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    «Yusuke» Profile » Usernername: Yusuke » Real name: Kotetsu Yusuke » Age: 18 » Gender: Male » Height: 1,79m » About: Before connecting to SAO, Yusuke was a normal student from the Tokyo College, studiying Chemistry. As a child he loved to play videogames, but as time passed by, the time for playing faded until it disappeared completely. After his Finals, he decided that he deserved a treat: To buy the new NerveGear Console and it's first fun game, Sword Art Online. "Link Start" were the last words he said until knowing that he was stuck there forever. With his stupid cationess, he spent a lot of time laying in the starting city's floor, cheking all the tutorials about the game. When he was finished, Kayaba Akihiko showed up with his announcement. And Yusuke couldn't say he was all sad. He had a life, but it wasn't so important that he couldn't give it away, besides, living on an online game were every teenager dream, and was his too. Yusuke is calm and patient, looking to solve any problem right-away. He doesn't likes when people trick or lie to him, which makes him very angry. » Virtues: Yusuke's calmness and cold blood grants him the ability of being able to solve problems quickly, and also not to panic on stressing situations. With that ability he is able to control his body almost perfectly in any kind of situation, boost his reflexes and think clearer, being able to find a safe way out and to take hard decisions in a very small amount of time.. Yusuke's Intelligence and knowledge of physics grants him the ability of thinking fastly and creatively findind alternative ways to solving any situaition. In combination with his calmness and cold blood, Yusuke is able to find alternative ways to solve problems really fastly, being able to calculate and overthink enemy`s movements and attacks and pre-set an conter-attack for it quickly.. Yusuke was in the school`s Kendo club since elementary school, which gave him good knowledge with the japanese style of fighting, so as sharp reflexes and agility. Being so used to holding a sword, Yusuke`s sword skills are already very developed, making so as he is not dependent on the system`s fighting pre-sets. As he`s unnatached to the system`s pre-set basic battle skills he`s got a higher agility on his strikes, as he doesn`t have to give the system a battle command or stand in the right stance for it, as the other players have to.* » Flaws: Reference: http://www.darkworldrpg.com/lore/flaws.html Yusuke's irracional fear of thunders makes him unmoveable until it's sound is gone. At the sight of any thunder, all of his virtues become stucked. He`s unable to think, move, so as he gets unable to battle at all. There`s no way for him to avoid being paralysed by the thunder`s sound, even though he`s able to think about how much he`s scared in that moment.. Yusuke is a arrogant guy. He doesn`t likes to be contradicted at all. As he thinks he`s smarter than every person around, he stands arrogant against his team mates and friends, making it hard for him to be around other people. He loves to give orders and for them to be strickly followed, and hates when it is not so. Even when he`s not on a leader position, he tries to give orders and to command the group.. As he`s too coldblooded, he tends to ignore people`s feelings and to lack of moral sense. he`s fast with the blade to kill either a monster or a little puppy, and even faster to compare it`s lives. He`s a lover of fastness and efficiency and is always ready to do whatever it needs to keep them. If it`s people, monster or animal, there`s no difference for Yusuke. He`s also ignorant when it comes to emotions and feelings. He`s not a robot, but his emotions are well controled, and he doesn`t understands when other people can`t do the same. Profession: Blacksmith Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Weapon skills : »One-handed Straight Sword - Level 1 Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Basic Sword (E) » Dark Raven - Basic Clothing Set - (E) Roleplays: None yet.