Sky groaned as he hit the table, trying to sow again. He had gotten an order for perfect items!!! He hadn't even managed to craft one yet!!! He hated this feeling, of being helpless, but he knew he would get over his slump. He sighed, hitting the table again before quickly stitching up another one of her orders... It turned out okay, becoming a uncommon item. He continued crafting, making another item for someone else, but it not being something he had gotten for Teion... He sighed, before sending a message to Teion. @Teion Sorry, i failed to get a perfect, but your items are avaliable for pick up Items for Teion ID# 83620 results:  Craft: 9 ID# 83621 results:  Craft: 2 Bad idem ID# 83622 results:  Craft: 4  Loot: 5+7 - no mat Bad item   -3 T2 mats (NO T2 Mats) ID# 83623 results:  Craft: 10 Plus 8 EXP crafting.