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  1. Hydra smiled as they got a kiss from Ruby and it was quite nice to see that She herself were quite good with each other, "Blah!" Akito said from on top of Hydra's shoulder. As he did so Hydra smiled and laughed a bit, "Does Akito want a kiss too, Or does my Green haired friend want a big hug?" Hydra said patting Akito on his head before looking even more disgusting by what Hydra just said as Hydra got out another laugh. As Ruby then came close whispering into her ear and if she was ready to go and find her, "Ooh Sure will do Dear, Just hold up a few minutes," She said low as the Akito tapped o
  2. Toshiko was already known with the event on Floor 4 and she was making her way up to leave, It seemed tho as she was not alone at all. As things were calming down at the orphanage Toshiko was making her way around getting up kids that she thought needed a bit of exploring in the world, she walked into the open garden and smiled at two kids she knew quite well, a girl with red hair and a smaller boy with brown hair. Toshiko walked up to them, "Emi-chan, Eito-kun, come here for a second, I want to take you two show where, If you could be nice to get me, Maro and Kimiko They will be coming too,"
  3. Username | Hydravion Real Name | Toshiko Yasmine Aris Age | 24/26 DoF | 9-02 Gender | Female Sexuality | Homosexual Height | 5'97" Weight | 165 lbs. History Virtues And Flaws Skills Inventory Roleplay
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