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[F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

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The settlement of Snowfrost had transformed. It was still covered in snowfall but the town was bustling with life, energy, and vitality. Townsfolk and workers hurried all over the town, carrying benches, poles, equipment, decorations, and really anything. Lights shone on buildings and holly wreaths hung from every door. More lights and ribbons strung from roof to roof casting a multitude of colors on the pure white snow. Children played in the snow and chased after each other. While all this happened one massive man, six foot seven or taller with shoulders that looked as broad as he was tall in nothing but a pair of leather breeches, heavy snow boots, and a fur cap, watched as a pine tree was raised up in the center of Snowfrost's town square. A cheer erupted from the surrounding townsfolk as the tree stood erect. 

Atticus Benjamin Julian Kingsley O'Malley O'Connell O'Carroll O'Reilly O'Brien O'Sullivan grinned as workers, assistants, and towns people began decorating the massive tree with lights, tinsel, and ornaments. "Nothing Like a good ol' fashioned Christmas celebration to raise people's spirits," The merchant remarked, watching as people clapped, laughed, danced, and played around the soon to be Christmas tree. The man chuckled and had to hop backwards as a couple kids ran into him, throwing snowballs at each other. He clapped his hands, rubbing them slightly, "No point gawking when there's work to be done and projects to be check up on." The big man turned and strode through the snow towards a large tent. The man ducked inside, doffing his cap, and brushing snow from his bare shoulders and massive mustache. Inside was a a mess of crates- unopened and open- tables, workbenches, and other loose merchandise and items. Benny rubbed a large hand to his temple, stepped back outside, and scanned the surrounding area. It didn't take long to find what he was looking for. "Oi, Jesse!" The redheaded youth shot up from his seated position, a guilty look on his face. He was surrounded by a throng of children, young girls, and mothers, most of them laughing. Benny huffed, his mustache wriggling, and strode over to the group, picking up his apprentice by his suspenders. The group was of course enamored with the lad's german shepard pup, Dalta, which was rolling in the snow, its tail wagging nonstop.

Benny nodded to the children and ladies, "Excuse us for a moment." Benny took a couple steps away and then turned his steely gaze to Jesse, "So laddie, What are you supposed to be doing?" The boy, still a foot or two off the ground, looked down and started shuffled his feet, "I was supposed to set up the shop." "Exactly. You were supposed to take Miles, Gerard, and Tom and go make the shop presentable. But instead I find you here playing with your pup and flirting with ladies." A couple of the girls close to Jesse's age giggled and the lad's cheeks soon matched the color of his fiery hair. Benny sighed and set down his apprentice, "Now off you go. Get that done and you can go play, Laddie." Jesse nodded and rushed off after whistling for Dalta. The pup jumped up and raced after the redheaded lad. 

"I feel that word will have reached more people by now and that we'll be expecting company. A lot more company." Benny turned to the ladies and doffed his cap only to remember he had taken it off. The big man grinned sheepishly and then walked off. He checked in with all his workers to make sure everything was in order. The raffle items had been set aside. Games, food vendors, and competitions had been put up. The store would hopefully be ready soon and festice decorations covered every building. The merchant had sent missives out to every corner of Aincrad about the celebration. Benny stared towards the town entrance and muttered to himself. "Hopefully more people will arrive soon." Then he turned and strode back to the center of town and in a booming bass voice, "Welcome all, far and wide to... The Christmas Extravaganza!"

         Benny 2.png                                                                                                                           Jesse and Dalta.png

             Benny, The Traveling Merchant                                                                                                                                                      Jesse and Dalta

Christmas Events-

A Christmas Gift!:
Every person that joins and participates (Posts at least 3 times), gets a Christmas gift!
Eggnog: A hearty drink that warms even the coldest soul, and seems to give a blanket of warmth to those who drink it. [Demonic Consumable] [+1 Safeguard, +1 MIT]

IRL Drawing Competition!:
Players have a chance to test their creativity! Players can draw their characters in SAO, or any group of people or player and put them in a Christmas light! The Judges will be the Staff (Each person gets one vote), GM's (GM's do not vote unless there is a tie needed to be broken), and the Administrators (Shark, Erron and Teion only vote if a tie is still active after GM's). Also, the Player base gets to vote, every player gets one vote for one drawing.  [NOTE: The Drawing must be made in the time that the Event happened, the photos CANNOT be anything ALREADY drawn.] The Deadline for the Drawings is December 24th, and Voting will take place from December 25th to December 31st. To put in an entry, send a Message on site to Hikoru

((Reward: The Spirit of Christmas- One use consumable/item that doubles the SP gained in one non-boss, non- event thread))

Tis the Season to find gifts for your friends! A traveling NPC merchant has set up shop in the event and is selling some interesting and nigh impossible to find items. So stop and buy some great things that you or a friend could enjoy! (Each player may only buy one of the Merchant's specialty items. The Merchant also sells general stock Items in addition to his specialty items.)

