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    Honestly....it's random. I lose interest in some things and gain interest in others on a whim.

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  1. Tokio

    Player Levels

    That actually seems like a good idea on paper, would love to see that implemented. Would that also apply to acquiring rare items and event items?
  2. Tokio

    Player Levels

    I was actually planning on asking that as well, are these levels just temporary?
  3. Tokio


    «Tokio» Profile » Username: Tokio » Real Name: William Miles » Age: 20 » Gender: Male » Height:5'7 » About: A college student, he studies to get to a point where he can help create new software for the games he loves to play. He does his best to take care of his mother, who was recently disabled from an injury, by working several jobs along with his studies. He's a dillgent worker and tries desperately to help those he cares about. Though he doesn't have much free time, he likes to play video games when there is a chance and hearing about SAO made him want to give it a try. » Virtues: Curious: Enjoys to learn new things and is always wanting to discover things before others. Adaptable: Can adjust to new situations quickly enough when he's been immersed in them long enough. Caring: Tends to gravitate to those in need and finds joy in helping others. » Flaws: Absentminded: Has a bad habit of getting distracted by everything and can easily forget things when this happens. Ditzy: Is not the smartest tool in the shed and does not make the best decisions all the time. Unlucky: Bad things tend to habit to him on a regular basis. Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills : » Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Roleplays » » Relationships: » Story Thus Far: »