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  1. Finally, a eureka moment dawned upon the smith. He grabbed a parcel from beneath a pile of metal and gingerly dusted it off. He then held it out for Warren to take. "I need you to take this to an Artisan named Hannah. You can probably find her in one of the city groves. I promised her this item a while back and now that you're here, I can get it to her," he said. Warren took the item, not at all surprised that the quest had an extra part. The last one did too. It was almost like you were expected to do a task and then a second delivery would place you in the spot you needed for the next quest.
  2. Tusks in hand, Warren arrived at Lyle's workshop once more. The grizzled smith looked excited to see the young man. He placed the piece that he was working on down and approached Warren, wiping his soot-covered hands on an equally-sooty cloth. "That certainly didn't take you long! You seem to know what you're doing," he said, holding his hand out expectantly. Warren laid the three tusks parallel into Lyle's open palm. The man took a moment to look them over. He weighed them in his hand and held them up to the light one by one. Satisfied with what he'd been given, he placed them down on one of
  3. Warren raised his blade over his head and sliced downward, angling his Sword Art to strike both of the boars doing their best to chip through his armor with their nubby tusks. They were dispatched in short order. Warren, now content and with his quest completed, put away his weapon and thrust his hands into his pockets. It was time to head back and report in to Lyle. He turned sharply on his heels, humming a soft melody as he trotted off down the road. He was surprised at how quickly he had managed to finish this quest. Especially in comparison to the last one. Not that he was complaining. It
  4. Warren found another group in short order. Like a hunter on the prowl, he descended upon them with a ferocious glint in his eye. His Claymore carved through their ranks, but only actually managed to connect with two of them. In his haste to loot them, he forgot about the other two for a moment. As he was busy celebrating the acquisition of his final quest item, Warren felt two bonks on his shins in quick succession. He looked down to see the tiny boars driving their tiny tusks into his shin-guards. He took a step back and the boars followed. Apparently, these creatures were singular in their g
  5. Just a little longer now until he was back at one hundred percent. All he had to do was deal with the boredom for the next few moments and he could get back in the action. While he waited, Warren made another attempt at gathering. Just like the last attempt, he failed miserably. He didn't let it get him down though. He wasn't even really here for the materials. And, even if he found himself so inclined to get some, it was a simple matter of hunting down some mobs. They were much more likely to drop materials than if one tried to gather them. For now, Warren would busy himself with finding anot
  6. There wasn't much for Warren to do other than twiddle this thumbs while he waited for his energy to replenish. Thank the Lord for housing perks though. Apparently, they lowered the amount of time one had to wait for their energy to refill. Though the First Lesson had all but ruined his enthusiasm for Gathering, given that there wasn't anything else he could do he decided to see if he could rustle up some materials. He found a flower and stooped down to pick it. It seemed, however, that there was a certain sweet spot for breaking the stem and he missed it by a mile. The entire plant shattered l
  7. Two more boar pups, one more Blast. The creatures hadn't even aggroed onto him before they were glassed, leaving nothing but shimmering mist in their wake. Interacting with the dancing light, Warren didn't have much hope that he would find what he was looking for. To his surprise, however, two tusks were dropped into his inventory. The mist disappeared, leaving Warren rather shocked at this sudden development. He'd all but written this quest off as a repeat of the first one, but here he was making meaningful progress. Maybe he'd have time to knock out the other quest today too. That would be a
  8. Another three boars joined the lone survivor from the last group. As he launched another Blast and watched his energy bar tank as a result of it, he couldn't help but wonder whether he was a touch over-leveled for this quest. Certainly it wasn't scaled to a level 11 player. Perhaps it was built for a level 5 or so, where they would be forced to rest after every single rotation of Boars. Ultimately, he decided that it didn't really matter. He'd gained a huge amount of experience early on so the next few quests would be naturally easier than they would have otherwise been. The boars shattered li
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