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  1. A bit nervous, she clung to that red robe, hyper sensitive to every bit of movement around her. Shown to the platform, Ruri did as she was asked. "He isn't going to turn into like an enemy or anything, is he?" Immediately on the defensive. Looking back through a pair of lenses, "You'll be fine, I am right here." A harsh swallow, knowing she was being a bit of a baby. "Whatever, if you're so sure. I expect you to deal with it then." A small scattering of pumpkin seeds fall into Oni's palms, and she picks something out that stuck her fancy. A single little flag, unsure what it did, but she wante
  2. Just keep quiet, just keep quiet Rushes through her head, hearing more and more talk within her self induced confinement. It appeared as though no one had discovered her yet, and yet she couldn't be more uncomfortable. Having this many people skittering around was making her skin crawl. She had no way out, no escape until they all left. Stabilizing her breathing through an active method, Ruri starts to attempt to drown them out. She'd not make a sound, though, feeling completely trapped. The girl still couldn't handle this, and it played off terribly every time she'd tried so far. The thumping
  3. The increased volume of a whole smattering of players makes her wish to whisk her way into the small little cranny. Sliding a box slowly as to not draw attention to herself, a small alarm starts to buzz on her HUD. Ruri wigs out and quickly hushes that screaming birdie, hoping that no one else had heard it. It was time for her daily dose, and although she appreciated the reminder, it sucked total ass at the same time. *thunk* as she begins to imbibe it, that sickly greenish mixture tasting super bitter and a little like dish soap. But it did the trick anyway. Tucking it away as she hops into t
  4. Hiding in the back of the guild hall, nestled into the apothecary chamber behind some glimmering glass. Ruri was hoping no one would even realize she was here, this was far too many people for her to slip past. Sliding over to one side, the girl missteps and knocks a vial off the counter. Shit... blows through her head as she drops low beneath the counter, hoping she wasn't noticed. The blunette wasn't ready to be sociable, especially with a whole gaggle of brightly colored and brightly temperamental people. A soft exhalation as she tries to conceal her breathing, keeping her head down and kee
  5. Fiddling a crystal she had found, transposing out a message rather quickly, and it was but a simple few words. Even more people, more that didn't understand at all and persisted on trying to appease her or make her feel better about what happened. How could she? It was terrible, and she had nightmares about it still. The act of closing her eyes felt like it could last forever. It was worse than pain, the mental scarring that occurred drastically outweighed the missing momentary glimpse that would fade quickly. This lasted longer. Find me... She shrinks up as Lium
  6. A clutch of her head with both hands, a soft murmur that built in volume with each successive continuation. "Shut up..." Twisting toward the door frame with an increase "Shut up!" Leaning just a bit, she bellows "SHUT UP!" she binds her hands to the side of her temples, becoming so overwhelmed she was internally screaming. Ruri couldn't take this, this constant badgering by the blonde. She felt cornered, trapped in here like an animal. Trying to push herself onto Ruri had only made her more and more locked up and frightened. Fumbling around in her inventory, for something, anything. She heaves
  7. A small ding of her HUD showed it was time again for her to drink it, and dismissing the alarm, she pulls the cork out and takes a swig of the stuff. Her tongue immediately pops out, it tasted like soap. Building a little wall up around herself as she kept in a close-knit ball. "Haine forgot about me..." one can hear just a murmur of the words from behind the corner. Her voice carries a bit, given the place was so...empty "Go away. I don't need you to baby me." she becomes immediately abrasive at the mention of her sister and Raidou. "When are you going to get it through that thick head of you
  8. Sliding out of view and pressing her back to a wall, she slides down and clutches her head. "Just stop talking." Ruri bellows out from the wall she had shielded herself behind, trying to push this girl away. Apparently, she didn't know when to quit. Burying her head in folded arms, draped across her knees, pressed as close as she could muster against her chest. To her pocket she pulls out a vial of some bright green liquid, a preventative and restorative the same. The same liquid that she was given when she woke up, the one that tasted like total ass. The bluenette cradles it and holds it clos
  9. "You don't know a damn thing about me." Ruri snaps at the blonde tank, who, despite any attempts at parley, looked like she was going to keep pushing. I was trapped in my own mind for virtually years, with nothing more than sounds of others crying and trying to heal me. Screaming against the darkness, that would never end. Winding up into a ball and sheltering herself from this assailant, who was so insistent on trying to relate with her. "Too damn late, where were you when I was stuck? You act all high and mighty, and think that some righteous self-worth will make everything ok. Get the hell
  10. The faint smell of a cup of coffee, a whiff of the stuff over the smell of chemicals. Unfolding her arms and leaning around the glassware, and spotting the platter. Her eyes dart to the girl folded up, who was obviously trying to make 'peace'. What does she even care, she hardly knows me!? The words rang through her head, looking with disdain at the Joe in the cup. She has no idea what I've been through, and now she just expects me to be all 'buddy buddy' with her because she made me... Her eyes advance back to the cup and soften a bit. You can faintly hear the cup move, but instead of drinkin
  11. The bubbling and boiling finds liquid beginning to pour into a jar, a faint reddish hue in what looked like Kool-Aid. Ruri was doing her best, and it seemed a bit runny. Into a bath of ice, to help it cool, she sees it flare blue for a second before the mixture turns completely black. Her haste had made the crap completely fail. Her mind just wasn't in the right headspace to be brewing potions with this sudden addition to the lab. Damn it... Eying the thing with some light shining through it with one of the candle like lights on the wall. She notices the sudden lack of the girl eyeballing her.
  12. A twist of her head as she'd been sussed out and found by a small thing that howls softly. "Yeah, what's it to you?" Ruri attempts to dismiss this recent addition into her studies. Her head abuzz with how the hell this person just knew her name, but trying to play it cool. Intensely staring into the paper and feigning like she was busy. Maybe if I ignore her, she'll go away. A bundle of nerves still, It hadn't ever dawned on her that someone would hear her or that someone would be in the hall so bright and early. A few hurried flips of the book finds her lock onto a page at random and peel the
  13. The soft rustle of paper on a tabletop littered with different size bottles and vials. Inside a book that the bluenette was staring intently at images colored haphazardly with what looked like colored pencils, handwritten notes littered about near the descriptions as to what each was usable in. Soft crunch of some cereal the girl was chewing on, trying to wrap her head around all this math. It really was the most complicated damn profession, just math and numbers: Measurements, types and specific heat. Her head was still spinning, trying to get a handle on it all. Her guide was out and ab
  14. Ignore until 5/6 (Just Yeeting these out, so that I can focus on other things) Current Level: 44 Current SP: 171 SP Tracking: Item Upgrades: Nope, all vanity
  15. A slink of the rather abysmal basic katana into its scabbard, after lopping off the remaining's head. A burst like confetti and a flash of little fractals "They weren't that tough. Lighten up a bit, Onee-chan." Ruri extrudes with a dismissal. "Let's go after the big ones, maybe they will drop some fat loot or somethin'" Her eyes swap to Kiluia "You don't need to trap them if they're dead dude." Sizing up the large fat things with teeth, she slinks a bit to the side. An intense gaze locked to the newly formed resistance against their little posse. A slide of her feet brings her low, bowing her
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