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  1. 8/18/23 215861, T1/Perfect (Masterpiece)/Support Song (CD:10+1/LD:13) 215863, T1/Perfect (Masterpiece)/Support Song 215865, T1/Perfect (Masterpiece)/Support Song 215862, T1/Perfect (Masterpiece)/Support Song 215864, T1/Perfect (Masterpiece)/Support Song 215858, T1/Perfect (Masterpiece)/Support Song 215859, T1/Perfect (Masterpiece)/Support Song All Fortuna's Melody - Fate
  2. 8/18/23 (Crafting Respite: 204503-1) Roll: ID# CD: LD: Quality Count Experience Ambition Mod 1 215848 CD: 9 +1 LD: 1 Rare - 10 (+5 Ambition) 2 215849 CD: 1 +1 LD: 17 Critical Failure - 6
  3. The girl makes a quick twist of her hand following Griswold splitting them and Raidou staggering them. The remains of the slime king was jerking in a way that proved they were stuck and would be prime targets. Shiina's anthem shifts as the color turns an aggressive and pungent deep crimson. Another murmur of Shiina swapping modes, the weapons held by her team taking a magnificent and ripe charge. All arrays of color take the shape of beacons in the dark, as they glow with her grim intention. "Kill it." Shiina mutters as her thumb twists like a gladiator being executed in an arena, her dem
  4. Another wave of energy, and the ring beneath her feet rushes back to that effervescent green hue. Outstretched hands dictate to the other members of her party and see their speeds begin to increase, weapons responding in tandem to the energy. They'd begin to glint in a rich color and breathe to life. The songstress carefully monitoring them all, despite any misconception she was smarter then she acted. The cries of the dead that reeked from its circumference and filled the chamber with the most haunting sonata of destruction. "I gotchu, get that sucker into pudding." Shiina decreed as if
  5. The player to which the girl was tethered to disappears, and as a result the tension she was feeling falls. "Uh oh." Shiina exhumes, having traced her eyes to the bars on her left side of her HUD. Freyd was getting lower and lower, the power he was exerting consuming nearly all of his resources. But this information was followed by a tasty and welcoming ping. A snicker forms as Shiina falls low, placing her hands against the stone beneath her. The ring of colors twisting shift to a bright emerald green, a hue it had taken prior was a welcome return. "Contesting Vivace: Overpowering Presen
  6. As a number of various prompts light up the girls screen, she maintains her grip on @Freyd's stamina. The whispers damage was massive, but so was his expenditure. Another harsh tug as her blonde hair continued to flip about and drift sees that bar turn blue again and increase. "Jeez, You sure are a lot to handle." Shiina gests with a smirk on her face. A surge of energy, and for the briefest moment a pair of wings manifest and collect around her body. It seems almost like divine aid was keeping her own energy full. "You owe me." The songstress offers quizzically, the gist? Something sweet from
  7. Shiina begins to notice, that conflict was persisting for a bit too long. Weighing her options, concentration kicks in. To the side of names on the left of her vision, a number of percentages draw themselves just to the right of her party members bars. It would seem that HP values were fine, albeit some were a little drained. It confirms her suspicions and with an extend of her hand in an open clutch toward Freyd, his was the lowest given the sheer beating he was expressing. "I gotchu!~" Shiina exhumes in a musically accented tone, closing that hand and feeling a heft to her movement. As she'd
  8. Upkeep: +29 HP (BH), +4 EN recovered, Press the Attack CD [2/5], Hyperactive CD [1/3], ID #213912 CD:11 (Recovery Proc, +8 EN) Upkeep 2: takes 32 from BLGT The battle had begun in the strangest mixture of catastrophe and efficiency. "Whoops, sorry." Shiina claps her hands together in an apologetic albeit obvious feint. Shiina didn't remember that Celeste had hardly experienced half of her kit, so her confusion was warranted. As the King held itself in a weird debilitation in the form of a red headed distraction, Shiina's ring twists to another hue. Keeping the pressure was numero uno wh
