The settlement of Snowfrost had transformed. It was still covered in snowfall but the town was bustling with life, energy, and vitality. Townsfolk and workers hurried all over the town, carrying benches, poles, equipment, decorations, and really anything. Lights shone on buildings and holly wreaths hung from every door. More lights and ribbons strung from roof to roof casting a multitude of colors on the pure white snow. Children played in the snow and chased after each other. While all this happened one massive man, six foot seven or taller with shoulders that looked as broad as he was tall in nothing but a pair of leather breeches, heavy snow boots, and a fur cap, watched as a pine tree was raised up in the center of Snowfrost's town square. A cheer erupted from the surrounding townsfolk as the tree stood erect.  Atticus Benjamin Julian Kingsley O'Malley O'Connell O'Carroll O'Reilly O'Brien O'Sullivan grinned as workers, assistants, and towns people began decorating the massive tree with lights, tinsel, and ornaments. "Nothing Like a good ol' fashioned Christmas celebration to raise people's spirits," The merchant remarked, watching as people clapped, laughed, danced, and played around the soon to be Christmas tree. The man chuckled and had to hop backwards as a couple kids ran into him, throwing snowballs at each other. He clapped his hands, rubbing them slightly, "No point gawking when there's work to be done and projects to be check up on." The big man turned and strode through the snow towards a large tent. The man ducked inside, doffing his cap, and brushing snow from his bare shoulders and massive mustache. Inside was a a mess of crates- unopened and open- tables, workbenches, and other loose merchandise and items. Benny rubbed a large hand to his temple, stepped back outside, and scanned the surrounding area. It didn't take long to find what he was looking for. "Oi, Jesse!" The redheaded youth shot up from his seated position, a guilty look on his face. He was surrounded by a throng of children, young girls, and mothers, most of them laughing. Benny huffed, his mustache wriggling, and strode over to the group, picking up his apprentice by his suspenders. The group was of course enamored with the lad's german shepard pup, Dalta, which was rolling in the snow, its tail wagging nonstop. Benny nodded to the children and ladies, "Excuse us for a moment." Benny took a couple steps away and then turned his steely gaze to Jesse, "So laddie, What are you supposed to be doing?" The boy, still a foot or two off the ground, looked down and started shuffled his feet, "I was supposed to set up the shop." "Exactly. You were supposed to take Miles, Gerard, and Tom and go make the shop presentable. But instead I find you here playing with your pup and flirting with ladies." A couple of the girls close to Jesse's age giggled and the lad's cheeks soon matched the color of his fiery hair. Benny sighed and set down his apprentice, "Now off you go. Get that done and you can go play, Laddie." Jesse nodded and rushed off after whistling for Dalta. The pup jumped up and raced after the redheaded lad.  "I feel that word will have reached more people by now and that we'll be expecting company. A lot more company." Benny turned to the ladies and doffed his cap only to remember he had taken it off. The big man grinned sheepishly and then walked off. He checked in with all his workers to make sure everything was in order. The raffle items had been set aside. Games, food vendors, and competitions had been put up. The store would hopefully be ready soon and festice decorations covered every building. The merchant had sent missives out to every corner of Aincrad about the celebration. Benny stared towards the town entrance and muttered to himself. "Hopefully more people will arrive soon." Then he turned and strode back to the center of town and in a booming bass voice, "Welcome all, far and wide to... The Christmas Extravaganza!"                                                                                                                                                   Benny, The Traveling Merchant                                                                                                                                                      Jesse and Dalta Christmas Events- A Christmas Gift!:
Every person that joins and participates (Posts at least 3 times), gets a Christmas gift!
