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  1. Anyone wanna take on <<Deforestation>> with me?

  2. Reinholt had been lounging in a chair, his feet propped up on the window seal. He felt like he was friends enough with Pin that he could do so and there be no issue. After a little while, Pinball comes back from the back of his shop with his order. Reinholt rising to his feet and walking over to the counter. "Damn, that was fast man. Thanks." he grabs the donut and transfers it to his inventory. "you want sleep, you should lock your door dude. That's what i do when I want some peace. But anyway, shoot me a message if you need me. I'm goin back to my shop." He says as he waves and leaves the s
  3. Reinholt enters the merchant shop on the 11th floor. Guess I should get this weapon Pinball gave me identified. Might be something really nice. He thinks to himself, remembering the River Reaper had taken down to get it from. He smiles toward the shop owner and walks toward the counter. "Lo, there. I have this weapon I need to get identified if it's not too much trouble." He says as he brings the item out of his inventory and sets it on the counter. He really hoped it had a unique enhancement on it, because that would be awesome. He smiles and goes and and pays for the service too.
  4. Reinholt enters his pals shop and walks up to the counter. "Hey Pinball! I have an order for you." He calls out, waiting for Pinball to come out of the back. With a chuckle he remembers the first time he came into the shop, Which seemed like forever ago. This was his first special order he had placed we with his his friend. He leans on the counter, tapping his fingers on it as he waits. A big ol donut, shaped like a badge[/] he thought to himself. The irony was great and Pinball would die after Reinholt told him what he wanted. Name: Cop's Deluxe Donut Your Profession: Cook Your Rank
  5. Reinholt grinned widely when he got the message that his gear was done. He didn't think it would take long to get finished so he hung around the area. He sprung to his feet and headed to the shop. He enters the shop with the grin still on his face. "Hey Macradon. Here to pick up my stuff." He says as he gets his orders and inspects the items, truly appreciating the craftsmanship. "This is beautiful work Macradon. Thank you. " His voice was genuine and with a slight bow he gathers his items and goes to leave. "I'll come back if I need anything. Thanks again." With that he exits the shop and goe
  6. Reinholt had hung around the shop for awhile, chit chatting other players who had come in and left the shop. He steps outside, contemplating if he should fork over the Col to get his sword made too. He mulls over the idea, as it would put him pretty low in the Col department. But he was sure if he really needed something he could get it from someone. After a few moment he nods his head and walks back into to shop and to the counter. "Sorry Master Macradon, but I'd like to have this sword made too. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I guess I might as well get everything I need at once. I ca
  7. Reinholt enters the shop with a friendly smile. He had heard this shop was ran by a high ranking Knight of the Blood Path. He was slightly intimidated to be honest. But he browses the shop for a few moments before approaching the counter. He nods to the man behind the counter and then offers a smile. "hello there. It's an honor to meet you. Names Reinholt. I'm looking to get some heavy armor made. I'll be paying in Col" he says as he begins to fill out one of the order slips on the counter. Once completed, opens his menu and starts a trade request, wanting to pay upfront. "And perhaps when I c
  8. Paging @Domarus to the courtesy phone. :D

    1. Itzal
    2. Reinholt


      Wanted to talk about commissioning an item to be made

    3. Itzal


      ...Shoot I forgot about his shop dang it x-x

      Oh uh, Dom is my alt so you can pm me on site or on discord, either works

  9. Thinking about taking <<Long Live The Queen>>. Anyone want to tag along?

  10. Reinholt enters the shop with a smile on his face. Seemed he wasnt the only one that took a liking to the 7th floor. He waves at the owner. "Lo, there. Lookin for so.e upgraded armor and sword.." He says but trails off as he spots something that he likes. A suit of heavy armor then a sword that was displayed near it. Both perfect quality items that would do him well until his custom order was done. "I think I'll take these off your hands." He says and walks over to the counter, pulling his menus up and initiate a trade. "1400 col for the heavy armor and two-handed sword there?" He motio
  11. Username:Reinholt Real name: Duncan Blackwood Age: 25 Gender: male Height:6'0 About: Duncan knew at a young age what was in store for his life. His parents were both Law Enforcement Officers, as was his grandfather on both sides. He was destined to become a third generation Officer. He was a good officer too. One of the youngest members of S.W.A.T. the force had ever seen. But unlike many Officers that wasn't all he was. Enjoying books and role-playing games just as much as Serving and Protecting, he was considered strange by many of his co-workers. Life was good, until
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