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    In Game Appearance: IRL Appearance: «Name» Profile » Username: Claud » Real name: Keigo Yokai » Age: 19 » Gender: Male » Height: 6"1' » About: History: Keigo was born to a loving mother, his father having left him and his mother before he was even born. The man did however leave behind a vast collection of video games when he left. Keigo growing up would play and beat most of these games fairly quickly, even making his way out to a few retro-style arcades to put his name on the top of most of the machines. He never really made friends when growing up, usually keeping to himself playing one game or another. His Mother did however find a man she fell deeply in love with, the two dated for awhile before getting married. But this man however didn't particularly like Keigo always yelling at the boy when he talked to the man. And once married the man took it further and started to verbally and physically abuse the boy. Keigo however never said anything to his mother out of fear of what his now Step-Father would do to him should he say anything. Keigo tried to immerse himself deeper into games to escape his step-father but it wouldn't work for long.. A few years after Keigo's mother and step-father married his mother died in a horrific car accident, the then teenage boy not sure what to feel once again turned to games to escape the pain that came with his Mother's death and the escalated violence that was pushed on the boy from his step-father, who was always careful to not leave bruises should anybody find out about what was happening to him. The violence steadily escalated over the years Keigo suffering a few broken bones here and there, the teachers and classmates thinking of Keigo as a clumsy person as a result. Keigo coped with the pain by diving into the virtual reality world where the real world would feel like a bad nightmare once he stepped foot there.. Fast forward a few years and Keigo had saved up enough money and moved out of that house, moving into a small apartment far far away from his step-father. Personality: Keigo is a quiet withdrawn person, his emotions bottled up deep within himself. » Virtues: Justice: A strong sense of justice, always wanting to play The Hero role from all the video games he's played and stick up for the little guy since he never had anybody like that in his life. He figures he could be The Hero role for someone else and possibly help them have a better life than he did. An Example of this would be; "A higher level player pushing lower level players around" And just being mean towards others. Warm-Hearted: Despite his cold exterior should someone peel back the layers one would find a warm and loving individual, not ready to let the person be hurt or sad should he be able to do anything about it. Like his mother for instance, he knew she was happy and telling her about his Step-Father would have made her unhappy and hurt her which he didn't want to do. Helpful: Keigo is almost always going out of his way to help someone who he see's as less fortunate than himself succeed and go on to have a better life experience than he himself did. Such examples would be; "Giving gold to lower level players to help them succeed" "Buying food to give to the homeless people or animals in his neighborhood" » Flaws: Dubious: Is usually doubtful and/or suspicious of people who approach him with kindness. This starting from the fact that his Step-Father was nice in the beginning and became a monster. An example of this would be: a higher level player giving him above Keigo's level in gear, or telling them that "X" area is good for grinding EXP, thinking that the person could be setting him up for failure, or just want to harm him. Hard: Hard external shell, doesn't let anybody in easily, other people would find it hard to manipulate him or guide him on what to do since he sticks with what he has in mind. Such as Player 3 trying to convince that Player 2 is evil and wants to kill everyone and Keigo should kill them. He would form his own opinion on the matter and take appropriate steps from there. Bold: Always wanting to be play the role of The Hero, Keigo will more than likely throw himself into a battle or volunteer for other dangerous tasks when others would probably pass on. Such as; "Saving the Princess from the Dragon" when he himself would be 10-15 levels lower than the dragon or taking on two-three enemies at once. Profession: Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Inventory: 3 Bread 1 Water Bottle Weapons/Tools: »1 One Handed Straight Sword