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  1. The moment the two of them made eye contact, the rogue knew she probably just fucked up. A quiet day with some monster killing was out the window now for the second that they locked gazes was enough time for the other to enlist her to a conversation full of questions. Shay's eyebrows furrowed for every pose the woman made. At least when she had met Chase, he was a pretty quiet and reserved person that would let her talk at her own pace. Words never came easy. "I'm just heading out to grind gear and some experience, nothing more really." The raven-haired female said, adjusting her scarf in
  2. A hand to her face. Though there was no texture, she could feel the emblazoned mark of the sword's curse upon her cheek. Still there was no apparent way to rid herself of this deformity, but sitting around like a dunce wasn't going to get it gone. As the rogue journeyed through the tundra of the fourth floor, she pondered momentarily on Titan and Chase's health. The two of them were really her only friends and somehow the terms only seemed bad with them. Reflecting on the relationship that her and ChaseR had, she was a pretty big dick to him sometimes and as much as she wanted to feel sorry fo
  3. “ Sounds like fate meant for all of this to play out then, huh. ” If that was true, fate was pulling on her leg extremely hard. First Titan leaves her life so she fills the void with another person. Then that person leaves her behind only for her to find Titan later again. She sighed heavily, yet again, trying to make sure that she didn't snap under all the pressure she was feeling on her shoulders. "If there's one thing I know I'm bad at, it's lying. I've stopped trying to pull the shade over other's eyes." She felt like she had to explain herself at every turn. The emotional state she w
  4. The branded mark, the reappearance of Titan and the break up with Chase. Literally everything was going to shit. Shay was starting to realize that there has to be a connection with all this happening and something being wrong with her. No matter what it was, everything she became apart of only seemed to crumble and fall apart. Letting out a heavy sigh, she adjusts the pink scarf around her next to hide the red brand upon her cheek. Although anyone around might see it as a fancy aesthetic, it was nothing more than a reminder of a what a failure she actually was. The beginner's town was as
  5. The mention of the scar made Shay uncomfortable. The resentment of her expression was apparent in her expression. Thinking about ChaseR was the last thing she wanted, but she wasn't going to skimp details. That wasn't the kind of person she was. Saving face was stupid. "After you left, I sat in silence for months in my shop. It felt like I spent an eternity in their away from everyone else. It was nice after what happened, honestly. I learned to calm down and relax a little. When I finally decided I couldn't stay pent up forever, I traveled out and met a boy who I partnered with up until
  6. As Titan moved up next to her, he suggested that the two of them go on a quest together. While it wasn't really what she was looking for in the first place, maybe it was for the best. Sighing, and finally giving up on hiding the brand that the sword had given her, she summoned her regular weapon to her hands. "I'm just trying to get my mind off things and fighting is one of the easiest ways for me to do that. I can't stand sitting around and doing nothing anymore." Shay mentioned, letting the blond lead the way with whatever quest he was attempting. As they walked through the forest of th
  7. Shay could feel the presence of the katana. Somehow, it was calling to her. Perhaps ChaseR couldn't really feel the intensity that she was, but as she reached out to take the katana, it's malevolence seemed to eat at her hand. Some sort of dark, evil sword? It was surely strong, she got that impression just by looking at it. "Thank you. The next time you see me, hopefully I'll be stronger than ever." Shay mentions, returning the hug to ChaseR. This would probably be the last time that she would see him for sometime, not that she was going to ghost him. She would answer messages she got fr
  8. The bite of Titan's words cut her deep. Back then he was pushing her to do her best, and even still when the both of them are in the worst possible moods he's still trying to pull her out of the depths. Shay's expression slowly dropped from fierce and annoyed to regretful and upset. "I-I didn't mean it. Things have been hard... Just when I think I can do everything on my own, people keep showing up in my life and trying to make me feel better. I'm trying to better myself, do I really need other's help when I can't even help myself?!" Her voice raised the more she continued to speak, like she w
  9. The initial shock of the break-up had hardly reached much of a reaction from Shay. How did she know this was going to be the topic of discussion? Nevertheless, she did it with the best composure that she could muster. "I-- I agree. This doesn't feel very right in my mind. Perhaps things were way too rushed between us." Deep down, Shay felt the sadness. Even though they were further apart from each other than ever before, it still felt like her heavy heart had just been ripping in half. Standing up from her seat, Shay lets out a heavy sigh and looks down to her partner. "For now, I want to
  10. Shay's footsteps came to a halt as she neared the edge of the safe zone. He used her name? Who was this? Hardly anyone in this game really knew her besides Baldur and ChaseR. Her and Baldur had met only once, but she would never forget his kindness. He was the one who taught her how to use the sword that she now uses. It couldn't have been ChaseR. He was probably the last person that she wanted to see after just breaking up with him. No. The voice was familiar though. Someone she knew for sure, who else could it be? Turning to see the golden locks of hair and the eyes of ocean waves, Shay
  11. Shay sits quietly for a moment. There was a lot on her mind right now but still she managed to figure up what she needed to say. "Hey, yeah. If something is on your mind I'm here to listen, even if I'm not in the best headspace myself. What's on your mind?" She asked trying to get comfortable in her seat. "I know that I've been kind of lazy and dodgy lately. I'm sorry about that." She added. The more she was thinking about this more she was realizing just how independent she was. Even with a boyfriend, she always wanted to be alone. Was that really the source of this problem? Was Chase go
  12. Walking into the house after having gone down to the fourth floor to do her crafts, Shay closes the door behind her and takes a deep breath. Chase had bought them this mansion all by himself basically. It felt overwhelming really. She was rich in the real world. If anything, this would be the opposite way around there. Wonder how that would affect his pride. In a sense, Shay was really starting to feel familiar with this world as in the real one. She had originally bought this game to get away from the real world and relax, but after relaxing so long, she felt like she wasn't really doing
  13. Normally, Shay would go to a merchant and just buy materials when she needed them to make her songs, but today, she didn't have a lot money so she would have to go and farm some for herself. Getting into a fight would actually be a great way to relieve all this stress this stupid game was putting on her shoulders. Anger and resentment were all she could feel these days. It had only been a few days since ChaseR had decided to leave her alone. It was a break up, but she couldn't really be mad at him. The more she continued with this barren life, the more she was realizing just how useless she wa
  14. "I'll continue to get stronger. There's no doubt about that. You're with me on that, so let's keep it up. I'm not trying to sound like a dick, I just continue to hate myself with ever passing day. I can't keep going with doing absolutely nothing." Shay mentioned as they passed into the safe zone. This quest had been an emotional roller coaster. IT started off just fine then they started going at each other. Shay's attitude got the better of her, but even still, she wouldn't let herself stay weak. If there's one thing that her parents taught her early in her life, it was that relying on o
  15. His response didn't make her feel better at all - In fact, it made her feel even worse about herself. He was out getting as strong as possible to protect people like her. People who were unwilling to become stronger and protect themselves. If Chase wasn't her boyfriend, she would have spit on his hand and teleported out of here. She didn't do that. Instead, she tried her best to calm down and work through this. "I don't care. There's a difference between you doing everything and me doing nothing. I don't want to be protected. I am strong. I can be strong enough to protect myself. My burde
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