"Top of the mornin' to ya. My name is Atticus Benjamin Julian Kingsley O'Malley O'Connell O'Carroll O'Reilly O'Brien O'Sullivan but most people just call me Benny. Feel free to look around and buy some of my wares."

Item Name Item Description
True-light Lantern [Trinket]
10,000 Col

When lit this simple brass lantern burns away shadows and deception, actually helping your blows connect.

Negates the effects of darkness, gives a party +1 ACC, and +1 LD (a party can be affected by only one True-light Lantern)

Christmas Dinner [Consumable- Feast]
5,000 Col

This meal consists of large helpings turkey, ham, roast beast, Brussels sprouts, roast potatoes, stuffing, various vegetables, and Who pudding.

Three slots of Overhealth, and one slot of Probiotics [Note: The Feast Tiers at whatever tier the player buying it is]

Ring of Platinum Keys [Consumable]

7,500 Col

A heavy ring of five angular silvery-white keys used in opening treasure chests (contains five Platinum Keys).

Each Platinum Key is a single-use item that grants +3 LD when opening a Treasure Chest (a Platinum Key can only be used once per thread).

Hammerspace Backpack [Unique Item]
45,000 Col

A normal looking backpack that actually can carry an obscene amount of items.

Adds +1 to Battle Ready inventory. In addition to this effect, all Battle ready Inventory slots can stack up to two more. This item does not take up a Battle Ready inventory slot (A player may only have one Dimensional Backpack or Hammerspace Backpack at any time).

Blessed Bandages [Unique Consumable]
7,500 Col

A package of linen bandages inscribed with blessed and holy runes.

(Three charges) When a charge is used, removes the effect of one de-buff effect on yourself or removes one de-buff on another player. Requires a post action to apply.

Loot Crate (Item)
30,000 Col (T1)
65,000 Col (T2)

A simple wooden crate big enough to hold anything from a rapier to a breastplate, to a two-handed Great-sword.

The crate contains one unidentified demonic piece of equipment limited to any weapon type or armor type (this item will have to be taken to a merchant to be identified).

Christmas Raffle!:
All Players who join the event and participate (post three times) in the event have a chance of winning a raffle item. To Enter, just approach and tag @Benny  and say that you are joining the raffle. The entries will close on December 24th, and the Raffle drawings will take place on December 26th.

Item Name Item Description
Candy Cane Blade

A Festive-themed weapon that has a red and white spiral going down the blade. The Hilt is curved into a perfect loop, making the weapon seem like a giant candy cane. Randomly, the weapon's stripes will glow brighter and either bleed or freeze the enemy [+2 Freeze +1 Bleed] 

Frostbite [Shield] A Frozen Shield that never seems to warm up, and always gives off a blue ghastly chill of air wherever it is, even if it's freezing cold. [+2 Frost Thorns, +1 Frost Aura]
Rabid Reindeer Cloak [Light Armor] A Cloak made from the fur of Rudolph the Rabid Reindeer. It still has bloodstains from the gruesome battle, but it has some sort of quality that still carries over from the creature that nobody can explain. [+1 Vampiric (Defensive), +2 Evasion]
Magic Snowglobe [Trinket] A small snowglobe that has a little snowman in the globe. It hands around the neck of the wearer, and whenever they heal, the small snowglobe gives off a little glow from the snowman inside. [+2 Life Mending, +1 Accuracy] 
Christmas Cookies [3 Total]

A big plate of homemade cookies, shaped like Christmas trees and snowmen. When a person eats them, they feel the true spirit of Christmas and feel a little luckier in their travels.

[+3 Prosperity, +1 MIT]

TP Crystals x2 Use a post action to activate a teleport crystal. Teleports the player to the town or designated teleportation area they specify. [The Winner gets two TP Crystals]
Will-O-Wisp [Unique Familiar]  A small Familiar, barely the size of a baseball that flies around the player. This creature is harmless. When in dark areas. Any Visual Penalties are denied, and they gain a +1 to the LD when looking for materials. (Stacks with familiar ranks) [Note: This Familiar takes the place of the familiar you already own]
Adventurer's Pack

A sturdy backpack filled with all the supplies an adventurer could need.

