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  1. Looking for someone to make me a Perfect Light Armor.

    And @Domarus you still owe me that 7 Col

    O_O  we all know how important that is. (Nope this is just a poke for the orders you have lined)

    1. silver crow

      silver crow

      Ha ha I don't think he will give you the 7 col

  2. So... I can see my OP thread going nowhere, anyone wanna do the honors of killing the last mob? I would if I could but a guy who attacks with 1 DMG might actually be overkill... Aand I’d probs be closing that on my next post so...

    1. Macradon


      I could, but yeah :v

  3. Here's a poke to everyone I'm RPing with *Pokes with my toe ^_^*

    1. Reinholt
    2. Vigilon


      Sorry 'bout that, I've got a LOT of posts to make. I'll get to it when I can.

  4. Sharr stood in the shop waiting for his weapon to be finished. ‘Is it really that hard to make a Perfect Item?’ He thought as he looked down at the Vanity Curved Sword he currently had equipped. As he waited, Sharr looked around the shop to see if there would be an item that could serves as his entertainment for a while, even just a little bit. The items he found ranged from plain weapons, for example, a plain greatsword, to an axe the gave a rather scary aura of bloodlust. Soon enough, he heard the Macradon call for him saying that it was done. “Well that... took some time, well nevertheless
  5. Why was Nature's Treasure removed?

    1. Hestia


      There was a small thing about it that needed to be fixed. It will be released once more in the future.

  6. Sharr was looking for weapons and armor to get today. He went around the Town of Beginnings, looking for a blacksmith who could craft his ideal weapon. Soon enough he came across a shop known as "The Blazing Typhoon". 'Oh I know this one, wasn't this the shop owned by the highest level blacksmith? Ha! Lucky!' Sharr first took a look inside through a window and there he saw the blacksmith before he made his way inside the store. "Coming in! Please excuse me!" He said as he entered, he went straight to the counter and said, "Name's Sharr, heard you were the greatest blacksmith in town so I went
  7. Hiya peeps, just got into this so I might some mistakes regarding the rules and stuff... SO ANYWAYS, I'm looking for a tutorial buddy to do all of the "Lesson is free" stuff with and someone to do Earning a Living with, a Merchant one.

    1. Vigilon


      I can help out with the Earning A Living.

      Also, you're not the only one who's afraid of making mistakes... Heck, my mind goes into a "23-19" freak out whenever I unintentionally make a rule-related mistake. Thank goodness there is always editing.

    2. Lee


      I can help with the Lesson series

      Mistakes are usually fixable things and everyone makes them round these parts at some point or another.

    3. Sharr


      alright thanks I'll try to get the post up soon.

  8. Sharr

    Sharr's Journal

    Appearance: Profile: Username: Sharr Real Name: Sharrkan Amun-Ra Age: 21 Date and Country of Birth: 23rd of March, Egypt Gender: Male Occupation: None History: Sharrkan Amun-Ra, rich, social, and also, a secret NEET. His rich family gave him everything he wanted, supplied him with everything he needed, until of course, he graduated out of school and went job hunting. His parents stopped spoiling him and gave Sharr a large amount of money for the last time. He used this to get to Japan. There he
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