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Hydravion Teacher In Game

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Username | Hydravion

Real Name | Toshiko Yasmine Aris

Age | 24/26    DoF | 9-02

Gender | Female     Sexuality | Homosexual

Height | 5'97"    Weight | 165 lbs.



Young Age  Her father and mother both worked as she was home most of the time, her father was a worked as a photographer for a model bureau, while her mother worked as a medic in a hospital. Her father was home most of the time and she liked his work quite a lot and at a young age, she already knew that she wanted to become a model. Her father once took her to his work and her father boss asked if he wanted to take a few photos of her while she was with the other models on set, She loved that day and she was even allowed to come more often from her fathers boss. While her mother was working she always wanted to go out with her mother to her job in the hospital, once she got there she was allowed to help the older people and make them happy with her own things. At school, she had quite a few friends as her friends came up with a nickname for her calling her Toshi or Yas. Not only that the teachers liked her because of how smart she was and she always founded a way to get to a conclusion.  At the age of 12, she got interested in her family history and started to look into it. As Toshiko found out that her last name and her middle name official come from France she asked her father where their names came from, Her father explained that his grandma was called Yasmine Aris and she came from France. 

Middle Age  At her Highschool Aris was introduced to an all-girls school, where she learned quite a lot about herself. She was there just quite to act and just spoke what was on her mind even if it was bad. This became quite a hinder in her school years as she did not make many friends, She did, however, made one friend that was not allowed to her school because he was a guy and all. He introduced her to games and told quite a lot about it. Once her friend told her about this she wanted to have her own pc and her father and mother gave it to her with something extra, As they added an MMO game called ESO. Toshiko, later on, saw that being a model took quite a lot and she dropped her hopes for a bit and started to learn for becoming a teacher herself as she liked the way her homeroom teacher was and she wanted to do the same thing. As she got enrolled at the school to learn she lost contact with her friend for quite a bit, but she was learning to become a teacher. The rest of her years went quite good and she got an internship at her old all-girls school, the teachers there liked how she helped the kids and way she was acting with them.

Later Years As Toshiko was done doing her study as a teacher she got a job at a local high school, there after a few years became a Homeroom teacher in a class. She also painted her hair a bit with Blue, White an Red paint. A few students were gamers and Toshiko overheard them once and walked up to them asking about what they liked. The kid was amazed that their teacher was a gamer too and started up a gaming club with Toshiro as the teacher to represent the club. As she came home to her parent's house again her father asked if she still wanted to become a model, And she ended up saying yes, But she did not want to throw away her job at the school so she started to model as a side job. One day, one of her students in her homeroom came up to her and showed her a website of good looking models and she saw that Toshiko was on it, the photo was going around the school quite fast and most girls wanted to asks her about her side job. She was quite amazed by this and told about it to some kids. As then it looked like she got a phone call from an old friend she met and he asked her what she was going, as she told him that she became a teacher and model at the same time, then the guy invited her to come over to his house and play some games for old times. She liked it quite a lot and got a bit back into gaming. Then she learned about this full drive VR game from the club members in the Gaming club, they told her if she ever was going to buy it if they would meet and do some quest together.


Virtues And Flaws


Helpful Toshiko does not like seeing people or any kids in need and is always quick to help them. As a teacher, she got this as a second nature to help people and other things. She does not like seeing anyone in trouble and cares for people who are in need. Toshiko was always like this and ends up helping people, and she has never been able to turn someone down if they needed help. This is one of the things that make her a great help in things like looking for someone and other things.

Intelligent She has always been the smart one in her classes, she kind of was a study nerd. making her smart gave her quite a good roll in thinking about things like what would happen if you do this or what will happen if they did that. Not only was she smart in thinking ahead she also showed a great deal in knowing random facts about things like how a system worked of a group just because she read it once.

Quick Thinker Toshiko always has been one to think light on her feet, from coming up with a solution very fast no matter the problem. Making this one of the things she has been doing quite a lot makes her a dangerous person to go up against as she would end up thinking ahead and start to make multiple ways in coming to her end goal. From making friends to defeating a monster she would always seek the solution fast without even knowing herself.

out loud Thinker As an out loud thinker she would literally say what she is thinking, even if she was thinking about something bad or something nice. This is a thing she always has been going ever she got to high school, because of this many kids of her age thought of her as a person that just says a thing to hurt people. But whatever she thinks she will end up saying no matter what it is. There is only one way for her not to end up in that situation, and that is just not thinking at all but for her, it is harder than it is.

Pacifist Toshiko never was one to pick a fight with anyone, and she did not like to see people fight as well. That why she takes fighting as a last resort and will try to scare people what will most likely fail as she does not look scared at all. Otherwise, she would try and talk her way out of things and use every last bit of her knowledge to talk it out with the thing or person she has to fight. This is where she starts to rely on other people to deal damage and get off the hits as she does not want to fight at all If she does start to fight the person either triggered her in doing so or it is the last thing she has to do.

Very Strict As a teacher Toshiko always followed her own beliefs and strict rules, her rules being, 1 no fighting unless needed in self-defense, 2 Respect people and show respect back, If people do not show her or any of her friends respect she will teach them a lesson in respect, If they still would not listen she could lose her temper. 3 always make sure you do the things you promised to people, if not you could not be trusted. She would hate it when people did not believe in the things she did in and there are quite a lot more rules she follows. If people did not show any respect to the rules she had she would become a quite a bit irritated and even can up becoming mad at that person. 



Total SP used | 37/38

Passive Skills | Rank 3 First Aid,

Combat Skills | Rank 2 Light Armor

Mods N/A




Vanity, UncommonRarePerfectDemonic

Battle Ready/Equipped


Battle Ready * | Equipped **

Rare | Arm Amulet of the Green [Recovery 2] **

Vanity | White battle Hand Wraps **

Vanity | Red Light Leather Armor **

*3 Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) *

Full Inventory


Rare | Arm Amulet of the Green [Recovery 2] **

Vanity | White battle Hand Wraps **

Vanity | Red Light Leather Armor **

*3 Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) *



+ 2,580 Col

+26 Tier 1 material





Story So far


Hearing from her students about the game she got interested and bought the game. Once buying the game she got into the game on her free day and started playing the game.











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