Comes with 3 Blank Dungeon Maps (one of each tier), Field Rations, a Water Canister, a Spyglass, and a Single Tent

Consolation Prize: If a player doesn't want to accept an item they won from the raffle, they can instead take a Candy Cane and leave the item for someone else. 
Candy Cane Material [Player's Tier - Unique Item] - Ability: When consumed for a craft, no roll is needed and becomes an auto Perfect Craft. (You do not gain EXP from this craft.) - Description:  A special material with a candy cane swirl.

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((First post cause I'm too excited))

Cosi headed outside, wearing a button up shirt, suspenders, simple breeches, and boots with his scarf and snake wrapped around his neck, and headed for Snowfrost. Lately the town had been all a bustle with NPCs. Cosi wanted to see what they had all been working on. Snow fell- it always did- but the blonde haired player didn't care and as he got closer to the town he saw that it was now ablaze with light, sound and color. "Looks like its Christmas time Ladon" Cosi said to his familiar, then he rubbed his eye. Another Christmas away from family. Not that I could go home if I even wanted to. Cosi sniffed, rubbed his nose and strode inside the town. His first sight, other then the massive Christmas tree, was a giant of a man, wearing nothing but pants and boots, his chest covered in blue tattoos, and a glorious mustache on his upper lip. The man's voice boomed directed workers and NPCs to add finishing touches. Then the man caught sight of Cosi. The mountain of a man stared at the tank darkly and then welcomed the player with open arms, gesturing for the player to come closer. Cosi followed the direction and walked towards the massive man. I wonder if any other players are here? I bet @Ennakai is. They live close to here. I should message people. And so Cosi did sending messages off to @Neopolitan, @Hazado, @Dustin, @Mars, @Shield, @Katagawa, @Hikoru, and @Hestia about the celebration happening on floor four.

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Neo was making her way to floor 4 to possibly buy herself some more utility items from Ennakai. As she arrived in the main city though, she noticed that the whole place was touted up into a festive joy. She didn't expect so much of the place to be like this, considering the developers were Japanese. But perhaps it was just some leftover coding from when an international release was still planned. It wasn't like there was no Christmas here in Japan, but there certainly wasn't the type of presence this floor had now.

It felt like it would be worth getting herself a little bit sidetracked. Though she was still in the euphoria of her wedding with Ruben, she did enjoy this feeling of happiness. The blade within her parasol was certainly not feeling the Christmas cheer, but she cast those thoughts aside for now. At the very least she could try to enjoy this with her friends. Sending off a few messages, Neo decided to wait by the Christmas tree to see if any of them decided to show up to the party.


TO: Hazado

    Christmas event is going on at floor 4. Thought you might enjoy spending a bit of time together here. Looks like there is a couple of shops here as well. Maybe we can find something nice to add to the house.


TO: Sunova

    Hey, thought you might enjoy coming down to the Christmas party I found on the fourth floor. It's just at the main city, so just teleport here and you'll be fine.


TO: Hydravion

    There's a Christmas party going on on the fourth floor. Figured we might want to make a small guild trip out of it, as we haven't really done anything besides mine and Haz's wedding as a guild activity.


TO: Hestia

    Figured I should let you know that there's an event going on on the fourth floor. Christmas themed. It looks like the shopkeep here is giving out some rare items, so you might want to let the front liners know about it.


TO: Pinball

    Don't know how safe you'd be, but there's an event on the fourth floor going on. Thought I should invite you, even if you don't trust me. 


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Jinx had only been to the 4th floor a few times, it was usually too cold for the girls likings. But this time was different, it was Christmas times and..well. Alisea wanted to be able to enjoy herself for once, rather than sitting in her room. Of recent times, the eye-patch wearing girl had started to enjoy herself more and more, a new found confidence emerged within her to go plaes and...well, risk it. 

