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  1. Rewards: 3 SP (Including December Bonus) <<Alchemist>> Profession Standard <<Alchemist>> Shop (6) Tier 1 Crafting Materials Successfully Crafted Item 400 Col
  2. "Well Haydrian, you've done it. You are now officially an Alchemist and you can set up your own shop. No don't worry, you won't be competing with me, there is more then enough work to go around for all of us, and plus, we are only able to make so much every day anyways. So there is always a demand. Now you also need to decide what you want to name your own shop. I'd recommend something that is catchy and memorable as it'll bring business back to you. Now remember to practice everyday so that way you can improve your skills and start making better potions. The better the potion, the more you'll
  3. After a few minutes, she called Haydrian back inside and had him sit down at the workstation. With his head clear and vision in mind, Haydrian had to remember what he was doing this for. There was so much too it, and so many people depended on him. Well not yet, but they were going to eventually. And so, he had to prepare himself mentally for this. Finally he set to work and trying to create this salve properly this time. When minutes had seemed like hours, Haydrian heard Evangalines voice call out to him say "All done! You've done it Haydrian, you've made your first Salve, and it seems like a
  4. So Haydrian was starting to get a bit frustrated, not only was he failing miserably, but he was also blowing through materials left and right. If he failed every single time, he might run out of supplies and have to go back out and search for more materials. What a drag that would be. Having spent all that time out in the wilderness only for it to mean nothing and then having to spend even more time. Maybe alchemy wasn't for him and that he had just gotten lucky and Zakariah had gotten overly excited about it. Evangaline had noticed that Haydrian was starting to get extremely worked up until s
  5. "Now lets pull those materials out and give alchemy a try now" Evangaline said to Haydrian as he stood there shocked. After being brought back from his shock, Haydrian opened up his inventory and started to pull out the materials he had gathered while he was out and about. "This is a great collection of things you were able to put together Haydrian, now let's start with a salve and see how it goes. My table is on the other side of the room and I'll do my best to guide you, but only when it's necessary." So Haydrian walked over to the other side of the room and started to compile everything. As
  6. As Haydrian walked into Evangalin's laboratory, she turned around and said "Were you able to find everything alright sweetie?". Haydrian nodded his head and said " I did, the last time I had to go collect materials was for Zakariah, and that was a pain in the butt." "Ah yes, his beginner quest can be quite a challenge, especially for those who are still learning how to gather materials. Zakariah did mention to me that you might be stopping by later on sometime. He said that you made a healing potion for him and it came out quite well. He was so impressed that he stopped by my shop later on to
  7. After walking for about an hour, Haydrian had finally made his way back to town. Now he had to remember where Evangeline's laboratory was at. All he had to do was pull up his mini map and look for the quest marker and he would be on his way. Now that it had been about a week since the announcement, the streets weren't as nearly as cluttered with players as there had been on the first couple of days. People were starting to finally get out and start questing and making a name for themselves. Well, no one had really made a name for themselves yet as it really had been only a week. But people wer
  8. What kind of potions were out there? Haydrian wondered if he could replicate the ones he had gotten from the first quest he had completed. Not only had he gotten healing potions, he also got potions that could increase his damage too. Which made sense, cause there were always potions that could increase your strength which in turn would also increase your damage for a time too. Sometimes there was some really legendary potion that could possibly permanently increase your attributes also. Oh if he could get his hands on one of those, or even through lots of practice, make one himself. He could
  9. Now with all the materials gathered, Haydrian could finally head back into town and start down a new path. The path towards becoming an alchemist. He had honestly thought he would never become an alchemist as other professions in other games always had a more alluring sound to them. Potion making just didn't seem that exciting, yes you could get buffs and stuff from them. But they were never any special artifacts or really powerful weapons. But almost everyone carried some kind of potion on them, especially a healing potion. Haydrian had figured he wasn't gonna be famous for his work, but it w
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