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  1. Ok so uni has finally given me room to breath. Who do i owe posts for either account? 

  2. It has been...idk how long since i've been on this site properly. Gunna try a slow grind return, i overloaded myself with threads and irl problems. Will hopefully be getting back into the swing of thigns, idk. 

    1. Neopolitan


      Welcome back, look forward to resuming our thread together.

  3. Aiming to start getting into more threads this holidays with me or my alt, pm or reply here and i'd be game to do stuff. 

    1. Sonya


      Might like to rp with either of your character though I don't know your alt.

  4. Anyone interested in doing some quest thread? Taken a longish break from the site, wanna get back into it. 

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    2. Embers


      I'll start up like 2-3 threads with y'all since some of you guys are lower levelled. I'll aim to kick them off tonight 

    3. Jomei


      I think its a long time coming that Jomei and Embers meet lol

    4. Embers


      I'm game for it, it's gunna end one way and i'm excited. 

  5. If the girl was honest with herself, she had expected Pin to take longer and was mid-fight when she recieved the message. So after butching the monster, she made her way back to the store, almost kicking the door open as she did. After all, she wasn't going to be stopped by a damn door of all things. "Heya Pins, that didn't take ya long did it? Hell, i expected to have to wait a good few days!" Pleased that was not the case, the girl walked up to the counter and placed the payment. It was expensive, too much for the girls personal opinion, but at the end, she knew it would help her get wh
  6. So this, was Pinballs store eh? The girl looked around with arrognece plastered on her face as she passed through the door. She and Pin had a unique relationship, but at the end of the day, she had money, and he had a service she wanted from him. She needed an item that would make getting her familiar just that much easier, and Stryder had suggested her to come here and order from him. She had just hoped he wouldn't try and stab her... "Oi, Pin" She said coming up to the counter. He looked uncomfortable , but that wasn't her fault his spine was missing half the time "Look, i'll be simple.
  7. Anyone wanna go on some of the lower level quests? Wanna get some levels + grow socially with Embers

  8. Journal Materials: 0 Col: 800
  9. Embers

    Embers Journal

    Skills Level: 23 SP: 9/67 (61 Used) 5-8-10-12-15 Non-combat: » Passive: - Heavy Armour <Rank 2> <13 SP Invested> - Familiar Mastery: Accuracy <Rank 2> <8 SP invested> Combat: - Martial Arts <Rank 1> <5 SP Invested> Weapon skills: - Two-Handed Battle Axe <Rank 4> <23 SP Invested> Inventory Scythe of Anguish - Reaper Lucky Charm - Avians' Charm (+3LD) - 5 Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP) - 1 Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage) -1 Tier One Over-Health Po
  10. Embers

    Embers Journal

    Profile Username: Embers Real name: Larissa Williams Age: 21 Gender: Female Height: 5'12 (Or 6'0) Appearance: Standing taller than most, her hair and eyes share the colour burning red . Her legs are long and powerful, as well as her arms have clear signs of physical strength. Her face still retains its girlish looks, but within her eyes, a firestorm of emotion burns and erupted constantly. Being 21, she has curves on her hips, a slight hourglass figure, but her curves aren't hugely dominate. (See Image) History: Born in a a split family, it wasn't hard to see wh
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