Eggnog: A hearty drink that warms even the coldest soul, and seems to give a blanket of warmth to those who drink it. [Demonic Consumable] [+1 Safeguard, +1 MIT] IRL Drawing Competition!:
Players have a chance to test their creativity! Players can draw their characters in SAO, or any group of people or player and put them in a Christmas light! The Judges will be the Staff (Each person gets one vote), GM's (GM's do not vote unless there is a tie needed to be broken), and the Administrators (Shark, Erron and Teion only vote if a tie is still active after GM's). Also, the Player base gets to vote, every player gets one vote for one drawing.  [NOTE: The Drawing must be made in the time that the Event happened, the photos CANNOT be anything ALREADY drawn.] The Deadline for the Drawings is December 24th, and Voting will take place from December 25th to December 31st. To put in an entry, send a Message on site to Hikoru ((Reward: The Spirit of Christmas- One use consumable/item that doubles the SP gained in one non-boss, non- event thread)) Vendors!:
Tis the Season to find gifts for your friends! A traveling NPC merchant has set up shop in the event and is selling some interesting and nigh impossible to find items. So stop and buy some great things that you or a friend could enjoy! (Each player may only buy one of the Merchant's specialty items. The Merchant also sells general stock Items in addition to his specialty items.) "Top of the mornin' to ya. My name is Atticus Benjamin Julian Kingsley O'Malley O'Connell O'Carroll O'Reilly O'Brien O'Sullivan but most people just call me Benny. Feel free to look around and buy some of my wares." Item Name Item Description True-light Lantern [Trinket]
10,000 Col When lit this simple brass lantern burns away shadows and deception, actually helping your blows connect. Negates the effects of darkness, gives a party +1 ACC, and +1 LD (a party can be affected by only one True-light Lantern) Christmas Dinner [Consumable- Feast]
5,000 Col This meal consists of large helpings turkey, ham, roast beast, Brussels sprouts, roast potatoes, stuffing, various vegetables, and Who pudding. Three slots of Overhealth, and one slot of Probiotics [Note: The Feast Tiers at whatever tier the player buying it is] Ring of Platinum Keys [Consumable] 7,500 Col A heavy ring of five angular silvery-white keys used in opening treasure chests (contains five Platinum Keys). Each Platinum Key is a single-use item that grants +3 LD when opening a Treasure Chest (a Platinum Key can only be used once per thread). Hammerspace Backpack [Unique Item]
45,000 Col A normal looking backpack that actually can carry an obscene amount of items. Adds +1 to Battle Ready inventory. In addition to this effect, all Battle ready Inventory slots can stack up to two more. This item does not take up a Battle Ready inventory slot (A player may only have one Dimensional Backpack or Hammerspace Backpack at any time). Blessed Bandages [Unique Consumable]
7,500 Col A package of linen bandages inscribed with blessed and holy runes. (Three charges) When a charge is used, removes the effect of one de-buff effect on yourself or removes one de-buff on another player. Requires a post action to apply. Loot Crate (Item)
30,000 Col (T1)
65,000 Col (T2) A simple wooden crate big enough to hold anything from a rapier to a breastplate, to a two-handed Great-sword. The crate contains one unidentified demonic piece of equipment limited to any weapon type or armor type (this item will have to be taken to a merchant to be identified). Christmas Raffle!:
All Players who join the event and participate (post three times) in the event have a chance of winning a raffle item. To Enter, just approach and tag @Benny  and say that you are joining the raffle. The entries will close on December 24th, and the Raffle drawings will take place on December 26th. Item Name Item Description Candy Cane Blade A Festive-themed weapon that has a red and white spiral going down the blade. The Hilt is curved into a perfect loop, making the weapon seem like a giant candy cane. Randomly, the weapon's stripes will glow brighter and either bleed or freeze the enemy [+2 Freeze +1 Bleed]  Frostbite [Shield] A Frozen Shield that never seems to warm up, and always gives off a blue ghastly chill of air wherever it is, even if it's freezing cold. [+2 Frost Thorns, +1 Frost Aura] Rabid Reindeer Cloak [Light Armor] A Cloak made from the fur of Rudolph the Rabid Reindeer. It still has bloodstains from the gruesome battle, but it has some sort of quality that still carries over from the creature that nobody can explain. [+1 Vampiric (Defensive), +2 Evasion] Magic Snowglobe [Trinket] A small snowglobe that has a little snowman in the globe. It hands around the neck of the wearer, and whenever they heal, the small snowglobe gives off a little glow from the snowman inside. [+2 Life Mending, +1 Accuracy]  Christmas Cookies [3 Total]
[Consumable] A big plate of homemade cookies, shaped like Christmas trees and snowmen. When a person eats them, they feel the true spirit of Christmas and feel a little luckier in their travels. [+3 Prosperity, +1 MIT] TP Crystals x2 Use a post action to activate a teleport crystal. Teleports the player to the town or designated teleportation area they specify. [The Winner gets two TP Crystals] Will-O-Wisp [Unique Familiar]  A small Familiar, barely the size of a baseball that flies around the player. This creature is harmless. When in dark areas. Any Visual Penalties are denied, and they gain a +1 to the LD when looking for materials. (Stacks with familiar ranks) [Note: This Familiar takes the place of the familiar you already own] Adventurer's Pack
  A sturdy backpack filled with all the supplies an adventurer could need. Comes with 3 Blank Dungeon Maps (one of each tier), Field Rations, a Water Canister, a Spyglass, and a Single Tent Consolation Prize: If a player doesn't want to accept an item they won from the raffle, they can instead take a Candy Cane and leave the item for someone else. 
Candy Cane Material [Player's Tier - Unique Item] - Ability: When consumed for a craft, no roll is needed and becomes an auto Perfect Craft. (You do not gain EXP from this craft.) - Description:  A special material with a candy cane swirl.