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  1. Skeletons were attacking. Skeleton archers on skeleton horses. They just give Skeletons a bad name, running around killing people like that. Skeleton himself, the one on the side of the living, and of the people, hoped that no one would simply see his name and begin swinging at him. He had hoped the actual flesh he has over his bones would be more than enough of an indication that he was here to help. Skeleton took a quick look around, unable to find any citizens in his immediate area he chose to move to a nearby portal that had begun to open up. The HUD updated with information telling S
  2. Skeleton attempted to roll over on to his back now that the pile seemed to be breaking apart. From what he understood, he had tripped over Ceres. Who was having a dirt nap. This marks the second time today he's fallen flat on his face. He picked his face out of the dirt, rubbing most of the earth off so he could see and speak without having the earthy flavours invading his orifices. "I swear I am up to no skulduggery. I'm just trying to help but here I am being beaten up by the ground." Skeleton's attempt to pick himself up brought him to finding that his back had a new resident. The
  3. Healing Citizens: Stockpiling Potions Current Stockpile: 1 Skeleton heard a call from the outside of the mob. Rubble had been moved and trapped citizens were free, but they needed healing. Skeleton had begun to weave between the mob to get through to the newly freed citizens, having gotten elbowed int he face a few times on the way through. As he approached he pulled out the potion from his pocket that had miraculously survived existence with Skeleton the last few minutes and uncapped it. He unceremoniously dumped the contents of the potion on to the citizen. Skeleton's brain fi
  4. Healing Citizens: Stockpiling Potions Current Stockpile: 1 Pulling his face out of the dirt, Skeleton scrambled to his feet groggily gaining his bearings. He had looked around stick searching for apothecaries but the fall had wiped his memory of who, what, or where apothecaries are or were. Holding his hands to his head, he noticed a distinct lack of burning in the area. "The fires are out? Nice!" Taking another few steps, Skeleton stumble, reaching out to grab on to nearby piles of rubble, almost slipping back down in the progress. He took a second to find a safe seating t
  5. Healing Citizens: Stockpiling Potions Current Stockpile: 1 Skeleton's efforts were immediately put on hold, the people requiring the healing potion he picked up were still stuck underneath the rubble. The best course of action he could do was to continue seeking out apothecaries who were carrying trays of potions to distribute them manually. The more points of distribution the easier things would be for the relief efforts. As Skeleton moved through the mob of rushing citizens he began to lose his sense of direction. He thought he had caught sight of another apothecary but when h
  6. Objective: Healing Citizens Too many people. Diving over a patch of rubble, Skeleton narrowly avoided hitting someone as he hit the ground, rolled, and pushed off the ground into a sprint. He needed to find an apothecary as his own potions would be pathetic in comparison. The town was set to be attacked in less than 3 days and Skeleton had already missed too much of the aid process before even getting here. He was able to choose from saving the royal family, rebuilding the walls, putting out fires and such. Protecting the wealthy in a castle was concerning to him, the more unfortunat
  7. "Yeah, plenty of bone jokes, thankfully some are quite humerus." Skeleton grinned. "Evasion's okay, at least for now. The looting is a good bonus though, it might help sway the rng in this game just enough so I actually get something nice." Skeleton watched as Ceres identified the item. He tilted to the side as if it were making his vision more accurate, or that he would find some kind of secret in the identification. Without much fanfare, the arm brace shows its true colours. As ceres quickly wrapped the arm brace, Skeleton double checked his balance to ensure that the transaction h
  8. The cheeriness of the store resident took Skeleton by surprise. He hadn't been in contact with very many people who could get anywhere near that cheery in the last... ever. Regardless he had managed to get the right place as far as he knew so he felt himself relax a little. "Hello, Ceres. My name is Skeleton." he bowed without thinking. "I'd like to take the 15 materials you have remaining, please." Pulling out the unidentified armour, Skeleton approached the desk and gently placed it down, trying to not bump any other items on display. "IT's a T1 piece, I got it from floor 2 in the
  9. Day 10: Skeleton had been having a tough time crafting lately. The materials simply don't seem to be reacting to the methods appropriately whatsoever. Insisting on sticking to crafting another pheremone salve, he once again began taking out the apparatus he required to craft. The result of his practice seemed to make retrieval of materials from failed crafts more plausible than before now that he knew the signs of impending failure. Despite his endeavours Skeleton was unable to craft another pheromone salve. Instead he had crafted an abundance of rather basic items which could be use
  10. Skeleton approached the store, peering in through the window to see if there was anyone at the desk. He had been given the store name and location by a stranger on the streets and had doubted the info. He hoped that the info was good as he was low on supplies and hadn't the patience to go scuffling through grassy fields, and deadly plains again. Although to be fair, Randal would have a ball at the idea... Shaking his head, he decided to pretend like he knew what he was doing and opened the entrance door, walking in with his back straightened and head held... kinda high. Didn't want to see
  11. Day 9: Skeleton carried in a new batch of materials for his work through the store entrance, quickly making his way to the back room. Splaying the materials along the work bench, he examined each of them to ensure they'd not been damaged, if that was even possible. Thankfully none had sustained injury in any way. Pulling out apparatus one after the other through sheer muscle memory at this stage, Skeleton began to prepare his work place for the evening. His aim was to create another salve of Pheremones. Of course like every other day, Skeleton had failed to replicate the salve as h
  12. Skeleton pulled up a loot interface to tally up what they got and split it among the two of them. "1020 col, 6 T1 Materials, a rare trinket and rare armour that need identified." Skeleton tallied. The field around Skeleton and Randal seemed to grow rather quiet despite all the buzz from earlier. This granted a welcomed respite for Skeleton's ears. Quickly parting the col to 510 each, the materials to 3 each, and one rare item, with Skeleton taking the armour and Randal taking the trinket, the loot split evenly. Randal himself had managed to search for extra materials in his own tim
  13. "Hmm... It may be best to commission the stuff straight up then... I can use the gear as filler for now. Best to have something that nothing at all. How much col did the other wasp drop?" Skeleton asked. Skeleton had now begun to think about the need to start taking care of his equipment and what he used. He'd be in battles far more often now as compared to before, so he'd best be prepared. Based on how he fights, he wouldn't be the kind to take a shield with him, he'd be more agile and nimble, so perhaps something to grant him defence with unrestricted movement. Hopefully he'd be able to
  14. Skeleton watched as Randal unleashed the last of his energy on a flurry of kicks to strike the wasp lodged in his chest. The strikes sent Skeleton backwards, freeing the wasp with barely enough HP to withstand a hit. Skeleton's hand clamped down on the dagger as he attempted to pry himself into a forced stance to begin his sword art. His right foot slid into place to keep him from falling, and the sword art kicked in to action. As the wasp neared Randal, it had exploded into light, leaving Skeleton to be flung forward with the continuing momentum, barreling into the grass face first behin
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