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    Profile » Username: Astion » Real name: Edoardo Del Re » Age: 19 » Gender: Male » Height: 6' » About: Edoardo was a normal guy, for most of his life, he never had problems at school or at least that is what everyone was sure about. In reality he felt lonely, and he didn't even know why. At his school all his friends were jealous of his wisdom and intelligence, he never had to study or make too much effort to be better than anyone else. He felt too good to be only an average person on this planet, that's why he begun to play MMO. There he could be whatever he wants, he could lie, and he could decide exactly what he wanted to do. In this kind of game he had no limits, and that's what he wanted. The real world, was made of limits, set by the people around him, that were not worthy. They were only normal people. Only one thing make him feel better, try to make girls fall in love with him just for fun, to have a sense of conquest. He played a lot of Online games, but they were annoying in the long run, that’s why he bought SAO on the first day, he wanted to try that game. And then when during the inauguration the creator explained the rules of the game, Edoardo was one of the few people that was smiling. Now he had a challenge, now he could feel alive. » Virtues: . Leadership: Yes, Astion doesn't like people. That doesn't mean that he have to be alone all the time, and when he is with others he become a true Leader. He knows exatly how to insipire and use the people that follows him. Organize people and give orders is something that he loves to do and make him feel alive. Astion knows that to be a leader you have to be in the frontline inspiring your man, but he'll not esitate to sacrifice some of his men to reach his final goal. . Charming: The noble arts of Talking was always aiding him in the real world, and now that he is in a Deadly game more than before. Thanks to his charming personality, he can obtain things that normaly would be precluded. And trought his words he make people feel confident with him, and therefore make easier for them to understand his point of view. . Honor: Even if he is selfish and he try to make his interest, Edoardo is not a evil player. He don't kill people and he is loyal to his word, moreover if he find someone that is "worthy" to help he don't esitate to do that. » Flaws: . Seducer: Why you have to live in a place where all people are different from you if you can convince other people to join your crusade? That's how Astion thinks. In fact he always try to make other people change their mind in order to use them on his will. When this happens he have lot of benefits, but in a world like SAO it don't happens so often. This can brought to misunderstanding and problems with others players. . Overconfident:" We have to do this!" and nobody can stop or say nothing to convince him on the contrary. He always think that what he do or think is the right, he can't be wrong. This Bring to problems dealing with his enemy especially with the bosses, since that he always want to do everithing by himself . Selfish: As being part of an occidental country, Astion was born and continue to have an "Me" incentred personality. That means that he is in the only one he cares about, all the others people are useless, and not worthy to his attencion. This don't mean that he is a bad player or that he never helps the others, but Others are others, Astion is the center of the Universe. Profession: Blacksmith Skills Non-combat:» / Passive: »/ Combat: » / Weapon skills :»One-handed Curved Blade> Novice (2skills point) Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress Relationships (optional)» Story Thus Far (optional) » From the beginning of the game he didn't do too much, he had just fun looking around and studying other players’ behavior, now he will begin to play.