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  1. How fitting for the fourth floor to be the place of sorrow and despair. It was where his older brother tried to help him and Sey has been doing much better. Life wasn't so critical towards him, it was lovely and far kinder if anything. Nothing has broken out yet and he wasn't in a pit of miserable despair. It all boiled down to having secrets remain secretive. Other than that, this was a lovely floor for him, a snow-based place for him to hang. With a smile on his lips, he traversed the snow with the survival skill on, enjoying the cool breeze it gave him. This was his floor, this was a place
  2. Name: Golden Cookies Profession: Cook Rank: 9 ID: 120011 Roll: CD: 12 Item Type: (Snack) Tier: (3) Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +3 Prosperity Description: Cookies that are golden.
  3. "Seems like you found yourself on the luckier end of this. Only one item is missing." Sey replied, finished with the request. Turning over to all of the rare items, he would shrug. Seems like the lack of perfects weren't so bothersome. It was also free experience, so he'll take it. But with that, he would then slide over the items towards the hooded figure. They were lacking in terms of words, but that was just typical business. Even then, could he even call it that? Perhaps, but the profits came in form of materials rather than col, that of which he had plenty of and could grind in the mobs.
  4. And yet again, his aura would only grow bigger. The Rain King tried to inflict another status onto the group, though he didn't recall anyone succumbing to it quite yet. How interesting, a mechanic where they managed to be lucky. For that, Sey had no idea what it was supposed to do, even if he was somewhat familiar with it. Well, he may as well strike while the opportunity presented itself. Charge was tempting, but he refrained from it for now. If effects come in, his attacks usually get botched in the process. A shame, he wanted to go for the highest of numbers, but who would he be to defy the
  5. And with that, finally something came out of his work! A perfect! A perfect at LAST! It was enough for him to put into a random bag of chips and call it a craft. Now to get this item confirmed by the game and he was a free man. Now for the fellow who wanted the bag to have his reward. As for Sey, he made his own profit in turn. With a smile on his lips, he would send the item off towards the game and let that guide his path into crafting. Perhaps counting up the spare experience he had wouldn't be such a bad idea, he might have been at the highest rank for all he knew. http://prntscr.com/
  6. "Thanks for covering my damage @Macradon, I'm ready to go from here!" Sey called out, spinning his fists about before clenching them up in a default battle stance. The Rain King's health is being threatened, so all he had to do was aim a decisive strike with his new enhancements and... Miss. As he swung, the pressure of the barrier pushed his body back. Sey couldn't even flip off of the barrier, for there was no solid part of it to put his footing on. So he had to awkwardly be pushed back. Upon landing on the ground, he would be bent down onto one knee, head hung down with the tuft of white ha
  7. "In that case, I need to make every hit count! And the king isn't stopping anytime soon, surely a paralysis or a stun would have worked by now if it could!" But it couldn't, his entire point. As the rain aimed to flood the lot of them, Sey was more interested in trying to change his equipment in the process, for he had chosen the wrong weapon to go in with. The DPS was going to be reduced a bit, but the party could handle that loss for a moment. If his fallen enhancements start triggering, then it would all be worth it. "I need a moment." Sey would add, flicking both wraps off of his hands. In
  8. The instant his fist struck, he felt a sudden surge in turn, causing him to wince and jump back. An effect! No status effect icons appeared in front of him, but his energy took nearly another half of energy from him as well, causing him to clench his teeth in turn. "Yo, something's not right here, I won't be lasting too long at this rate. Let's finish him quickly!" Sey declared, swiftly putting away the unneeded gauntlets, for they were providing nothing to the fight. In exchange, he decided to switch to his luckier gauntlets. He intended to get some paralysis and holy damage in. A burst boss?
  9. Where was the confidence!? Sey shook his head in turn. "Come on, you have the looks to bring eyes your way, you just gotta fix those loud lips of yours and you would make a wonderful lady~. Still gotta pay me to be a wing man though, dork." Completely brushing past her initial worries, he wasn't really expecting anything. Why would he do that to her? What, was he going to make a present deposit box? There was no reason, especially when she would be the ones to throw petals all over the place, probably in the faces of some people in turn. Sey was then trailing behind her before she returned bac
  10. "Expect the wedding to be on the 29th of the month, you dork~." He replied with a trailing taunting voice at the end. It didn't take long for her to break down into another one of her episodes of flipping out. "You'll figure it out~. You're a lady, you know what ladies enjoy! But she is very interested in neutral colors, white or black preferably. Whatever you think is best in those colors." Being shaken wasn't exactly a new thing, especially not by this redhead. It will make her future partner very flustered, he could not wait to see who she paired up with. Then she'll see how easy it was. Th
  11. "All right, let's draw some first blood!" Sey declared, swinging his fists around and about before clenching them harder, a white glow emitting from them. The Rain King was letting his guard down, foolish of him. For such arrogance, his fists will fly! With a press of her feet against the ground, he would lunge forward to have his fist make contact with the King, though he felt something rather rough upon impact. Mitigation, damn mitigation. Considering that this was his lesser build designed to keep his health high, he wasn't inflicting as much damage as he could have onto the king. But even
  12. Well at least it was done, but he had to admit that he was rather disappointed if THAT'S what the quest was going to be like? He tilted his head to the side as he listened to her explain that they just needed to return it to the NPC. It was a tutorial and it still managed to make him question the game's handholding. Perhaps she was overleveled, but weren't these things supposed to be taken in parties? "In that case, we're bringing it over immediately! Get you some experience points and we'll call it a day." Seems like he wasn't needed. But he did want to bother her a slight bit, the thought ma
  13. Did you all miss me? Well how's this for a little treat? July 29th, the marriage of @Sey and Elucia ( @Hidden ) thread shall be up! And so the timer begins. Also, yes @Kirbs, you are the wonderful flower girl.

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  14. This was a riskier build that he was working with, since it wasn't necessarily the highest in damage. But with the lack of perfects he obtained in his shop, he was damned to his fate of making his build more about restoring his health. With this, if he was lucky enough, he would find himself gaining health at the speed of a first aid while he inflicts a bit of damage through the mitigation. It made battles far easier for him, knowing that he won't be dying anytime soon as long as he was lucky. In exchange, his mitigation was bound to suffer, so that was unfortunate. But he was not a tank anymo
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