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  1. "Hmm?" Callie leaned over to observe the transaction while the shopkeeper explained her cooking-related wares. "Oh, that's interesting." She commented. "I haven't even touched the crafting system. It's nice to know that it's so customizable." She'd indulged in some of the culinary creations that Aincrad had to offer during her time here, but she never knew if there was much difference between the dishes offered at a tavern or ones hand-made by players with the Cooking skill. Save for the potential stat bonuses, of course. "Oh, aahhh..." She tapped on her chin again, wracking her brain for
  2. Callie realized, as Shield mumbled to himself and mulled over who all he knew well enough to get a present and what in the world such a present might be, that she had a very similar conundrum. "Good question..." She tapped a knuckle against her chin. She tried to think, if she'd ever gone out of her way to get one of her online friends a gift inside of the game. There was usually something like rare equipment, maybe limited-time items that one might like. Or even cosmetics from an in-game shop that required a bit of real-life spending. But anything impressive would probably take a while to eve
  3. Perfect. This was still salvageable. She had held onto a few nerves while he fell back to vague explanations of the items he had been surveying and the strategy behind picking up one versus the other, but she endured any unease with the excuse that this was just him taking a minute to ground himself. 'Note: surprises in public are a no-go.' She grew a smile when he shifted the conversation. The way he talked about it now felt more like going shopping on Christmas Eve. The only thing she might regret this time of year was not having more people she held close enough to pick out some kind o
  4. The aftermath of her little girlish gesture immediately filled Callie with dread. She retracted her hand just the second after she watched her pointer finger make contact with exactly the wrong part of Shield's face, and she held her hands up in front of her chest while a sheet of concern covered her face. "Oh God, I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" She asked hurriedly, her own cheeks dusting a light pink after his lowered head drew a bit close to the hem of her skirt. She was practically holding her breath, lips pursed until he had recovered, until she finally released the air in a half-nervous chu
  5. Callie gave a little spin in front of a mirror, inspecting and admiring festive attire she had acquired with such little effort in the days leading up to this 'Christmas Extravaganza'. A green, long-sleeved leotard clung to her skin underneath a snug red top: a touch of frill instead of sleeves, cutting into a deep V with a thick elastic band hugging her torso just below her chest. Just below her waist, a wavy red skirt was cut into several points that reached to her knees, decorative bells stitched onto each end. Below that, her legs were bare down to the red ankle-boots that zipped up at the
  6. I don't want to solo, but my character isn't very sociable... Any ideas?

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      lookie there, you got 5 people willing to do a thread with ya now. 

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      Ahh, so many nice people c:

      Thank you guys! I don't want to overwhelm myself so I'll poke everyone as I'm ready to start up a new thread. <3

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      Hire a bodyguard IC to carry or help you through a quest. That's what i've had to do and it's an easy way to do it

  7. Profile: Username: Calypso Real name: Caroline “Callie” Martel Age: 31 Gender: Female Height: 5’7” History: Caroline could hardly consider the first twenty-three years of her life “special” or “exciting”. Growing up with both parents and a younger brother of two years in a big city, life was usually busy and detached, and Callie had little choice but to adapt senses of both independence and reliability from a young age. She often times did her best just to get by and maintain the status quo, purposefully blending in throughout her school years. As a result, boredom grew to be
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