That's why the tank player, although lacking in wearing her armour, sat on one of the benchs observing the town as people started to arrive. She had no idea who, if anyone, would arrive. But why would people waste an excuse to have a good time? Looking around, it seemed that only a few people had arrived, although Jinx couldn't tell if they were real players or just NPC's at this point. The girl was not wearing anything she'd worn before, rather, a new onsei she had picked up purely because well...she thought it looked cute and wanted to be seen wearing it. With seemingly nothing to do but wait until more people arrived, the girl stood up off of the bench and started making snowballs in the snow...with very little success. After all, the girl had never played with snow in her life and now, with the weird substance in absolute abundance, Alisea Dariem had no reason not to mess around with it until something interesting happened.  




download cat.jpg


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Spencer was getting ready to start cooking, making some festive cookies for someone special. I wonder if he would like these.... wait what is going on outside? He cocked his head in confusion and slowly stepped out into the street, locking his café behind him. He opened up his umbrella to block the snow and saw a couple players starting to gather around a Christmas tree, it looked like a Christmas event. "Christmas event! Nicholas better get his ass here." Spencer quickly opened up his message section and started to type one to send to Arsenal



Hey! Christmas Event! Floor 4! Get here so we can be cute together!


He smiled a bit and closed the message screen, continuing to walk towards the tree. Noot sprung from his collar and nuzzled against Spencer's cheek, squeaking happily to be out in the cold and winter air. "Come along artic feathery creature, we are going to celebrate this holiday!" He cheered and the penguin Nooted loudly, raising his fin in a cute war cry. Spencer shook his head with a laugh and entered the area, the smell of cinnamon, eggnog, and other Christmas smells filled his nose. He sighed softly and opened up his messages, thinking of who he might ask. The guild you dummy, we haven't seen each other since that dreaded mansion encounter, let me message them.



To Guild

Hi! I'm gonna be at the event, I hope to see you all there. So does Noot!

Spencer smiled and closed the message, sending it out. He thought about the rest of his friends, but decided to hold off for a moment, he did just ask 10 seperate people if they were coming. Spencer sighed softly and entered the area, nodding at the man that was running it. He beamed happily at everything that was going on.

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Nicholas makes his way to the fourth floor.  Another chance to spend time with Spencer? Hell yeah. Of course I will. He begins to run, keeping his footing in mind as he darts across the town. He reaches a tree. Oh shoot, it’s a big event? He begins to appear nervous and backs looks around for a way to sneak away. That’s when he sees the face that makes everyone else disappear. He smiles keeping his eyes on the player with a penguin. I’m assuming that’s him. Suddenly the crowd seemed empty like it was just him and the other player, as he cuts through the crowd. “Spencer.” he moves in and kisses the player gently, but passionately in the middle of the fair. “I’m so glad you invited me, but I’m hungry, you got any snacks?” He smiles at the man, while pulling him in for a hug. “I’m kidding. I’m seriously glad you thought of me when you saw this. Though, I should probably warn you, big parties aren’t really my style.” He says, waving his hand over the general area of the fair in front of them. “I’m sure you’ll meet my cousin while here though, he’s shorter than us, but he makes me look like a prick.” He smiles, looking around for his younger cousin to introduce to his first ever boyfriend.


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Just like last year, Fae was super excited for the holiday season, despite how things had been for her lately. She wanted to keep things positive as she usually did, so when she heard about the whole Christmas festival extravaganza set up on floor 4, that was the only thing on her mind. Dressing up in new holiday clothes she had found, some that finally fit her size, she made her way from her usual hiding spot and came to Snowfrost, skipping through the snow. She didn't message anyone about her arrival, finding it more fun to be a surprise this time. Once in the area filled with Christmas cheer, Fae first came across @Neopolitan, someone she hadn't met before. She was by herself when Fae saw her, so that was the kind of person Fae wanted to he friends with to lighten up her day! Running up to her, Fae tugged at her arm to get Neo's attention, looking up at her. "Fae hasn't seen you before, wanna play? Fae is a reindeer this year!" Fae said, doing a quick spin to show off her outfit.

Fae's Outfit:


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As Neo sat at the bench in waiting, she realized that Cosi had sent her a message. It was strange of him to be sending out a message to her, as she hadn't really done all that much with him. He was probably just inviting her along so that she wasn't jealous about Ruben getting an invite. Not that that would be an issue, but she could see the sentiment. She was about to get up to start looking for him when someone else came by.

It was a little girl, with startling pink hair. Though Neo didn't have the slightest idea what they were doing here, she felt out of place dealing with someone so small. It was strange that they referred to themselves in the third person, so Neo figured it might just be best to avoid the tricky situation altogether. Giving @Fae a cookie from her shop, Neo gave her a pat on the head and left to look for Cosi, her black parasol over her shoulder. If the girl continued to follow her, she might try to interact with her. Otherwise, she would let them frolic about like she had seen other kids do at the few Christmas parties she had ever been to.

