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  1. Paragon (5/10) Paragon Level 5 - Laurel Wreath (Earn Col equivalent to 15% of player’s EXP earned in thread) Paragon Level 10 - (1) Gleaming Scale, (1) Demonic Shard, +1 LD to Looting*
  2. A bit nervous, she clung to that red robe, hyper sensitive to every bit of movement around her. Shown to the platform, Ruri did as she was asked. "He isn't going to turn into like an enemy or anything, is he?" Immediately on the defensive. Looking back through a pair of lenses, "You'll be fine, I am right here." A harsh swallow, knowing she was being a bit of a baby. "Whatever, if you're so sure. I expect you to deal with it then." A small scattering of pumpkin seeds fall into Oni's palms, and she picks something out that stuck her fancy. A single little flag, unsure what it did, but she wante
  3. Just keep quiet, just keep quiet Rushes through her head, hearing more and more talk within her self induced confinement. It appeared as though no one had discovered her yet, and yet she couldn't be more uncomfortable. Having this many people skittering around was making her skin crawl. She had no way out, no escape until they all left. Stabilizing her breathing through an active method, Ruri starts to attempt to drown them out. She'd not make a sound, though, feeling completely trapped. The girl still couldn't handle this, and it played off terribly every time she'd tried so far. The thumping
  4. The increased volume of a whole smattering of players makes her wish to whisk her way into the small little cranny. Sliding a box slowly as to not draw attention to herself, a small alarm starts to buzz on her HUD. Ruri wigs out and quickly hushes that screaming birdie, hoping that no one else had heard it. It was time for her daily dose, and although she appreciated the reminder, it sucked total ass at the same time. *thunk* as she begins to imbibe it, that sickly greenish mixture tasting super bitter and a little like dish soap. But it did the trick anyway. Tucking it away as she hops into t
  5. Hiding in the back of the guild hall, nestled into the apothecary chamber behind some glimmering glass. Ruri was hoping no one would even realize she was here, this was far too many people for her to slip past. Sliding over to one side, the girl missteps and knocks a vial off the counter. Shit... blows through her head as she drops low beneath the counter, hoping she wasn't noticed. The blunette wasn't ready to be sociable, especially with a whole gaggle of brightly colored and brightly temperamental people. A soft exhalation as she tries to conceal her breathing, keeping her head down and kee
  6. Ignore until 5/6 (Just Yeeting these out, so that I can focus on other things) Current Level: 44 Current SP: 171 SP Tracking: Item Upgrades: Nope, all vanity
  7. Ruri

    Ruri - The Blue Bolt

    Skills Skill Points Total: 165 Skill Points Spent: 112 One-Handed Curved Sword [Rank 1] Katana [Rank 5] Light Armor [Rank 3] Mods: Ferocity Finesse [Rank 3] Athletics Inventory Weapons/Tools: «Bear-Chan» Vanity «Galaxy Blade» +3 DMG «Bracers of Swiftness» +2 ACC Seeds: 12 [Spread] Relationships » Miaki - A Dear friend of hers. » Haine - Sister » Keith - Brother » Raidou - The Talker/The Doctor/My Friend? » Kiluia - Secret Hate Threads: Grandfathered: 165 SP [PP-F22] Resurgence of Light [Complete] +2 SP [PP-F6] Calm Before the St
  8. Player Killers?

  9. Closed for inactivity 2800 col each
  10. "It's okay Kosan. You tried..." She shone a smile towards him glad to at least had spoken to him. "I hope to see you again, sometime." She spoke with a smile before walking out of the shop wondering where to go next, and what to do.
  11. She walked into the stone building to see a desk, now to order something she hadn't for a while now. Talking to the man at the desk he had met before she smiled at him. "Hello Kosan, it's nice to see you have a shop going on!" She smiled before writing on a scrap of paper what she wanted to order. "So I'm guessing you're a blacksmith... right?" She asked with a smile before giving him the scrap of paper. "Do you feel that you can fill my order?" She asked with a smile once more hoping that he would be able to create the shape of the chest plate she needed.
  12. *Cries a little* Only Kei-chan is the one I'll be waiting for towards that day....
  13. Well Keith, Do I have to pull out the Neko ears? *Pulls out <>*
  14. Aww (Makes me somewhat confused about you but..) Awwwweeeee
  15. "Well we still could be." Ruri said as she looked over to keith knowing the possibilities that they may have in sicknesses she felt as if Aincrad wasn't real all of a sudden. She looked over to Keith thinking that her and her brother in some sort of new dimension...
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