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    «Name» Subtitle. Profile » ragnar: » CJ: » 16: » male: » 6 ft: » About: ragnar had an abusive father growing up he didn't have an easy life he had come to SAO to get away from life only to find himself trapped in a death game he has problems trusting others science he thinks everyone is out to get him he usually wears a hood and dosn't talk much he likes to sit and read alot and has a drinking problem and likes to keep a grudge against people have wronged him he dosn't like front liners and dislikes PKers even more then front liners ragnar has decided that he was going to get out of the game and murder his abusive dad for what he has done. » Virtues: kind:ragnar is kind to anyone except PKers and frontliners he likes helping the weak because he was abused when he was young so anyone in a weak position he will try to help. he also is kind to players who help others he wants to become a player like that. strong willed:ragnar is strong willed once he has a goal in mind he will do almost anything to complete the task he recieved this from his childhood when he was young because his dad made him live on the street where he learned to be tough and to go for his goal. caring:things dont easily get into ragnars heart but when they do he cares about them almost like he would die if something were to happen it he would die from the loss he cares about only one thing and that is his mother which he dearly misses from real life the only reason for him to escape this death game. » Flaws: Reference: http://www.darkworldrpg.com/lore/flaws.html souless: ragnar gets mad very easily and will be willing to kill the thing or person that hurt him or to someone who hurts other people for fun or people that use their power agianst others he thinks little of people and does not value life as other player do he simply sees people as innocent and users.. unsocial:ragnar dosn't talk to new people very easy he likes to sit and read instead of hearing people critasize him for not doing or being what people expect him to be it can be off putting at times he withdraws withing himself alot to think about things before he says or does them. greedy: ragnar loves money because he thinks money equals power and ragnar loves power he wants to use that power to protect those weaker then him he really hates people who use power unjustly. Non-combat: listening Passive: X-ray vision Detection Equipment Appraisal Combat: »parry Weapon skills : one-handed strait sword one-handed curved sword Inventory Weapons/Tools: »long sword