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Hokori was waiting about at the first floor. There didn't seem to be that many people still in need for the beginner's quests anymore. Perhaps the people left in the town of beginnings were few enough that the rate of conversion to actual players was getting lower and lower. She wasn't surprised, it was going to happen eventually. She just hadn't anticipated such a drop off. It could just be an anomaly with the pattern, but that didn't change the fact that she was without anyone to help. That was when she got the message from Cosi.

It seemed that he was looking for some people to come with him to a Christmas themed event on the fourth floor. Though she wasn't too keen on the whole Christmas idea, hating how western culture had commercialized it so heavily, it wouldn't hurt to try and see if there was anything special that was there for her to find. Perhaps she could even try and get herself some new gear. The light armor she had received was nice, but it still wasn't quite ideal for her. There may be something that she could get her hands on that would be even better than what she had now.

Once she made it up to the fourth floor, Katagawa quickly began to search around for @Cosi.

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Shield didn't really 'do' Christmas. It was a time of year that was especially hard on him, considering what all he had left behind. I was a struggle, and a deep-seated one. Every Christmas prior to this one in SAO, he had stayed shut in whatever lodging he was using a the time, trying not to think of what was out in the real world waiting for him. No, Shield did not do Christmas.

He did, however, do rare items.

That is precisely how he fund himself in Snowfrost, decked in an overly festive Santa hat, complete with a sprig of holly over the brow and Lilith resting on his shoulder in her holiday 'sweater' made from he sleeve of a discarded holiday sweater. He wore a visible scowl under he fluffy hem of the head wear while his little bush viper familiar's tongue darted in and out of the end of her noodly sweater.

Immediately upon entering the square, a short, fat, NPC elf leaped up and crammed a holiday wreath over his head like a Hawaiian lei. "Merry Christmas, mack!" the elf grunted before waddling off to torture some tier one players. Shield groaned, opening his menus to send a friend a message.



There's a holiday event in Snwofrost on the fourth floor. I need you to come here and be uncomfortable with me.'


He sent off he message and made for the merchant stalls, checking  see what gear was being offered.


Edited by Shield
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Mina walked out of the teleport gate, a shiver running down her spine. It was absolutely gorgeous here at this time of year, nothing like the years previous. She smiled brightly, looking at the NPC's and Players scattered around the area, decorating it with festive cheer. She giggled a bit when she saw the shopkeeper and his apprentice hurriedly continue to set up their shop near a tent off to the side of the main plaza. "Na, naa~! It's so nice to see everyone so lively!" she stopped a few moments later when she realized that there was probably two people who weren't out celebrating the cheer... she opened her menu, and scrolled to her friends list, and then to the messenger that was a part of it.


To: Itzal

I know that you probably won't respond to this message, since I know you don't want to be around other players... but... I don't have anyone to really spend Christmas with. I won't be upset if you don't show up, because I know why you're doing what you are... But please, even if you don't show up, I at least want to wish you a merry Christmas...

I miss you buddy...

Mina then swapped over to another message, this one made out to Morgenstern. Her eyes darkened a slight bit as she typed out the message.


To: Morgenstern

I know you're probably still busy being sad and gloomy, but If you've noticed, It's Christmas time! I want to see you up and about, and smiling, because this is certainly no time to be sad. Besides that... I wanted to talk to you ever since the Boss Raid... You looked so sad!

Mina sighed, before walking around the area, a tired, but happy look on her face. "Christmas is... no time to be sad..." she murmured, shaking her head as she walked down the street. She perked up when she recognized her Guildmate, or ex-guildmate she supposed, Shield. He was standing there with a Santa hat on, a scowl on his face. His familiar was dressed in a similar fashion, and looked quite adorable in its little sweater. Mina walked over, a faint smile on her face, and waved at the visibly annoyed player. "Hello again, Shield... Are you having a nice time..?" she asked, her grin dropping a bit at his scowl. "Why do you look so mad? Do you not like celebrating Christmas..?"

