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    With his brother... always following him.
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    Swords, teal, and Puppies/dogs, Felix (his dog) and also Magical Water powers.

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    Looks: Profile » Username: Hikari » Real name: Drake Uchiha » Age:16 » Gender: male » Height: 5 "7" » About: We where abused by family, me and my brother, Seras. One day we ran away in search of somewhere to go somewhere else, when we slipped and fell in a hole to SAO. since we where 12.. we grew up here. » Virtues: . Funny- He can make someone laugh over even a murder story. . Forgiveness- He can forgive someone over the worst 'accident' like someone tripping him causing him to brake his arm. . Charming- very attractive or pleasant to the ladies. » Flaws: . Jerk- He can be a bit of a jerk sometimes traumatizing his brother or really just annoying everyone. . Random- sometimes he can be talking about popcorn or ice cream, the next he could talk about unicorns and rainbows. . Split- he usually has a bit of a strange personality and a mix of emotions from being angry to passionate or from dark to light. Skills Non-combat: »Fast Runner- He can run faster than other OC characters. .Good Hunter (felix) - Better at hunting than other pets. .Auras (felix) - Being able to sniff out and find a track of auras. Passive: » Combat: » Sword Combat (Hikari) Magical water powers (Felix) Weapon skills : 1-4 no hit 5-8 1 hit 9+ 2 hits » Wave (water) (Ferris's attack) . Sword Swing (Hikari's attack) .Splash (water) (Ferris's attack) Inventory Weapons/Tools: » A simple storage bag - Made of Teal leather. A sharp sword- Made of Teal ore. A puppy black and white husky named Ferris- Has strange mystical water powers. Husky dog whistle- Made just for Ferris and he comes whenever this whistle is blown. Roleplays <> - In Progress Relationships (optional) » Seras- older brother with a shy-like attitude ________________________________________ Name: Ferris Breed: Black and white husky Looks: a cute fluffy puppy with green eyes Virtues: .playful- He is very good at most dog kind of games. .good hunter- He is a very good hunter Flaws: .Absent Minded- He walks into a room and he forgets why he is there. .Deranged- He sometimes gets very insane... Or crazy. Noncombat- .Auras - Being able to sniff out and find a track of auras. .Good Hunter - Better at hunting than other pets. Combat: .Magical water powers (Felix) Weapon skills : 1-4 no hit 5-8 1 hit 9+ 2 hits » Wave (water) .Splash (water) .Scratch (normal)