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    «Elric» Profile » Username:Elric » Real Name:Elrictor Suma » Age: 23 » Gender: Male » Height: 5’11†» About: Living on the outskirts of town while growing up as a child was more than just stressful to Elric, it was the bane of his existence. Being more than 15 miles outside of the closest town, none of his friends would ever think about coming over and hanging out and even going to school was taxing on both him and his parents. It was only when Elric was playing video games online when he got any real interaction with anyone but even that had its limits. With a lack of knowledge of how to interact with people in the real world that were his age it hindered Elric when he went to social gatherings and events. He always felt like the outcast when it came to the big groups or even the small three person group. However every now and then he would gain the courage to put aside his feelings and venture out into unknown to try and better himself. It’s also this lack of knowledge however that tends to lead him into trouble when he doesn’t expect it. When he sees someone in trouble, whether it’s some person on the side of the street wanting some money or when someone is stranded on the road, he’ll help them out even though he doesn’t know what the repercussions would be. While going to the local college a lot of the people that he met began talking about the new VRMMORPG “Sword Art Online.†It was the opportunity he was looking for to expand his horizons into interacting with other people, even if it was only virtual. Using the left over money from his Financial Aid Elric rushed out and bought the gear and programs needed to play the game. Virtues: Helpful Those that know Elric have come to find that he is a very helpful person. Even though he doesn’t have a lot of experience with other people he’s still able to go out of his way to help those around him that are in trouble and to provide for others. Kind. Elric grew up without an angry bone in his body. He holds no ill will towards others and treats people with the kind of respect that one deserves. However he hates when people treat others like dirt and trash causing him to blow up every now and then. Brave. Deep down Elric has the ability to be brave when he absolutely needs to. He’ll venture out and beat his fears just to help out a friend from a bad situation whether or not it will benefit him in the short or long term. Flaws: Knowledge. There is a deep lack of knowledge that Elric contains when it comes to interacting with people, especially when it comes to larger groups. This knowledge will sometimes get in the way causing him all sort of unwanted trouble. Gullible. Due to his kind and helpful natural nature it’s very easy to manipulate Elric. He’ll believe almost anything and most of the time won’t find out what’s going on until after the events do happen. This gullibility has given him a hard time in making new friends and being able to truly trust other people. Lack of Direction. Elric literally has no sense of direction what so ever. He can be taking a marked path that is clearly laid out in from of him and wind up in some random area within the same vicinity. He tends to get lost when going to big cities that are crowded with people and even gets lost when he’s on the college campus that he’s been go to for the last four years. Profession: Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills : » Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Roleplays Relationships (optional) Story Thus Far (optional)