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  2. Closed for inactivity 2800 col each
  3. "It's okay Kosan. You tried..." She shone a smile towards him glad to at least had spoken to him. "I hope to see you again, sometime." She spoke with a smile before walking out of the shop wondering where to go next, and what to do.
  4. She walked into the stone building to see a desk, now to order something she hadn't for a while now. Talking to the man at the desk he had met before she smiled at him. "Hello Kosan, it's nice to see you have a shop going on!" She smiled before writing on a scrap of paper what she wanted to order. "So I'm guessing you're a blacksmith... right?" She asked with a smile before giving him the scrap of paper. "Do you feel that you can fill my order?" She asked with a smile once more hoping that he would be able to create the shape of the chest plate she needed.
  5. Ruri

    Real Life Picture Thread

    *Cries a little* Only Kei-chan is the one I'll be waiting for towards that day....
  6. Ruri

    Real Life Picture Thread

    Well Keith, Do I have to pull out the Neko ears? *Pulls out <>*
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    Real Life Picture Thread

    Aww (Makes me somewhat confused about you but..) Awwwweeeee
  8. "Well we still could be." Ruri said as she looked over to keith knowing the possibilities that they may have in sicknesses she felt as if Aincrad wasn't real all of a sudden. She looked over to Keith thinking that her and her brother in some sort of new dimension...
  9. "Well... this entire trip through the temple seemed... not real." She says as she looked over to Keith feeling as if he wasn't even here and this was really all a dream. It felt not complex to get out of the temple as it seemed.
  10. Ruri

    Real Life Picture Thread

    *Jaw drop* Have fun boys.... *Backs away slowly*
  11. She nodded and continued down the icy hallway noticing once in a while a small crack in the floor; as if something was melting. She grinned as they finally made it outside, but that made her wonder Is this all another dream? Was it all just a complex puzzle? Did we really make it out?
  12. She took his hand and managed to get up off her feet. "Yeah, and please-- we can get another familiar, it just scared me how you had turned soft suddenly..." She spoke softly. She then looked over to him and hugged him. "I-I'm glad that I have a brother that con protect me-- if that ever happens again I hope I can count on you, because together.. we are an unstoppable force." She said, as she let go of the hug, and smiled up at her older brother.
  13. I look over to Keith and smile slightly, a scar now across my cheekbone. "Yeah, I like people who put up a good fight." She slightly tried to let a smile appear on her face... It was hard to get it but she tried to smile. She then softly sighed and sat down next to Keith. "S--So that's something..." She had commented on the fight, not sure what else to say.
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    [F03]«Search for the Hoya»

    Hoya Time! *PMs Shaya and Haine to join her*
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    Real Life Picture Thread

    Wow the colors of the USA flag. Cool! ^.^