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  1. I'm looking for someone to RP with, anyone interested? 

    1. Grimm


      Sure. When and where?

    2. Pick


      Sure. When and where?

    3. Aspect


      I'll create the thread tomorrow, see you then.

  2. Looking for someone to RP with, I'm bored...

    1. Pinball


      Pick me, Mr. Krabs 

  3. Anyone want to start a thread with me, I'm up for anything, the only threads I participated in died. :-(

    1. tricolor_mina


      I'm up for one~

      Quest or normal thread?

    2. Aspect


      Like I said, I'm up for anything.

    3. tricolor_mina


      I picked a fairly easy combat quest for us to do

      I pinged you so you could find it easily~

  4. Quick question: How does one, do combat? I don't know how, I need some first hand experience...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Aspect


      I've read them, I just don't understand them. I think I know how the rollers work though.

    3. Baldur


      You can also look through some threads where they do combat, maybe that will help.

    4. Aspect
  5. When the only three people online start with the letter A. 

  6. I'm looking for someone to RP with after my journal is done. Any takers?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Aspect


      Now that I've checked it off. RP time!

      Since I really don't know how the fighting system on this site works, Ima do a social threat if that's fine with you two.

    3. Vivlia


      Yup, anything works. .3.

    4. Aspect


      Alright. Just making sure.

      I'm actually gonna do a quest thread. Because I need the EXP.

  7. Appearance: Profile: Username: Aspect Real Name: Ryder Esterwood Age: 19 Height: 5’ 10” Born: June 12th, 2001 Gender: Male Sexual Alignment: Straight Handiness: Ambidextrous Favorite Color: Silver About: Ryder was abandoned at birth, he lives as an orphan in a horrible place for the first seventeen years of his life, he never knew his biological parents either but intends to find them. He made friends in middle school with an individual named Athel. Athel is mute, and due to a few things, he can’t speak in game either. The only reason
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