the floor wh
  11. Sprinkles was having none of what Shiina was trying to do, just a little torrent of anger and claws as it scratched helplessly at the air. "Come on dude, focus a little." Shiina exclaimed wiggling and shaking the thing, trying to rattle some loose marble into place and get it to pay attention. It was clear that the familiar wanted nothing less than to listen. Holding him tight in her left hand, she rubs her forehead and begins to think. "What do I got to do to get you to do the thing?" Shiina asks the small blender of saliva and sugar. It clicks and pauses for only a second before beginning to
  12. Her eyes scatter from the odd stare she was taking in a seemingly random direction, finding no answers in it as she'd hoped. Shiina eyeballs the tiny beast wiggling before her, unsure what his magic could be. She then grabs sprinkles and begins to lift him up by his tiny arms, causing him to spit and hiss in anger. "I'm sorry little jerk, I need to see your belly!" Shiina extrudes to the wild little red rat, who was not having anything she was saying to heart. Wiggling it in her clutches does nothing to calm it down, doing her best to contain the angry little sausage. To her back some guild me
  13. Shiina was fiddling with a milkshake, managing to smear it somehow outside the glass. It draws a perfect ring of vanilla beneath it upon the table, becoming a dilute puddle. A soft hum with her strange excitement contained, it sounds like an angel in its tone. With it slight soft shakes of the place, her voice carrying with it a magnitude. Freya preps some meal, setting two dishes down, as it becomes stationary a single eggshell slide from a wood board panel. A tiny mitten with a chattering latches on the end of the bowl and it slides slowly into the hole before the piece of wall slams shut.
  14. Taking an armful of all the stuff Freya said she didn't need, a couple of the utensils clattering onto the floor in an aggressive ringing bounce that causes it to roll out into the hallway. The rest however are jammed into a single cupboard, and with a bit of finagling and pushing it around she somehow manages to get it to close. "K, I did it." Peeling up the bowl and lifting up ingredients one by one, doing her best world-class chef impression as each is added horribly in a spray like a handful where most of it makes it where it was intended. Each time she yeets it down she exclaims "Bla
  15. Shiina's armor every time that Freya mentions Sprinkles seems to shutter, a harsh spitting hiss appearing from it each and every time it happens. As soon as Freya opens the door Shiina bursts in and vanishes into a cupboard like a lunatic, appearing with a platinum silver bowl assuming that it was relevant. Back into another few cabinets in a frenzy. A multitude of them being left open in an almost hazard like fashion as the songstress continued to pile more and more cookware all over the place. "Do I!?" Shiina loved all things cupcakes. "Who doesn't like a cupcake?" She pondered the thou
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