Mina's Outfit




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I would be relaxing within my shop upon the fourth floor as i would blink in confusion as i would get multiple messages about some kind of event in the main settlement of the floor as i would just slowly get up from my shop and quickly make my way towards this event. Knowing that if i go i will at least be able to talk to friends, secondly figure out what the hype is about, and lastly hopefully just have a good time playing in the snow and getting into the holiday spirit. '...I NEED TO GET SOMETHING FOR KIMI!' I think to myself as a quick wave of panic sets in fro myself as i quickly close my eyes and take a few deep breathes to try and calm myself down breathing in deeply and than exhaling slowly as i would raise my hands up and down as i do so. Okay...lets do this Hestia. Nothing can stop you. I say softly towards myself as i would than take out a TP crystal and say the simple command phrase to avoid the hour long walk. Teleport, Snowfrost. As i would say those words the blue light would engulf me and my familiar.


When i would arrive at the settlement i would see quite a few players that i have either seen or talked to before as i would smile rather happily at the nice gathering of players to just enjoy the season together and have fun with these things. When i would look towards the NPC i would just blink in confusion at the overly muscular merchant and just shrug my shoulders and make my way over towards Cosi and give him a pat on the shoulder. Myself wearing a simple black vanity winter style jacket with fur lining the inside of the hood of the jacket, and the sleeves of the coat.  If this is a christmas party my dude merry Christmas. I say in a happy tone of voice with a smile across my face as i would stay if a conversation would ensue if not or when the conversation would end. I would than head over towards neo and nod my head towards her. Merry Christmas to you too Neo. I say kindly towards the player and would interact with her if i would get a message or have her say something towards myself. Finally i make my way towards Spencer the my guildmate and someone i haven't had the privilege of hanging out with in a long while at something that was just peaceful. Evening Spencer how are you doing, and hello person i don't know may i ask for your name? I ask curiously towards my guildmate and this stranger. My familiar would be off trying to find Noot and to hangout with the small penguin if he would want to play.


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Rogue 3.jpg

A black shadow/mist covers his face under the hood.


Itzal walked out of the teleporter in a calm yet firm stride.  On his shoulder was a silver dragon with pale blue eyes.  Her scales were a bit rigid, and she was resting calmly.  He received a notification by cardinal that there was a Christmas event occurring.  He never really celebrated Christmas, on the account of him being Japanese.  His country didn't always celebrate it, and even after they began to, it was always different than other countries.  Add that to the fact that he hardly spent much time with his family..  Well, suffice it to say he participated, but never celebrated Christmas.  He was mainly coming here because events typically had a raffle, as well as some other reward.  The decorations made him smile though.  He enjoyed seeing things bright and uplifting.  Players needed it, especially now.  Of course, all everyone else would see is a dark figure with a shrouded face striding through the town towards the center of the event.  When he arrived he would notice that there were about nine players already here.  Only two of them he recognized.  Both of them being former ascendants.  Shield, the tank paladin.  And Mina, one of the apprentices.  Itzal would pass by them as any other player would.  Never saying a word.  He heard a ping on his menu as a message was received.  He swiped it away almost the instant he did too.  He continued to walk and saw Mina put away her messenger.  Did, she send him a message?  He walked over to an alleyway before opening his menu.  He read the message, and when he did he bit his lip.  He figured people would miss him...  But why did she have to message him?  Why now?  This only made things so much harder on him...  No, he'd need to send a message.  "Karia," he said, using Velnia's secret identity.  "Keep a look out."  While she watched for incoming players, he typed out a response to Mina.



I'll be honest.  I've never celebrated Christmas in my life.  I never saw a reason to.  I can't come to the event.  Maybe we could talk afterwards in private but not among others.  I just, can't deal with that right now.  I have a present for you though.  You'll get it once you return home.

Remember.  You're never alone.  Not truly.

Merry Christmas.

He would send the message and give out a long exhale of breath.  He closed his menu and waited a full two minutes before returning.  If he returned the same time he sent the message, that would be giving away the fact that he was the rogue.  He saw Hestia had joined the group.  Hestia...  They parted on bad terms last time.  And he was certain she'd give him a lecture, maybe even try to grab him and force him back to join the floor fights.  What she didn't know, was that he already planned to do that.  Just not as Itzal.  He placed a hand calmly on the pommel of his blade as he walked past the players towards the npc merchant.  He began to scroll through it's options and raised his eyebrows at what he saw.  Pretty, powerful items he noted.  The trinket interested him, but since it was a trinket it wouldn't stack with his gear anyways.  The demonic almost made his eyes widen but he saw it had to be identified, and saw the col price.  Like hell he would make a purchase like that.  Not to mention that it was lacking tier three items.  Eventually, he stared at the backpack.  That was the obvious decision really.  He paid the price no mind and sent over the col to the banker system.  When he did the npc gave him the backpack, sending it straight to his inventory.  With that out of the way he looked at the raffle.  And the npc who handled it.  "Will you be announcing the names of any winner of the raffle?  And furthermore, will you be willing to use a title rather than a name?"  When he spoke he used an American accent.  Careful not to sound like himself when he spoke.


