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  1. The two players would draw near to one of the archways leading to another room, and Dazia would spot something inside it. She would see a book and quill on a desk within the room, which looked like a study at this point. The inkwell was fresh, so this book must have been edited recently, be it by a player or an NPC. Only one way to find out...and that's to read this thing! All Vigilon had to do was read the latest page... He didn't know if Dazia had picked up any other books in the study's shelf, which could provide lore on the location...but this had to be addressed
  2. After that suspiciously spacious room with the unsettling, horse-headed statue that stared at the players, its gaze following them as they moved on upward, past the stairs...was a more normal room. Unlike the other rooms, there was no evidence or trace of shifting or movement. Vigilon let out a sigh of relief. "Finally, a more normal room." He thought aloud. He then looked around this room of the- wait, how far up the tower have they gone at this point? Nine? And the rooms of this tower were tall and spacious, too... "Well, maybe from here, we can inves
  3. Well...clearly there was something done, either incredibly right or incredibly wrong, for the ground shook. "Yeah, that's not normally a good thing." He remarked. Dazia then decided the two players should move upward...well, no time like the present to get reckless, and if things went to shit then there were always Teleport Crystals, right? It was almost as though Dazia was starting to get tunnel vision. Sure, the rumors spoke of there being someone of importance at the top of the tower in the Citadel, but not only did Vigilon not have many clues pointing evidence that this
  4. Vigilon got up, with some difficulty. He sure hoped the rest of whatever lurks around here were nothing like whatever the hell he just fought and nearly got pummeled by. "I'm actually right with you there, that was too close for comfort." He replied to her words. He didn't know if it was luck, he didn't know if it was the Cardinal, he didn't even know if it was just the odd layout of the place itself...but man, was he glad the potential target area of the structure was now before the two players. "...Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go, before anything weird finds us." H
  5. So much for finishing this fight quickly. The Memory Wraith shifted into its true self, and when it moved to deflect Dazia's attack, Vigilon readied his sword art to attack. What he wasn't expecting, however, was what happened next. The strange, unusual fabric-like, cloak-like stuff that may have been part of the Memory Wraith grabbed Vigilon's weapon by the blade, and Vigilon held onto the hilt of his sword, very tightly...and the result was the monster flailing him about, slamming him down upon the floor of the room numerous times in succession. Tru
  6. Well, he tried to make this opponent understand...oh well. Heck, the enemy could have easily seen this the same way...and it seemed the only way out of this impasse was to make someone bleed. So, naturally, Vigilon decided it would be the opposing force that receives the pain...and disarming Dazia actually gave Vigilon the opening he needed. He readied his sword art, and dealt a heavy blow against the adversary, dropping the enemy's HP down into the red. He then entered a blade lock against the opponent, right after it delivered a cut against him. "Now, Dazia! Get
  7. The wall was destroyed, and the other players in his party then charged to strike down the boss. Everyone was attacking. Krysta suffered a recoil from improperly triggering her sword art. Something had to be troubling her, so he would need to speak with her when this battle was over. He would need to help her with whatever was messing with her mind this moment later on. Ariel, Jomei, and Lessa all unleashed their might against the boss, aiming for the now visible weak spots in its scales, caused by the relentless onslaughts the players had made prior
  8. Another round, another head. The players were getting close though, last he could tell, so this won't be long now. Once Nari gave the word, an all out assault began. Nari, Jomei, Ariel, and Lessa began an onslaught it couldn't handle, and Krysta would then advance to finish it off. It didn't even get a chance to attack before it got drilled and decapitated, it was kind of funny, actually. Krysta called for Vigilon to deal with the wall, and he would advance. He could feel the heat building up in his weapon, the timing couldn't have been better than
  9. Based on what seemed to have suddenly become the plan, it didn't go as well as expected. Nari's attack failed to finish off the Wood head, then Jomei finished it off. Ariel tried to break the wall, but it seems that the boss must have prepared for this, as the wall was not fully destroyed. Lessa then took it upon herself to finish off the wall, making the opening, even though there were only two players left who had a window of opportunity against the boss. "Krysta, let's do our best to make this moment count. What say you?" He asked. Upon Krysta's agreement, The two be
  10. Well, the water type head was destroyed, and Krysta had to finish it off in the Tank's stead. Problem was, as soon as Jomei brought down the wall, the wall reformed and all three separate rooms got new heads. Oh...so it was that kind of phase... "Damn..." Vigilon thought aloud. "These things must regenerate whenever they all get cut down!" Unless one party gave up on killing off their head, this process would just repeat over and over...and who exactly would ever decide for their whole party to go on the defensive rather than the offensive? Who wouldn't wa
  11. Well, this particular part of the fight wasn't going as well as Vigilon had hoped. He'd hoped that the party would have wrecked this head by now, but alas, Vigilon had messed up pretty badly on his last attack. He didn't know if the head was laughing at Nari, or at Vigilon for his fumble. Regardless, Vigilon needed to reevaluate his options. Maybe the best way to do so was to partly slip into his own mind. He stood firm, positioning his blade downward as his hands clasped together around its pommel. Inhale, exhale...inhale...exhale... Vigilon opened
  12. How close were the players now? That question might have to be answered later, for more words echoed throughout the room, and things might have just taken a much larger turn for the worse. For starters, ice formed, grew, and spread in a pattern that separated the parties, while also forming a defensive barrier, blockading the space between the boss and the players. "What is this, you seeing us as a threat now?" He asked. Then the heads emerged in each space. One of Venom, One of Plant matter.... ...And against Vigilon's party, a head of Ice with
