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    «Stonge» The Courtly Lover Profile » Username: Stonge » Real name: Zac St.Onge » Age: 18 » Gender: Male » Height: 5'9 » About: Zac was never a big gamer, he would play things casually on the side often with a friend or two just to relax. Lexi however, she loved games and Zac had had his eyes on her for quiet some time - the only issue being he never really knew how to talk to her, as the two didn't have much in common. Upon hearing about the release of SAO, he decided to get a copy for himself in hopes of learning how to play the game and finally finding something to talk to Lexi about. Lexi however was unable to get a copy of the game, Zac let her know that he would show her how to play when she got the game... Zac was dazed when he found out he could not leave the game, and confused when a 'girl' who he had been fighting with reverted back into a male. » Virtues: . Forgiveness: Zac is quick to forgive others, even if they have turned their backs on him in the past. . Caring: Zac is quick to create bonds with others due to his caring and forgiving nature. . Flexibility: Zac is very open to change. He has not set plan on what he wants to do and is in no hurry, he's willing to tag along with anyone who might need his help. » Flaws: Reference: http://www.darkworldrpg.com/lore/flaws.html . Naive: Zac was never in the know. He refuses to believe that someone would have created a game where real-life murder would be possible. It is because of this that Zac doesn't feel as rushed to train and level himself up in the game. . Fool's Love: Zac believes he is in love with any girl he meets. This hinders him during his adventure as he spends more time trying to impress the girls than he does grinding for experience. . Narcissistic: Zac is often seen spending his money on artificial things for himself; a new outfit, or getting his hair trimmed down. He will spend more time making sure he looks good than he will looking for a new quest to pursue.