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  1. Cosi heard his name called, quickly got up from his seat next to the fire, and made his way over to the crowd of people. Apparently the NPC merchant had started the raffle and was handing out the prizes. And it looks like I got one. But which one? That prize turned out to be the shield, Frostbite or something. Too bad I got rid of my one handed skill and stuff. I probably won't use this shield. Cosi took the shield out of his inventory to admire it. I guess it will look nice in the shop or once I get a house, above the fireplace. Cosi returned the shield to his inventory and then moved to head
  2. Cosi watched as a second dark cloaked person joined the first- who was in fact Pinball- and a scuffle broke out as the second kneed Pin and threw him off the roof. Cosi jumped up but before he could do anything Pin was being hauled off by the hooded player after they had called for Hestia. Why Hestia? and goodness what just happened? Cosi was left standing and awkwardly staring so he quickly sat back down. Then someone came an sat down next to him which made him nearly jump out of his skin. Then he saw it was @Katagawa, "Oh hi Kat. and yeah it has been a good while. Anyways have you been enjoy
  3. Cosi sat by the crackly fire, warm cocoa in his hands, his snake curled around his neck, and simply watched as players and NPCs walking by talking and laughing. Cosi sighed and looked down into his mug. It was at that moment that his draconian ring lit up with a faint emerald glow. Cosi quickly looked around knowing that flash could only mean one thing: something near was hidden. And since he was in a safe zone it was almost certainly a player. Cosi scanned the nearby rooftops and spotted a person clad in black and wearing a mask. Cosi didn't know what the player was doing up there but he deci
  4. And in a flash Cosi was left alone, @Shield left with a girl, @Hikoru was practically dragged away by one, and @Baldur, someone Cosi hardly knew, become enamored with a female of his own though it seemed like the samurai was more interested in her like a fan was interested in a celebrity. Cosi grinned and waved goodbye to the three front liners, even giving Hikoru a wink. He'd have to spend some more time with them later. Still the blonde haired tank was left alone with his pet snake, "Everyone's got a girl Ladon except us." Cosi said to his serpent, scratching his scaled head, "let's go find
  5. Cosi gave @Hikoru a salute and his signature lopsided grin, "No worries mate. I practically live here so I wouldn't not invite others. Hmmm double negatives are weird." Cosi shrugged and turned back to Shield. The two of them made their way to Benny's tent and the items that lay inside. Cosi looked in awe at the offered equipment and gear. Shield on the other hand gave scoured them with his appraising gaze. Shield signed up for the raffle so Cosi followed suit, "Put my name in too @Benny. It's Cosi. And I'd love to get the backpack put I'm short a couple thousand Col. I'll like the look of the
  6. Cosi continued to walk around Snowfrost. It seems like his messages and just the general flow of information had done the trick; a good chuck of players had shown up. Most of them he didn't know then he spotted Shield. Shield didn't look too happy to be here even if he was sporting a festive hat. Hestia came by to say Merry Christmas and Cosi would respond in turn giving the front line tank a lopsided grin, "I think it is, so Merry Christmas @Hestia." Cosi spotted Neo, waved to her with a cheerful grin, and then began to make his way over to @Shield. "You don't look too happy to be here my fri
  7. ((First post cause I'm too excited)) Cosi headed outside, wearing a button up shirt, suspenders, simple breeches, and boots with his scarf and snake wrapped around his neck, and headed for Snowfrost. Lately the town had been all a bustle with NPCs. Cosi wanted to see what they had all been working on. Snow fell- it always did- but the blonde haired player didn't care and as he got closer to the town he saw that it was now ablaze with light, sound and color. "Looks like its Christmas time Ladon" Cosi said to his familiar, then he rubbed his eye. Another Christmas away from family. Not that
  8. Skill(s) Being Dropped: O.H.S.S.- Rank 1, Heavy Armor- Rank 2 Mod(s) Being Dropped: N/A SP Refunded: 18 Cost: 18,000
  9. I will be going camping til the end of this weekend and then I will be going to college and setting up my apartment, getting into a routine of going to classes, etc., etc. So if you’re in a thread with me have patience and I will respond when I have time. Thanks

    (also Slayer is my alt so all this goes for her as well)

    1. Neopolitan


      Take your time, life should always take precedence if it needs to.

  10. Cosi quickly walked into the shop, still sweaty from a day of killing boars, having just been notified that his order was complete. "Thanks for changing order at such quick notice" Cosi thanked Macradon the blacksmith, as Cosi inspected the equipment. The sword was perfectly balanced and razor sharp too. The plate mail was exquisitely crafted and was as beautiful as it was strong. He thanked Macradon again, the man was a genius with smelting and working with metal, waved to Katagawa who he had just been teamed up with and then left the shop to go do what ever came to him next. Items recei
  11. How detailed does the floor/quest/boss need to be for floor team application? Also could you explain plot team application task in more detail? and what would you consider to be the definition of a "good story"?
  12. Cosi entered the shop a little hesitantly but once he did he stopped dead, his eyes growing wide as saucers as he took in all the arms, armor, shields, and tools that adorned the smithy. " You made all these!?" he exclaimed looking towards the blacksmith who was busy hammering away at what would be a two-handed greatsword. Then Cosi shook his head slightly remembering why he was here, he needed a better weapon and he wanted to pick up a shield as well, and this smith was offering a discount to inexperienced players which Cosi definitely was. "I'd like to place and order actually. A sword and a
  13. Cosi

    Cosi's Logbook

    Profile Username: Cosi Real name: Alexander (Alec) Matthews Age: 22 Gender: Male Height: 6'2" Level: 23 SP: 68 Appearance: Cosi is above average height with fairly broad shoulders and a toned physique. He has gold-blonde/corn silk, unruly hair and hard turquoise eyes that shine. He has fair skin and his face is softer angles with a slightly pointed chin and nose. Cosi’s attire is that of a cloaked warrior. Simple leather armor is wore beneath a pure white cloak that is clasped with a diamond roughly hewn in the shape of an eye. He wears steel reinforced gauntlets and lar
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