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About This Guild

Aincrad Trading Post. Do you need something crafted? Take a look for information of the crafters of Aincrad. Or are you a crafter yourself that wanna spread the word? Contact or join us for more information. If you need help with anything crafting related, dont hesitate to contact Aincrad Trading Post.


Type of Guild

  1. What's new in this guild
  2. Yuki Izakaya Rank 6 Cook Location: Floor 22; PK Accessible
  3. Hi My shop is the frozen cave, Im rank 4 merchant at the moment.
  4. Tanoshi Rank 1 Blacksmith ^-^ Workshop of the Tanuki @Zandra
  5. Rank 9 Cook http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17990-f01/
  6. Rank 1 Cook...for now (Active) Randal’s Snack Cart
  7. The guild vault is at the moment empty.
  8. Come visit quite possibly Aincrad's worst Blacksmith. Currently failing at creating weapons and armor at Macradon's shop The Blazing Typhoon.
  9. Need a salve crafted? Need something anything from your favorite alchemist? Visit my shop i suppose... Open to friends & guildies only for the time being!
  10. Visit my shop for all of your crusty tailoring needs!
  11. @Anise The Frozen Cave Rank 4 Floor 4 Active ATP member
  12. @Bahr -The Crusty Bahrnacle Rank 8 Floor 1 Active ATP member
  13. @Kityuisa The Tipsy Witch Rank 6 Floor 22 Active -Friends and Guildies ATP member @Zandra Exellance Elexirium Rank 10 Floor 1 Active ATP guildleader
  14. @Alec The Blazing Typhoon Rank 5 Floor 1 Active -Sharing shop with Macradon ATP member @Tanoshi Workshop of the Tanuki Rank 2 Floor 1 Semi-active ATP member
  15. @Randal Randal's snack cart Rank 6 Floor 1 Low Active ATP member @Oscar Oscar'shot dog stand Rank 10 Floor 1 Active ATP member @Lonzo Blind eye pub Rank 3 Floor 1 Low Active ATP member

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