  13. Vigilon knew that this couldn't possibly be all the boss had, but oh, how he wished he didn't jinx it by asking... First came the words. They weren't from the Players, nor were they from the boss...and yet, the words seemed to fuel the boss, and the beast within awakened. The Party Mina was in was set alight by fire, electricity surged against NIGHT's Team, and the Party Vigilon was in got pelted with a storm of bladed metal. Three of the wedges in the Antidote Buff mark above Vigilon's HP bar were gone, there was only one charge left. The whole party had taken a hit, and Vigilon had a
  14. So far, there was only constant whaling against the boss, simply hitting it until the players could get somewhere. The raid was already almost a third of the way there, and something seemed off... "It's too easy..." Vigilon thought aloud. "Something's not right..." But what could he do, really? Other than make use of the offensive opportunity that was his most powerful Sword Art being ready once again, there really wasn't anything he could do about the situation. Something wasn't right, it had to have a trick up its sleeve...maybe it was waiting for the players t
  15. First time for everything... Krysta hadn't drawn her weapon at all in this fight, let alone attacked. She was probably following Nari's orders, but this wasn't something that could be expected of her. Once Vigilon landed from the attack he'd previously dealt to the boss, He noticed that Mina had managed to deal a devastating blow against the boss as well, and by the surge of color, Vigilon could only guess there was a wide array of ailments involved. Vigilon's weapon had two notable powers that were enhancement based, one being a surge of fallen energy like he'd accomplished with his
  16. The first person to meet Vigilon over at the safe zone's edge was Krysta. It was haunting enough to know that he was going to one of the riskiest and most dangerous battles in the game, but the fact that Krysta was going as well...it kind of hurt him inside, he wanted to be able to see her again, and he doubted he'd be able to forgive himself if something were to happen to her... He noticed the tiara that Krysta was wearing. It really suited her, and complimented her appearance, in his eyes. Deep down inside, he didn't want this to be the last day
  17. The Shadow Lungwyrm nearly paid no mind as it basically swatted at the players. Would anything ever be enough? The players were surviving pretty easily so far, but... This thing wasn't like anything else in Aincrad that he'd fought before. This impression wasn't from stats, not yet, anyway...but it was more about this creature's behavior, the way it carried itself...its absolute...indifference. In this beast, there was...nothing. Void. This monster, Wushen, was titled "Elemental Warlord", based on the name displayed above the HP Bars above its head,
  18. A Lungwyrm; A dragon of Asian folktales. Honestly, given this game's point of origin and the factor of the Wuxing being at play, Vigilon should have expected this. However, little did the boss know that there was more than one dragon in the room(figuratively, of course). This was Vigilon's first time in a Floor Boss raid. Every decision counted. Krysta would activate Barrier, which would allow the players some room for trial and error for a short time. While the party leader was Nari, Krysta still felt the need to encourage and spur on the party as a whole.
  19. It was about time that mess was taken care of. At least there won't be any nasty surprises from anything except the boss for the rest of the day. The problem, however, was time. He didn't know if he'd make it, but he'd sure as hell try. Running through the labyrinth at top speed, with Krysta following from behind, Vigilon began making his way over to the boss door where the other frontliners hopefully were. After all he'd been through so far, what came next should hopefully be able to go without a hitch. He didn't know how much time he was taking as he nearly sprinted his way
  20. The day had come for the raid. He wasn't sure about this feeling within himself, the fact that he was heading off to help the frontliners in one of the most dangerous battles in the whole game...it was like this sense of dread had just welled up inside him within seconds, and the settlement was almost eerily quiet. Vigilon took a deep breath, and stepped off of the Teleport Platform. Well, that was the easiest part, next was to head over to the boss room, where the other frontliners would be gathering. The anticipation nearly made him shudder, and it was a different, yet similar feeling to whe
  21. Purchasing: Teleport crystal x5(4000 col) [T4]Immolation Potion x4(4800 col) Total cost of 8800 col paid to @Banker
  22. Vigilon had no gosh darn clue how he always came across this guy's nomadic mercantile encampment whenever he was in need of consumables. But having had consumables from this player in the past, he knew very well that it was both a blessing and a curse. While one would be lucky to come across this guy in their time of need, and the buffs were effective, the taste was either absent, or not good enough. But hey, sometimes you've gotta tread on thorns before you walk with roses....or, however else that phrase went. Vigilon looked over the various items and the buffs the
  23. Vigilon had a lot to do and he knew it. However, he also needed to be ready. He messaged Krysta, telling her that he would cover the cost of both their consumables. While this put a dent in his initial financial plan, it wasn't anything a bunch of grinding couldn't fix. He at least knew of one highly reliable place where he could go for consumables, so now he was on his way there. When he reached the player ran shop of Cintamani, he would waste no time picking out the consumables he needed, then he would place them all on the counter, along with the col payment this required
  24. It hadn't taken very long for the man needing the armor to arrive. Upon recognition of the player, Vigilon would pull out the set of armor from under the counter, and place it on the counter in front of him. "I do believe this here is what you needed?" He asked. Once the exchange was complete, Vigilon would wave the man farewell as he parted with his new armor. With that taken care of, it was time to continue on to the remaining preparations for the raid. He still had much to do in only a dwindling amount of time. -Given [T4]Titan's Ward(MIT II, Taunt) to @Alkor
  25. Name: Titan's Ward Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 7 Roll ID: 214887 Roll Result: Fusion Item Type: Heavy Armor Tier: 4 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Mitigation(2), Taunt Description: A set of armor forged from an alloy tougher than steel, its design simple yet eye-catching. Pointed, angular pauldrons, gauntlets with sharp ends on their gloves' armored fingertips(despite them not counting as a viable claw weapon of any sort), armored boots appearing as though the feet were those of a beast, and a helm with a liftable visor, with said visor having a simple yet effective design
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