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  1. After a good few hours of hiking, the darkness started to set and Embers made camp. Two tents and a wooden fire burning between the girls, Embers leaning against a rock with a large smile on her face. Now this, this is what she truly desired. A proper camp fire, and even if the floor burned...The fire was needed, after all, what was a camp without a campfire? Wearing her casual clothes, the girl stretched out much like a cat, before glaring at her travel partner for a moment. Hestia.... "Should hit the place tomorrow if we make good time. Either way, it'll work itself out just fine. So te
  2. Ok so uni has finally given me room to breath. Who do i owe posts for either account? 

  3. A cocky grin on Embers face grew as she stared over at Sey. She could smell it now. This boy pissed her off, so much. And the worst part was this time, she knew why. He was ice-coldy calm. There was a fire in him, but it burnt so cold it was pissing her off already. A near animal growl came out of her as Sey spoke to her. There was something so primal in her, that just could not stand him. She knew, at that very moment, she would punch him in the face one day. The invitation to the guild popped up, and Embers grinned. Finally. Sure Hestia had been 'defending' her actions, but the reality
  4. The leaping through the mountains, even if it was very different, reminded Embers so much of home. Hunting game, with her old man and Rowan. The bird would spot them from above, then start circling telling her he'd found something. After that, it was a simply act of hunting it down, killing whatever it was, gutting and cooking it properly. The simple days of hiking, ones that Embers sorely missed in this game. Hunting, cooking, was too different now. In a way, it was easier...and more boring. Embers slowed down, even whistling a little for the Hawk to return to her. Embers kicked the gro
  5. Embers let out a booming laugh, this was what she needed. Oh it felt so good to fight someone who actually fought back properly, not just because they though she was hot. During the fight, the girl made little, to no, effort to block any damage, any attack. She took it head on, and it was how she always fought. Deal more damage to them than they could ever deal to her. But this, it felt so right, something burning inside of her chest, this screamed as for what she wanted. Grinning cockily, the girl raised her eyebrow and lowered her guard "Oh, whoever wins...?" The girl took a step forwar
  6. The 'rallying' of this new guild, one that was supposed to kick the front liners into action..god it felt depressing. 4 people, one of them being here, wasn't gunna change anything. It was like acting a special forces team to topple an entire government, they needed more and more support every step of the way. Right now, it just lacked people. Lacked a leader, an Alpha who would properly take charge of the situation. Embers eyes were slightly drawn to the other girl, not Hestia, who introduced herself. Ruby. Embers eyed her up hungrily, before shaking her head. Maybe another time.... As f
  7. Embers hadn't expected the boy to deck her that quickly, she'd honestly thought she had more time to react. She hit the ground, and felt some of the wind in her lungs being forced out of her! She growled as she looked up at the boy, but found herself taken aback by the fact he didn't make an attempt to pin her to the ground. While part of her would have LOVED to wrestle him on the ground, something in her flicked. This preppy kid, was worth her time. She let out a thunderous laugh as she slammed her arms into the ground, lifting herself up and grinning widely at the boy. "You wanna pin me
  8. Embers had no attempt to hide herself from the Treant King, even if she herself didn't do enough damage to the damn thing. The damn idiots mitigation was too much for her Scythe to get through it. However, her ally, Neo, could. All she had to do at this point, was keep its attention on her and she'd be doing her 'job' in the battle. After all, she may have loved a good fight, but this was nothing like that...This reminded her, in a way, about her old man and his mercs. Each had a job to do, and sometimes, that job sucked, but you did it anyway. Smirking, the girl threw herself forwards!
  9. "Shut up you dumb ass, i swear to god. I will pluck your feathers off one-by-one if i gotta...idiot" If looks could kill, the look Embers was giving her dumb-ass of a familiar would have gotten her arrested in the real world, again. The white-tailed hawk had spent many minutes 'pecking' at the girls new haircut. Her hair barely touched her shoulders now, as from before when it cascaded down her back. She liked it, but her dumb-ass familiar kept 'biting' her as it that'll grow it back! After the threat was made, Rowan simply stared at her with his eyes before simply giving up and resting on the
  10. Embers shot off after her Familiar, the hawk's wings carrying it through the air as the large girl 'ran', almost as if she was chasing it down. In a way, she was. She and Rowan often played this game in the real world, and Embers wasted no time teaching her new pet the same game. It was almost like tag, if Embers got close, he had to get close enough for her to reach him. And if she did, she got to pet him all she wanted. It was a 'game' they would play over many days, months even, until she eventually hunted him down. A way for her, the hunter, to improve in her tricks of the trade. Th
  11. They needed her at level 33? Well, crap. She was a while away from that! Still, that idea pushed itself away upon hearing that Stryder, better known to her as 'The Kid', managed to make a round on the front line BEFORE her, she let out a growl. No way that little ass was beating her for that long, not now she had Hestia at her damn side! She opened up her quest section, and it didn't take her long to find one for this floor. She grinned as she glanced over its requirements, alone she'd be fine...with hestia, well, it was as good as won. "Hope you're ready for some hella hiking Hestia...Gu
  12. Embers let out a short laugh, for all her pro's, there would always be a fault for Hestia. She and her father, would never have gotten along. The mission was important, and you had to trust those you recruited not to die. That is just...mercenary work, people died and you couldn't get too bothered because there was always the next mission. The next fight, the next kill, to get on with. It was always, though, about the money and about the pride. Money to survive, and pride to cope. Embers felt the smile on her face grow, even as Hestia hugged her. That band of mercs, god they were idiots, and y
  13. Embers had to admit, Hestia was an interesting one and yet...it seemed almost right to be apart of her pack, to follow an Alpha who would fight to protect. The promise of betrayal...sat poorly inside of Larissa however. While it was true that was her promise to herself, the idea of being a traitor, yet again...It was like sour milk, it just went wrong on so many levels the girl herself couldn't dig deep enough into how much she'd hate to be a traitor. "The name means nothing to me Hes, what matters is the message behind it. My old man was part of the Legion, they called themselves. The f
  14. Embers wanted, in some ways, to go her own way. To remain the true wolf, the true Alpha, she'd always seen herself as. She didn't NEED anyone, didn't need someone like Hestia by watch over her...And yet, while her pride wanted nothing more than to refuse, her instincts...begged her to join. To accept the offer. There was something, primal, within her that saw this as a chance, an opening, to form a pack around her. Embers let out a snort through her nose, as a toothy grin slips onto her face. This was it, was it? She'd found her pack of mercs, her band...Her Pack. She may not be the Alph
  15. So it was an inviation at the end of it all. Radient, whatever...Honestly the name didn't matter, but the offer...Embers found herself curious. While she didn't really care what took place on the front line, and did her best not to, the offer said a lot about everything. While Larissa would be the first to admit that reading between the lines wasn't her strongest suit, sometimes a hunter could smell blood a mile away...this was one of those times. The front lines were bleeding, and Hestia was rallying people who she thought would be able to reset it. Lead by example. Most of the names th
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