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    «Name» Subtitle. Profile » Username: Slivurr » Real name: Kai Yakimo » Age: 17 » Gender: Male » Height: Five foot, five inches » About: History/personality The subtle flash of lightning struck across the sky. It was night time, or close too it though the thunder clouds made it dark enough to be considered night and the public lighting had flicked on moments before. Vivid steel gray-blue eyes peered out in the darkness as the young man waited in line. Lips spread ear to ear he couldn't believe his luck in being nearer the front line though there was plenty of time left waiting til release of the new game. Born to middle aged parents he was mostly ignored. An older sister and a younger sister as the middle child he was the only male progeny of his parents and that gave him some minor freedoms in what he wanted to do. As often as he was online playing video games (Rogue classes tending to be his favorite) he also could be seen out and about with his friends. His athleticism drawing attention to things such as parkour and free form activities that allowed him to express his carefree attitude. He turned to his friend Kira, she was a cute little thing, long straight black hair, almond shaped eyes sparkled a bright green that showed her mixed heritage. He couldn't help but squeeze her hand tightly, his excitement over the release of this new game drawing his attention for the past year. He had read up on every little tidbit of information he could manage to find. "Kira-chan, we need to start planning what we are going to do when we finally link in! Proper planning and all will see us go far." She couldn't help but giggle at his enthusiasm. She had known the carefree boy for many year and it was just that attitude that endeared him to her so closely. Though it came at a price. He was carefree to a near careless state at times and it had caused problems in school. She gave an audible sigh reaching out to tug at his shaggy black hair. "Now now Kai-chan. We don't even know what it's like in game. It's a little too soon to be making all these plans don't you think?" .... He couldn't help but grin. He was lanky, though his body showed proper build and muscle placement. There was very little fat on his boy most of it an athletic trim which he kept in shape with his many activities. Approximately five foot four, he wasn't very tall, average really though he was a few inches taller than Kira. Shaggy black hair, steel gray blue eyes and a fair though slightly tanned complexion finished him out. He was brave, nearly fearless/reckless which was an attribute needed with many parkour goers. Beyond that he was a true ambidextrous capable of free range of movement from left to right though he chose to give the illusion of favoring being a lefty. » Virtues: Courage: Kai has this idea that the only reason we fear is we do not understand. Bravery will overcome all. It's hardwired in, his brain doesn't pause at fear, he doesn't slow down and think "What if?" No he rushes in headfirst. Action/Reaction that's the nerve firing tell him to press harder, deeper, faster. Go all out because today might be the last. No regrets! Generosity: There is no I in team.. Okay if you scramble it up there is a ME but that's not the point. Kai believes the well being of the whole is better than the well being of the few. Now. That being said should he see someone in need he'll go to help, but he doesn't exactly go out of his way to seek those needing him. Think of it as the good Samaritan. Awareness: There are few things in life that are cut and dry. Black and white.. Good or bad. It's awareness of a situation and how it affects us, applies to us and otherwise is an issue or a boon that makes the difference between right and wrong. He is what you would consider a neutral good person. He has an awareness that points him in the proper "Good" path but that doesn't mean he wont stand toe to toe in the defense of others or cross a line if need be to see something fulfilled for the good of all. » Flaws: Reference: http://www.darkworldrpg.com/lore/flaws.html Reckless: With courage generally comes the issue of Recklessness. His over confidence can sometimes be seen as a flaw especially when he turns up in situations that aren't all that great.. Or well.. Down right bad. He has a tendency to leap first then look at where he is already down in the hole so to speak. Yeah it's kinda of a problem sometimes. Pair this with Absent minded cause it really comes into being one and the same for Kai Erratic: You just can't really pin him down. His actions and motives are all over the place and it's hard to draw bead on just exactly what fuels his fire or intentions. All over the place, he knows what's in his head but due to his own understanding of courage, and generosity he excels at drawing confusion with his brash and sometimes reckless actions that just catch you by surprise. Aloof: So very very similar to withdrawn though think of it as just very socially awkward. He wants to be around others, and tries hard to that effect just sometimes he says the wrong things at the wrong time and others the wrong gesture. He's just very odd and difficult to understand. Profession: Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills : » One handed Straight Swords Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Sword Name: Blue Item: One handed sword Shop: Blades of Dreams Description: The sword is a good quality, but yields no true power behind it, making it a good back up weapon in case the durability of another sword breaks. Wanted Enchantment: None (Beta) Durability: 100/100 » Roleplays » [sOLO] The Beginning - In progress » [Private] [PP-F4] Frozen Wonderland (Keith, Ruri, Slivurr) - In Progress » [Private] [PP-F7] The Mountountainus Range (Ruri, Slivurr) - In Progress » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships (optional) » Story Thus Far (optional) »