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  1. Skeleton

    Rewarding Staff Members

    I think everyone's said everything I can imagine and more already. Please forgive my lack of originality but I'm going to echo the thoughts of no character boosting rewards and keeping them purely visual on the discord server, or some kind of specific recognition wall, or possibly a custom title. I would only insist on having no in game player benefits is because it would be potentially exploitable or would just get people to fight to become staff specifically for those rewards.
  2. It took a second for Skeleton to realise it was actually a player, not an NPC. "Oh, so it's almost entirely a social thing. Thanks for the info." skeleton replied. Only as he said it, he realised that carnivals do tend to be solely for social experiences. Trying to slink away without being caught in any further conversations where he'd say something dumb at the drop of a hat, Skeleton heard a new voice call out. It took him by surprise. Thankfully he turned towards source without skipping a beat. He found someone approaching him, plates in hand and offering him food. It looke
  3. Covered in dirt and grass, Skeleton walked back into town. His stomach crying out in desperation for something to eat had him bring an arm to grasp his stomach as if to smother it's cries. "Okay, okay, I hear you. I'm looking for food. Bound to be an infinitely more entertaining than crawling through grass for herbs..." Skeleton said, talking as if bargaining with his stomach. The sound of hammering drew his attention as he approached town square. He noticed someone nailing up a banner atop two parted posts. "I noticed food, and I'm already sold. I can't bring any but I will
  4. Skeleton: Level: 11 HP: 220 Energy: 22 Damage: 4 Mitigation: +0 Accuracy: +0 Evasion: +0
  5. Roleplays: Relationships: The Story Thus Far: Trivia and other General Info:
  6. Profession: Alchemist Rank: 5 Exp: 197 Store: Skills: Total SP: 26 Remaining SP: 13 Non-Combat: Passive: Combat: Weapon Skills: Sword Art List: Inventory:
  7. Profile: Username: Skeleton Real Name: Aeolus Gale Age: 16 ->18 Birthday: 14th September Virtues: Flaws: Grounded: Having been the one to be the major groundskeeper for the home from a young age while at the same time attempting to keep both parents from sinking household funds into indulgence, Aeolus learned to think and plan for necessities and for possibilities. Having to keep tabs on both parents had pre
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