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  1. Did you all miss me? Well how's this for a little treat? July 29th, the marriage of @Sey and Elucia ( @Hidden ) thread shall be up! And so the timer begins. Also, yes @Kirbs, you are the wonderful flower girl.

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    2. Pinball


      I CANT WAIT!! 

    3. Calrex


      Calrex will do his best to be there XD

    4. Sey


      Due to being on the move and just recovering wifi, the wedding will be postponed for a few days until my energy is restored. It's been... Quite a few days lol

  2. House Name: Villa la Coda Location: Floor 4 Description: Plot Size: Estate Room(s): Storage Attic, Slime Farm, Bathroom, Bedroom, Dining Room, Storage Closet Total Cost: Donor (+$25)
  3. Mods(s) Being Dropped: Rank 5 Heavy Armor Mod, Stonewall SP Refunded: 15 Cost: 15,000 Col
  4. Skill(s) Being Dropped: Howl [10], Focused Howl [8], Fighting Spirit [10], Parry [12], Emergency Recovery [10] SP Refunded: 50 Cost: 50,000
  5. Skill(s) Being Dropped: Charge <<Ranks 4 & 5>> SP Refunded: 27 Cost: 27,000 <<All 50 SP refunded until ze next month>>
  6. Skill(s) Being Dropped: Search <<Rank 2>>, Gatherer SP Refunded: 23 Cost: 23,000
  7. "Noted." Sey would reply, nodding his head with a smile. The last part about jailing the orange players seemed a bit weird, but he'll gladly talk to Hestia about that. No way was he going to do that, he was not going to jail his own girlfriend. But then they went for the more lighthearted question, Benny. That, Sey would reply with a confident nod before replying. "I bought myself a crate. I plan to get myself another slot to help improve my build. The more I can maximize my damage, the better. The raffle is free too, so why not?" And with that, he would then tilt his head to the side when it
  8. It was Christmas time, right? Then it was time to be happy, and she was right to suggest that maybe they shouldn't talk about it. "Shhhhhhhhhhh. It's all right." Sey would explain to her, rubbing his hand down her back to soothe the poor thing, he would then let get as she did before nodding his head to her suggestion. "Just for this day at least. It is Christmas after all." And with that, he would look down to her into her eyes, seeing the afterimage of the girl he first fell in love with in the orbs of her eyes. Ah... There she was. "And because it's Christmas, we can stick around together a
  9. It appears he wasn't alone in terms of his social circle. For there was one factor he didn't consider. A familiar face that was similar to his calling him with the nickname that he could only recognize from her and her alone. It was that one, the one she introduced to him during the Valentine's day boss. "Lucie..." He would reply to her greeting with a whisper, looking to the side to see her on his arm. Well one can do better than that, surely! Sey was worried sick about her, seeing all of those flier just hanging around for her life. As a result of this, what could he do but... But... Well, h
  10. Christmas time. It seemed like everyone was having their fun, but he would just walk past the chaos. Admittedly, or perhaps not, he wasn't really in the mood to be seeing anyone at the moment. It was a happy time to spend with your loved ones! But he was in it for a bit of the materialistic things rather than being social, at least, that was what he tried to make himself out to be. In this case, he didn't wear anything to disguise his look. With a firm gaze locked onto what was ahead, he would travel towards what seemed to be the merchant. As a boring businessman, he proceeded to take up what
  11. Skill(s) Being Dropped: <One-Handed Assault Spear (Rank 5)> Mod(s) Being Dropped: <N/A> SP Refunded: <50 SP> Cost: <50,000 Col>
  12. MAT SALE

    I have 129 T2 Mats and I want them all gone. So make Sen-Sey happy and buy them for 250 col a pop!


    1. Macradon


      inb4 buys them all and still have nearly 400k col left

    2. Kimi


      can i get some of that good stuff for leveling <3



  13. Memelord says yes to this purchase
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