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    » Username: Clarik » Real name: Clarik Hilaguya » Age: 15 » Gender: Male » Height: 6' » About: Clarik was a very normal teenage during the days he was not in SAO. He kept his grades up (as best he could), had some really good friends, and lived a pretty much normal life. What happened that turned his life around was something no one really expected, he was gay, For years he was un sure of it but during his soft-more year in high school (the same year he got sucked in SAO) he came out and told everyone he was gay. This definitely affected how he would live his life. Bullies really thought of him as a big target and some of his friends slowly shy'd away from him, leaving him with only a couple of real friends to stay with. After this Video games really became his fall back to the horrid things that happened in school. When he heard that SAO was coming out on the Nerve Gear, something that his dad recently got him for his birthday, he was excited and got the game from his birthday money, getting one of the copies. » Virtues: Caring: Over the course of his life before SAO, he definitely learned that being nice to someone went a very long way. Being kind to people as he went helped him get friends and make him feel better about himself. Loyal: Considering that some of his friends severely lacked loyalty in his time of need, he decided to hopefully make that less of an issue when he is with his friends, staying loyal to them. Quick Thinker: With people bullying him a-lot, actions in tight corners have been come his specialty, being able to get out of a situation with actions, or words, or even a clean get away. » Flaws: Defensive: Jokes of anything that could deal with him, or mostly anything, he will become very defensive and angry toward that person, since his years in school were definitely not the best for him. Shy: Even though he is kind to most people, other people he has met, like someone he might have a crush on (senpai notice me) or someone he really doesn't know very well, he will become shy and secluded. Trusting: After he gets past being shy and defensive, Clarik will become trusting, but sometimes very trusting to the point where he wont see the bad things that person is doing, Clarik believe that this person is a good person. Profession: Soon to be an Alchemist Skills (Points Available: 0/2) Non-combat: »Familiar Recovery: Unskilled Passive: »Detection: Unskilled X-Ray Vision: Unskilled Night Vision: Unskilled Hiding: Unskilled Listening: Unskilled Extended Weight Limit: Unskilled Combat: »Leather Armor: Unskilled Weapon skills: »One-Handed Dagger: Novice Inventory Weapons/Tools: » A simple Dagger, handle is made from mahogany and the metal is a durable, sheen metal. Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships (optional) » Story Thus Far (optional) »