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  1. "I knew PKers were an issue, but I didn't know they could still get away with it even by being green. My buddies and I were all nervous about PKers, which made us not want to leave the town. I don't know why I decided to leave now. I got tired of being afraid. Even my friends are going out to take this game down." The white-haired newbie briefly looks around, the thought of a PKer putting him on edge again. Still, if there were one still on this floor, it'd have been news around town by now. However, he imagines it will be an issue on the higher floors. Dismissing that thought, he then a
  2. "Knight Shift...Floor 21. Got it." He nods to himself as he tries to remember that for later. Still, that was for whenever he makes it to that floor, which would make it a bad idea for him to make that trip now at his current level. He could only imagine the kind of mobs on that floor, which made him slightly shudder. He originally planned on doing a few quests for some col, but more importantly, to get himself into a habit of doing quests. "You already looked a little busy, though. If it's just quests on this floor, it shouldn't be that hard, right?" He directs his attention to the plain
  3. "AH!!" Xlear stopped in his tracks upon the sudden arrival of Freyd. Despite having no experience with fighting yet, his hand reflexively hovers over the handle of his sword strapped to his back. He wasn't ready, but he would fight if he had to in case this player was more devious. Oh, but wait, he has a green cursor. Okay, he's good, then. "I mean...ahhhh, looking for food. I figured that. Have any luck so far?" He finally sets his hand down to his side again, studying Freyd more closely. Thinking to himself, Xlear wondered if many of the frontliners just found it pleasant to come d
  4. After putting this off for another period of time, Xlear had decided that he couldn't let himself get idle again. His friends were now starting to tackle a few quests, so he decided to meet up with them at some point in a few floors. The boots that were accompanied by the armor he had been wearing for as long as the game first started, were now crunching beneath some leaves as he treks his way along a road. Where was he going? Honestly, he had no clue. From where he was walking, however, any player that knows the map of the floor would know that he was currently nearing Horunka. Faint smokesta
  5. "I see. Good to know, thanks for the tip. I'll have to pay attention as I climb the floors then." As the bartender returned with their drinks, Xlear eagerly grabbed his and took a sip, while listening to Morningstar and letting him speak. The grassy flavor of the drink reminded him more like the tea his father would make for everyone when they weren't feeling well. Not exactly the best thing in the world, but it reminded him of home. "Good to meet ya, Star. You can call me Xlear. As you can probably tell, I'm a newbie who finally decided to get off his ass and help push this game along. I'm ti
  6. "I'll take what he's having too, sir!" Xlear sits patiently and takes another cursory glance around the tavern. While this wasn't exactly the place to be thinking about fun, he had a slight interest in learning how other bars looked on the higher floors. He was still in the process of getting things together before he eventually leaves the town to start leveling. His friends were both shaken or complacent about the whole situation they were in, but he wasn't going to make them leave if they didn't want to. That would cause complications later, something he might regret. Taking his mind off tha
  7. As he walks with her, Xlear smiles at the thought of being seen as a reliable player to the others. Yet, he also couldn't help but feel guilty for his friends behind. He hoped they'd heed his warning to stay behind. Maybe he could send them messages, updating on the progress of the game after every floor. That seemed like something he could do. Now, he felt a bit better about doing this. When Nari mentioned of going with him, he held a hand up as if to stop her. "Wait. I think I can take it from here for right now. You're probably busy and got something else you need to do. Like getting yourse
  8. Xlear nods in understanding as Nari explains how it'd be better if he were to start with a quest. More XP for leveling for sure, he thought. A better way to navigate the floors as well, the quests could help him with that. "Right, these are just beginner quests. The guy...I forgot his name already..but he'd have to be a sick bastard if he made the beginner quests something outrageous like fighting a dragon. We all would've been in trouble." He stretches as he then looks around and catches the town that she indicated. Tolbana. Once he's there, it'll start for him. He won't be able to stop
  9. A loud yawn sounds out from Xlear as he enters the tavern a few seconds later. He looks around with some interest, taking the time to take mental notes. Before everything happened with the game becoming deadly, he was underage and therefore, couldn't drink. It wasn't something he worried about too often, but he was a tad annoyed when he'd always hear from Genma and Haruto bragging about how they always had the "good stuff" at home. They even teased him for a while when he explained to them that his dad would surely kill him if he found out about him drinking. So the thought of even looking at
  10. "Of course, we're supposed to work together, silly. That's the only way we'll be able to go home. I wasn't trying to say that I could do it alone! I barely even know how to do this gaming thing, and here I am, stuck in virtual reality but also a reality in the fact you can die!" Xlear found himself laughing at that statement for a few seconds, but when he noticed that Nari seemed stoic and non-expressive, he quickly stopped and cleared his throat. "I'm sorry, that wasn't very funny at all. It's just my way of trying to...cope?" He looks her in the eye, surprise showing on his face
  11. "Oh right..forgot we’re all working together. Still, I just want to be a decent player to the point you guys don’t need to worry about me. I know it’s risky, but being around players is just as risky as a boss. I think my greatest fear would be being targeted by a PKer. I know there’s been a lot of them and there’s probably more out there..waiting. I want to take them down, too...” He watches the players out on the field, smiling as he recognizes some of them also decided to walk out to take on the game now as well. He silently prayed that they’d rise to the top together to meet the other fron
  12. “Oh..damage mastery overrides any damage enhancements on your weapon? Good thing you told me that then, I would’ve been trying to stack nothing but damage on my weapons. Maybe..maybe I should go for accuracy. Hm, accuracy for enhancements and damage for mastery. What should I get for my armor...? I was thinking mitigation would be nice, but maybe some life stealing too?” He was starting to picture the potential builds in his head already, being able to hit was definitely something he wanted to always keep. Making attacks and missing was just the same as not attacking. Accuracy was important, t
  13. He nods in understanding, surprised that a unique weapon like that wouldn’t just be in a class of its own. Something to think about for sure should he ever want a different approach in fighting. He watches her flourish her weapon and listens to her speak, taking mental notes. He then found himself attempting a maneuver similar to hers but decides to just do a simple twirl with his hands. “Wish you could do something like that and all, the mobs would run off. Too bad that ain’t a real skill.” He then answers her on the topic of sword arts and nods his head. “Yep, I know those terms at least. I
  14. “I have more than just fear to keep me goin’. We got a game to finish! It’s scary, but so is being stuck here forever or something. Not to discredit you guys, but what if some of you give up? Or decide to exploit other players because you’re so far ahead? This is the second wave that’s gonna help take this game down and if it’s gonna take me to get them to get up and start running for the top, I don’t mind leading the charge.” He watches as she equips the wicked-looking polearm, his eyes widening. “Whoa..! What are the stats on that thing? Is that considered a spear in this game? You’d think i
  15. He nods solemnly as she mentions the idea of another name on the Monument. It seemed almost discouraging to all the players, but most likely the front liners especially, to see more names on there. He was well aware, that his life could also be lost in this fight. Still, he wasn’t going to wait for it to be finished either. He didn’t think of himself as anyone special, as he’s rather inexperienced at gaming. Yet, he had that same drive to want to finish and help the other front liners..or dare he think of it like this, but be some sort of sign to the others that stay on this floor, that they c
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