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  1. Shion saw the panic in Lessa's eyes even if Shion could not read people all to well she knew she had to help the blondina, as Shion remembered the spa day they had. Shion moved fast to Lessa's aid seeong her struggle. Just before anything the black ink moved and snarling beast move right for her, this was the time Shion took out her spear and attacked back. As soon as she connected her attack with the shadowed beast created from the ink she noticed that her spear went straight through them with no effect. She turned back to Lessa who got a bit of help someone else as Shion tried to fight
  2. Shion got pulled up out of the black water, for a moment she couldn't see what was going on. Before thanking the kid that helped her and getting onto her feet she looked around, "KOGA!" She yelled before moving the water around her as best as she could but without any sort of way could she seem to find him. She took a minute to even try and find Koga under the water, with no luck at all and the black ink not helping at all almost looking like it was growing even faster. She stopped for a moment as she was standing still in the cold water and her hair and armor getting covered by the bla
  3. With Koga's notion to the balcony Shion placed her spear back on her person as she went down touching the water. The black dark water or more so of a sort slime was coming up to her hips about now and was still rising. The black liquid was hard to move in and rubble from buildings submerged under it. Numbis looked like a complete waste and soon nothing was left. Getting to the balcony Koga pointed out and with his makeshift hand platform. Getting on the balcony Shion was holding her balance for a second before a wind hit her in the back only taking a second to get back to the perfect spo
  4. Shion looked seeing that Koga still was on guard, guess she was not the only one that didn't like any of this. As Koga asked what he looked like she got right to the point, or at least her point. "Taller than me, kind of a jerk, Purple hair. Really like to show off. always wanting to help and being way too friendly with everyone, In short... well yes the complete opposite of me and I hate him for it," she said sounding a bit angry as well now. Shion sighed and nodded, "He holds a rapier as well, Tier 3... So he should be alright... but yea ... you never know," she said to him really sounding
  5. It was getting heavier every time the wind blew, with every push and blow the wind went harder and harder. But Shion was really not faced at all but it was not helping her that she was still looking for her friend. She got a bit worried now and she tried to send him a message. She knew he always responded fast and even in a storm he sends her at least something even if it was just one word back. plus she knew Yuumi was stronger than her quite a bit, but still, this storm didn't look good at all. -To Yuumi Where did you go! It took about a minute or longer and nothing was send ba
  6. Shoin looked around for anything or someone to help, her priorities set on saving the players and less on saving the NPCs but the few people that were here already did their best to get out. So Shion left the few players that seemed to handle themself alone only to maybe catch a blink of someone familiar. Or she thought so, as she kept walking holding out her spear Shoin looked around as the black sludge fell down onto her red hair. Disgusting really, she thought as she looks at were her friend walked to not see any sign of him at all "Yuumi, Dam it where are you!" she yelled at the entrance o
  7. Shion gave a weak smile before returning her face to a cold and almost emotionless few, somehow in Shion she felt something but she didn't know what. "No problem," she said to the girl before she listened to her for a few second, "I do think it the best idea to help out the players right now, Most NPC's would be okay and if not other players already feel like they need to help them," she said a bit harsh and cold. "But I can help u if really needed, I'll be probably yelled at if I didn't," she said lower in quite a soft and calming voice. She followed the girl and looked about as she ente
  8. Shion had a meeting with someone, her old friend of a guild and info broker. It was rare for her to even meet him face to face nowadays but he was standing on it that she would come. The meeting was set on floor seven and so she went there. The main settlement was looking quite busy and Shion looked around for the tall purple-haired guy with a curved sword at his side. it did not take long as she found him already. "Yuuma, Idiot over here!" she said as he was standing there looking around in a sort panic. She walked over to him for him to react and stare at her "I was not lost, But you here so
  9. Shion was walking around Looking for a place it was quite late already and Shion looked around to see where to go. There was a store she liked to look off, on the door was a sigh and Shion smiled knowing this shop was open. Walking in she was greeted by a girl younger than her, but somewhere in her head she recognized the face of the player but didn't know from where any more "Hello there, I came to ask if you are willing to identify some items I have on me. Don't be shocked by the number of items they are, I had them quite a bit stacked up. I can give you an extra bonus for the payment
  10. Skill(s) Being Dropped: Charge Rank 1,2,3,4 Mod(s) Being Dropped: N/A SP Refunded: 35 Cost: 35000
  11. anyone up for doing some threads with me, Im open for anything

    1. Benjamin Bookworm

      Benjamin Bookworm

      I would be up for joining you for a thread, if you don't mind hanging out with a support speced player. :D

  12. Getting back to Shield was easier and lucky for me I was done fast with the event so the only thing that was on the list now was getting back to Shield. To be honest I didn't really enjoy the event even if I got something out of it but let's just say I got the better part of some of the things I have on me. Entering his shop I greeted him as I did before, "Shield I got you something, The items you asked for and all fine and good. This should be it right so have fun using them if you want to." I said walking to him and handing him the items from the event. "It was great doing business with you
  13. So this must be the shop then, The bulletin board said to come to get a good trade out with the eggs and its workings of the event. True I was way to focus on levelling to have been focusing on the eggs. Still reading on the event now kind of made me jealous and I kind of wanted to help and it seemed that one person was willing to help fo a trade and knowing this I am here now. Walking inside I looked around for a second and before I did anything else I spoke out, "Is this Shield's shop, I'm here because of the message on the bulletin boars you placed, It was about the event and stuff right,"
  14. Waiting a bit in the shop as Macradon was crafting the gear for me. its been a time from the last time I have getting out and about but I think it's about time to get stuff going. Wating for a bit longer it seemed It didn't take long at all as Mac came back to the door and seemed to have My items ready to go. "Thank you Macradon, Maybe I come and ask you for a favour once in a while, Planning to start up Smithing as well," I said to him as I smiled. As I left the shop on my way to do my own things again. + Omos Guard, Flaming Heart
  15. It was just one of those days again, nothing better to do and mostly needed to get started again. Its been a while to the last time I got here and now I think I probably need some items to make myself better in combat as well. I knew the perfect place to go to and knowing where and how to get there was easy. Walking into the store I greeted an all to well-known man, one of the best blacksmiths in the game. "Heyo Macradon, I hope I ain't bothering you too much by asking you if you could make an item for me, two to be honest," I said to him and showing him the design and of the armour. -Giv
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