  9. Upkeep: +4 EN, Press the Attack CD [1/5], Press the Attack Fades, ID #213790 CD: 6 (Recovery No Proc) That large surge of energy fades as the ring on the ground falters in its glow. "Good one Freyd!" Shiina offers with a thumbs up before extending her finger like a gun. Shutting one eye and changing targets, she sets her sights on Celeste. The color in that symbol changes to a light blue, as the songstress sticks out her tongue. "Holder steady...BANG." The girl chirps out and the ring flares. A soft light begins to claim Celeste's shape as her stamina bar would shift from its normal green
  10. As the room explodes in all sorts of flamboyant and intense colors, Shiina begins to chant. "Let's light this firecracker~" The girl exhumes as a huge ring of red echoes out from beneath her feet. Her hands stretch out, hair begins to drift as if its ignoring gravity. "Battlefield Overture: Dramatic Encore!" she shrieks with an almost playful and yet grim smile. That large sigil lights up in a valiant and vibrant light, and her arms begin to twist as she seems to be dragging some heavy yet invisible bar. The weapons in the rest of her parties hands charge with their own respective sword art hu
  11. The same excitable and wild girl, matched with an nearly effervescent mop of blonde hair twinkle toed her way in, finding sight on Freyd and Raidou just seemingly standing there. "Sorry I'm late, you would not believe the things that a girl's gotta do to get a weasel out of a wall." She exhumed with her signature and trademarked smile, will sue. "Now we doing the slime thing again huh, I brought bottles. Wonder if Freya will cook with it if I bring some home. Wait, you don't think it will be alive in the bottle?" Mind moving a mile a minute as she sizes up the jar. "Nah." she makes a fart with
  12. Watching @Gabrandr rush for the boat and cleave it in two, eyes warbling a bit as she pops a sucker into her mouth. "Heh, King go brrr." Taking a look back at the barrier, it would hold, and she moves over to keep with the dude she'd been undoubtably matched with. Without warning, an arm just wraps around her waist and lifts her from her feet. "Oof." Shiina outcries audibly as the sudden force of being yeeted up and landing on the Ifrit with zero warning. "Hi guys, long time no see." Waving loosely to @Freyd before, her hair stands on end from the wind and fire she'd just endured, looking some
  13. Rocking back and forth a bit, bored, as the last of these refuges found themselves into the chamber below. As she'd look up, a big flaming ball of wood and metal was tearing ass down center field. "That, is pretty cool." Nudging @Gabrandr with an elbow. "Whacha think?" Hearing quite some distance away Eruda screech out the call for some help. "Oh, right. Yep thats probably pretty bad. Cool, but bad." She turns and taps her foot on the bubble she'd made. "Probably fine, I can spare some juice, right?" She reaches into the hole at the front of her chest, right through the neck. Out pops a hand w
  14. Wobbling for but a brief moment, before skipping up in a rather jarring difference of the warzone playing out beside them. A strange constrast of the super serious Gabrandr and a girl sporting a chipper smile. At their backs a personal legion of damaged and weakened Galtean people, slowly being shuffled into the butthole that the Floor boss had carved up into the light. Back into the sewers where this all began. "Get your tushy down there." Shiina exhumes, clapping a butt cheek on a woman to hustle her down the ramp like a cave in. A chirp toward @Raidou and @Ruri "Me and Gaby got dis, le
  15. Sucking on a sucker as she waddles with a growing army at her back, the strength of Ladonian resistance slowly being drained by the music as she walks. The stick of that piece of candy sticking out of her lips like a cigarette. "Yep. I got Gaby, you go do the crazy." The girl offers with a dismissive wave, like shooing a child. As the Ladonian elite would cut down the front line, Shiina jerks to attention and lifts her hand. An almost violent solar flare like discharge of light sees the health bars of those just defeated rush back to full. They get a wild hair up their ass and attempt to
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