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Cosi continued to walk around Snowfrost. It seems like his messages and just the general flow of information had done the trick; a good chuck of players had shown up. Most of them he didn't know then he spotted Shield. Shield didn't look too happy to be here even if he was sporting a festive hat. Hestia came by to say Merry Christmas and Cosi would respond in turn giving the front line tank a lopsided grin, "I think it is, so Merry Christmas @Hestia." Cosi spotted Neo, waved to her with a cheerful grin, and then began to make his way over to @Shield"You don't look too happy to be here my friend." Cosi gave the front liner a nudge with his elbow. "Don't like Christmas even though its the most magical time of the year?" Cosi grinned but quickly dropped the facade. It just didn't feel right celebrating Christmas without his family or friends. Well I mean I've got friends here but its just not the same. Cosi audibly sighed, "I think I understand Shield." Cosi sat down on the nearest bench, laced his hands behind his hand, and looked up into the sky. "Christmas isn't the same without family, without friends. Christmas is not the same as it is in the real world."

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Fae wasn't expecting just silence from the girl she had talked to, but she gave her a cookie, so she was now a friend in Fae's book. While Neo walked away, Fae nommed on the cookie she was given, taking delight in the taste. She was just about to go wander off and play with the NPC children like she usually did when she heard a familiar voice. It was @Hestia's voice, and Fae didn't really seem to mind seeing her again after their last meeting. She was very much willing to put aside their history for some holiday fun, so Fae ran up to Hestia and gave her a hug, looking up at her. "Hi miss Hestia! You're here to play too in the festival? Fae is happy to see you!" Fae greeted, before backing away and doing another spin to show off her costume. Looking over at the other player she didn't recognize (@Spencer), Fae waved to him with a smile. "Merry Christmas to you too sir! Fae is looking forward to playing with all of you here!" Fae said cheerful, hopping up and down a few times with excitement.

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Hearing my name be said i turn my head to look towards the source and finds the familiar Fae standing there and if it wasn't for the fact that i had seen her conversing with people that wanted to form a criminal guild and saw her name on the monument as a killer i would hardly believe this girl is dangerous by any means. Evening Fae long time no see. I say in a rather neutral tone of voice not sounding happy or angry at all when talking with the pink haired girl just keeping my gaze on her for the meantime to make sure that she doesn't do anything dangerous or stupid like stealing or any dangerous attempt on people's lives in a safe zone. However, in the back of my mind the human part of my brain rather than the logical and overly cautious side speaks as i can't help but take fact of what it is pointing out basically. 'She is a kid, and this is Christmas no need to be mean or be the big scary officer of Aincrad. She hasn't done anything no need to do anything she is innocent.' A slowly relax into a smile and give Fae a nod of my head and ruffles her hair ever so slightly with a grin across my face as i would than focus back onto Spencer and his friend splitting my attention that way.

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Benny watched, a grin on his face, as more people flooded into the town. A lot of them looked like the adventuring type. Probably the kind of people who would enjoy his wares. The man walked to a central area and then shouted in his booming voice, "Welcome all to the Christmas Extravaganza! I am Atticus Benjamin Julian Kingsley O'Malley O'Connell O'Carroll O'Reilly O'Brien O'Sullivan but most people call me Benny. We have a multitude of activities planned for the evening! There is a raffle for some extremely rare items I have found myself, as well as a drawing competition for those artists out there! In addition to that I am selling some rare items! Only one per customer I am afraid to say to make sure there is something for everyone but still come take a look! And above all: Enjoy the celebration and Merry Christmas!" and with that the tall man retired to his store. After a couple minutes a dark cloaked person came up to him, a silver dragon on his shoulder, and bought one of the backpacks. Benny nodded and gave the man the backpack, and then listened to his questions. "But of course! What name shall I put you down for?" Benny waited for the man ( @Itzal ) to respond.

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Spencer's eyes went wide when the man pulled him into a kiss, but his eyes fluttered close and a small smile crossed his lips as Nicholas did. The man pulled Spencer into a hug, and he felt right as rain. "Snacks? And I was just about to cook something too." He crossed his arms and huffed annoyed, but quickly laughed. When Nicholas mentioned his dislike for big crowds, he almost unconsciously snaked his left hand down to grab on to Nicholas's right hand. "Don't worry Saint Nick," he gives the man a teasing look, "I'll be here for you, and if it ever gets to much, we can spend some time in my café just a little bit away to relax and calm down, if that is alright by you." He nudged the man with his shoulder. When Nicholas started to mention meeting his cousin, he felt a small pit form deep into his body, meeting the family. Oh lord, meeting the family. Oh lord... at least I don't have to worry about parents for right now. His grim thoughts spread for a moment, but he quickly pushed it away and smiled as Hestia entered the conversation. "Oh Hestia hi!" He smiled brightly and hugged the woman, smiling brightly. When the woman asked for Nicholas's name, Spencer's face grew bright red. "Oh uh Hestia, This is uh... my boyfriend actually. His name is Arsenal, well his username. It is up to him if he wants to give up his real name. It's a nice real name don't worry, nothing too crazy. Oh no now I'm rambling." He laughed nervously and gripped Nicholas's hand tightly as he did. He broke off his rambling for a moment and nervousness, and saw a woman speaking about a woman, wait no herself? "O-Oh, Hi. You're talking in third pers- Hi, I'm Spencer, nice to meet Fae." He smiled and waved to the woman with his free hand.... The event is already starting out with a bang.


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Fae sighed in slight disappointment as @Hestia talked to her in a neither happy nor upset tone. She crossed her arms as Hestia ruffled her hair a little, turning around. "If you still hate me at least let me know..." Fae muttered as she fixed up her hair from the way Hestia ruffled it. The other guy that introduced himself as @Spencer seemed weirded out by Fae, but at least he waved. "Merry Christmas to you Spencer have fun!" Fae said cheerfully as she smiled back at him, walking away quickly to keep him from getting uncomfortable. "Rats, looks like all the grown ups don't wanna play with Fae..." Fae said to herself as she walked around the festival to look for someone else to play with. Finding no one else, Fae joined the NPC kids in building a snowfort, fitting right in with them aside from her pink hair making her stand out. After what she had done, Fae should have expected this kind of result if she attended a party or festival like this. When Fae heard the announcement about the art contest and the raffle, Fae shrugged her shoulders. Any more attention being drawn to her just meant more people would remember to hate her, so Fae decided to pass for now.

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So it was that time of the year. Wrapped up in a warm fluffy coat and a scarf, Arabelle looked up at the grey sky from where the snowflakes were falling, with her lips slightly parted in awe. Then she dropped her gaze to look at the festival laid out around her. Snowfrost was always pretty when it was covered in Christmas decorations. Almost reminds her of Christmas parties back in her boarding school. The small purple-haired girl remained still, perhaps one of her very rare moments of silence, and then she grinned to herself and brought up her messenger. A festival was no fun if there were no people there to experience it!


To: Claude

Christmas festival fair thingy happening right now at Floor 4, Snowfrost. There's a bunch of food stalls and also a raffle. You better take a break from that tracking and come over or I'll drag you here myself! Busybody scout. :P


To: @Mishiro

Found a nice little Christmas event in Floor 4, Snowfrost. I'm alone, so wanna hang out? Convince Claude to come over while you're at it. He needs a break.


To: @Stryder , @Hei, @Saphira, @Dustin, @Gryas

Hello, fellow guildmates! If you haven't heard already, there's a Christmas-themed event in Floor 4, Snowfrost. They have a bunch of limited items for sale and a raffle, with a weapon as one of the prizes. Come over if you feel like it. :3


With all of her PMs done, Arabelle turned her head, searching for a familiar face in the crowd. There were none. Arabelle, you failure! I thought you were supposed to be a friendly, social person! she thought to herself, disappointed. She looked around again and found The Other Girl, wearing a ridiculous animal-themed outfit. She almost brought her palm to her face. Gosh, why was it always her?! Can't it be someone she actually liked? At this point, she would've settled for someone random like Vigilon. She met him once but hardly ever talked to him.

Arabelle resigned herself to waiting. She stood in the middle of the fair, watching the little groups of friends come together and exchange greetings. Suddenly, she felt a bit... lost. Ughh. She whirled around and begrudgingly approached The Other Girl. "Hey, you." She came to a stop in front of the silver-haired girl with her face slightly red. Her gaze drifted away to somewhere, steadily avoiding eye contact as she continued. "Merry Christmas. You alone, too?"

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